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Beat it, doofus!

  • Goofy barging in on Max in in his undies in the morning.
    Goofy: Ah-hyuck! Mornin', son!
    Max: (annoyed) DAD! (pulls up pants, embarrassed)
    Goofy: Oops! I forgot...
    (Exits, knocks on the door and barges in exactly the same way)
  • "Yo, Stacey! Talk to me, talk to me, talk to me, baby!"
    • And also Stacey's dirty look afterward.
    • Even funnier is the fact that he's voiced by none other than Dante Basco.
  • There's a brief scene where Max and gang are waiting in Principal Mazur's office, with Mazur's secretary happily humming the funeral march.
  • The scene where Bigfoot finds Max's Walkman, puts it on, and starts dancing to "Stayin' Alive", and then the few seconds when he's dancing in the background.
    • The best part is that it's otherwise a pretty serious moment, with Max and Goofy beginning to open up to one another. Then, during a contemplative pause, Bigfoot disco-dances across the background.
    • Before that, when he starts going through Goofy and Max's things and gets a pair of underwear stuck on his head, then later takes their socks and uses them as hand puppets.
      Max: (in a bored, tired voice) Is he gone yet?
      (Cue Bigfoot using a pair of socks as hand puppets before running away, laughing)
      Goofy: (same voice) Nope...still here.
  • The climax of the "Open Road" number features a corpse getting up and dancing on the roof of his hearse. The best part is that it's a background moment.
    • The very next scene after the song, Goofy is still humming the tune as he's reading the map. He slowly drifts the car to the left lane, and Max slowly realizes they're about to collide into a truck heading for them. Max finally screams as he scrambles for the steering wheel and barely avoids crashing.
  • "Goodbye, house! Goodbye, mailbox! *car runs over fence* Goodbye, pile of broken wood!"
  • "My life's a living-" "Hello, little buddy!"
    • Shortly afterwards, Max slaps the mascot and yells, "Beat it, doofus!" Made even funnier by the fact that after the first slap, Max is already gearing up for a backhand.
    • And to top it all off, Max grins as a mob of children tackle Lester and drag him away.
  • "How many cups of sugar does it take to get to the moon?" "Uh, three and a half?" (beat; Goofy plops back in his seat and snores loudly)
    • If you have access to Amazon Alexa, ask her this question! You won't be sorry!
  • The lead-up to the Inevitable Waterfall.
    Goofy: Now, how come you always think I'm gonna end up leading you into some sort of calamity? (Max looks ahead for a moment and turns back to Goofy, only to look back ahead with an Oh, Crap! expression.)
    Max: D-Da-Dad?
    Goofy: What's wrong now?
    Max: (grabs Goofy's head and points it straight ahead) LOOK!!!! (The car is approaching a waterfall)
    Goofy: Ahyuck, a waterfall. (Beat, then Goofy realizes) WATERFALL?!?
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  • We've got a little gem during Powerline's big concert. While looking for Max, Goofy accidentally opens a door revealing a ladies' dressing room. Said room has the same fat lady from the ''Open Road'' musical number in her underwear. Cues a huge scream and an extremely embarrassed face close-up of Goofy in the next scene. Eventually, he gets Punched Across the Room.
  • From the opening song, "After Today":
    Students: After today, our brains will be snoozin'!
    Bus Driver: I'm gonna sit on my butttttt.
  • When the Goofs meet Bigfoot:
  • Pete panicking and fleeing the woods in his camper the moment Bigfoot barrels toward him, stopping just long enough to save his steaks and his grill but not stopping to rescue Max and Goofy.
  • Not to mention Goofy getting all pissed off when, after they come to the junction where one road leads to California and the other to Idaho, Max chooses the California route. Although some may actually see that scene as heartbreaking, or even both.
  • This exchange:
    Goofy: This isn't just my vacation, it's a vacation with me and my best buddy.
    Max: Oh, Donald Duck?
    Goofy: No, silly, with you!
    • Also, immediately following that, the zoom in to Max's shell-shocked face with overdramatic music right before he faints.
    • Speaking of which, during "On the Open Road", Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck are hitchhiking their way down the road! Mickey even waves as Goofy passes by and chimes into the song!
      Mickey: It's Californi-ay or bust!
  • Both scenes with Roxanne's Overprotective Dad:
    Max: "Can I talk to Roxanne?"
    Max: (nervously backing away) "Does Roxanne live here? Does she even live on this block?"
    • Then, at the end, her dad answers the door in a shower cap and towel:
      Max: "Hi. Remember me?"
      (Door slam)
  • During the Lester's Possum Park number, every single one of the animatronic figures breaks before the end of the song. One of them explodes.
    • In the same scene, we get Lester calling one of the other animatronics Buford just after introducing him as Mordecai, as well as the Possum Park MC thumping the malfunctioning animatronic display without missing a beat.
  • Goofy and Max fighting over what music to play in the car, causing the stereo to explode. Also, Goofy singing along to "High Hopes".
  • Goofy's hilariously nerdy-looking coupe which endures endless amounts of abuse throughout the film; it manages to survive a waterfall only to explode randomly after he and Max meet up with Roxanne.
    • Comes with the classic Goofy Holler, as performed by Bill Farmer.
    • Those who know their cars are likely to take amusement at the fact that Goofy's car strongly resembles the hilariously bulbous AMC Pacer.
  • Max's werewolf-parody Nightmare Sequence of turning into Goofy is either this, Nightmare Fuel, or a little bit of both.
  • The montage of stops Max and Goofy make on the way to the lake. After Goofy notices that Max hasn't been enjoying the trip much so far, he lets him choose the roadside stops, which he quickly comes to regret, as Max's choices of fun are a bit on the intense side for Goofy. Goofy almost kills himself trying to drive a jet-ski on the beach, falls off the rafters trying to catch a foul ball at a baseball game, and pukes his guts out after a roller-coaster ride (not helped by Max offering him greasy park food right afterwards). Finally, Max notices Goofy isn't keeping up very well and has the next stop be something he enjoys; the World's Largest Yarnball museum.
    • During a stop in what appears to be New Orleans, they watch a mime perform a rope-pull act. Goofy joins in and mimes cutting the rope... only for the mime to be crushed by a real falling piano. Max and Goofy quickly hightail it out of there.
    • Goofy and Max getting chased out of the Carl's Butt Caverns by a swarm of bats who didn't appreciate getting woken up by their camera flash.
  • Every time the four nuns show up.
  • After Roxanne accepts Max's proposal:
    Max: YES! SHE SAID YES! WOOHOOHOOHOO! Everybody mambo! (dances with the principal's secretary)
    • Bobby and Principal Mazur's reactions to said dancing:
      Bobby: Yes! Dance with her! Groove with her!
      Principal Mazur: MISS MAPLES!
      Miss Maples: [vocalizes] Yes, sir!
      Principal Mazur: Get that boy's father on the phone at once!
      Miss Maples: [vocalizes] Right away, sir!
    • And the best part: Max's dancing is a Call-Back to when Goofy does the same thing:
      Goofy: Not bigger than Xavier Cugat, the mambo king! Everybody mambo! (Max gives an Oh, Crap! expression; Goofy starts dancing with him)
  • The opening credits. "Walt Disney Pictures presents… A Movie!" (in a striking Captain Obvious fashion). The Goofy Holler then announces the sudden appearance of Goofy's name right between "a" and "Movie", forming the full title.
  • The unforgettable bit early in the film where Pete tries to get an unruly toddler to sit still by velcroing the little girl to where she's sitting, only to later find that the tot has left her velcroed diaper behind and is running around the mall with her bare tush in view.

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