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  • Ariana's appearance on MTV's Nikki & Sara live where she is brought in to sing bad news to Sara & Nikki's employees. She does almost everything in song, including quitting and a Big "NO!".
  • During one of her video chats, she finds "Boobiana Grande" is trending.
  • Any of her chats are bound to have these.
  • Her performance at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show was somewhat marred by a model's oversized angel wing props hitting her in the face. Her response: start the hashtag #bangbangintomyface.
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  • Her appearance in the "Celebs Read Mean Tweets" segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, where all the celebs that appear have universally agreed to play it perfectly straight and somber like a Very Special Episode - except Ariana is cracking up the whole time.
  • Ariana decided to celebrate her 21st birthday in Disney World. Toward the end of her video clip, she declares, in a very grand and serious voice, "I am an adult now," and then proceeds to skip away like a little girl. (Put your hearts up, indeed.)
  • Her hosting Saturday Night Live and doing amazing singing impressions of Britney Spears, Rihanna, Shakira, Céline Dion and Whitney Houston in one sketch and an incredibly spot on impersonation of actress Jennifer Lawrence in another.
    • Some of her lines during the former skit, in which she plays as Chloe, are particularly hilarious, such as:
      Radio Host: Chloe, can you do Ariana Grande?
      Ariana: Sorry, not a big fan.
    • Or this jab after doing a Rihanna impression:
      Ariana: Was that okay? I truly don't know what she's saying.
      Radio Host: That's okay, nobody does.
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  • After releasing the song "Pete Davidson," a magazine ran an article asking who the song was about.For those not in the know...  Ariana promptly responded via Twitter.
    Ariana: Aidy Bryant.
  • Her response to "thank, u, jeff", The Late Late Show with James Corden's spoof of "thank u, next"? She went on Twitter and asked to be sent the Jeff Goldblum scrapbook Corden flips through in the clip, "for a friend. Promise (sic)"!
  • When performing "thank u, next" on Ellen, at one point in the dance she was trying to get down from a chair, slipped on it and screamed "oh my god!" - and when she carried on with the song, she could be heard Corpsing between lines. As one comment put it, "that's one way to find out if they're singing live."

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