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  • In the pilot episode once Goofy and Max's house is finishednote .:
    Pete: This is the way we dump the Goofs, dump the Goofs, dump the Goofs! This is the way we dump the Goofs, da-da da-da da-da da!
  • Most moments with Goofy end up being these.
  • Peg, in "Goof Under My Roof": "Well, isn't this a sight: Two grown men rolling around in the trash."
  • In "Goofin' Up the Social Ladder", Peg has difficulty squeezing her...ample...backside through a gate. She then says to "never underestimate the power of a woman who refuses to admit she needs to lose weight." She is then pursued by guard dogs and tries to escape through the same gate, only for her equally large Hartman Hips to get wedged in between the gate's bars, where the dogs bite her in the butt (ripping her skirt for even *more* fanservice)
  • In "Axed By Addition", this line is said to Pete after he drove on the sidewalk: "Hold it, bub! I'm giving you a ticket for jaydriving."
    • The scene where Pete, mistakenly thinking P.J. is really sick, realized he's a bad father and tells about all the things he did to P.J. to a man in the hospital from mundane to incredibly ridiculous. The man is visibly creeped out by all this. What makes this even funnier is that Pete acts like the ridiculously mundane things are the most heinous crimes of all.
    Pete: I even made him use a handkerchief!
  • "You Camp Take It with You" has this line from Peg when Chainsaw tries to eat an entire steak: "Peter, that's much too big a bite for puppy."
  • Even PJ manages to get one in "Great Egg-Spectations", when he spots the egg: "Dude! A giant albino M&M!"
  • Pete trying to go on a diet by eating six powerbars in one sitting which Peg calls "snacking between snacks" and then when he is called out on this by Peg who tells him he should only eat one per meal, he responds: "Well, then you better get cooking. I've eaten a half dozen of these; that's six meals!"
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  • In "The Incredible Bulk", Pete is annoyed that Goofy's eating all his food. Peg tells him there's fresh fruit in the crisper and he responds, "I want something that's bad for me."
  • A scene from "Wrecks, Lies and Videotape" parodying A Christmas Carol where Goofy shows Pete that in the future, Max will take over his business, become a Corrupt Corporate Executive like him and treat Peg like a slave, paying her 3 cents an hour. Pete is outraged because that's two less cents than he usually pays his own mother!
  • In "Waste Makes Haste", this exchange:
    Pete: Well, I want to apologize for being so greedy, and mean, and, well, y'know...
    PJ (to Max): He says he's sorry!
    Max (to Goofy): He says he's sorry for being himself, pop!
  • In "And Baby Makes Three", when Peg ponders what she would buy for the family if she was rich enough to own a mansion:
    Peg: ...and for Pete, a boat, a really big boat...
    Peter: Muffin, have you seen my lugnuts?
  • In the Christmas Episode, The two families are taking refuge in a cave during a storm until suddenly a Bear shows up. Peg however walks up to him and tells him to buzz off and find his own cave to sleep in. Until PJ nervously walks up and tells her that they are in HIS cave.
    • Also from that same episode, the face Pete makes after he gets clonked on the head.
    • Pete's line "I'm gonna spend the holidays in the emergency room" after Peg insists that Goofy and Max stay with them.
  • "From Air to Eternity" has this exchange, which stands out as one of the few jokes in an episode that was rather dramatic even for a PJ episode:
    Max: What could go wrong?
    PJ: Let me count the ways. One: everything! That's it, I'm done!
  • In "Cabana Fever," Pete is asleep only to wake up by Goofy touching him.
    Pete: What are you doing?!
    Goofy: Trimming your toe nails!
    Pete: [beat] Why on earth would you be TRIMMING MY TOE NAILS?
    Goofy: 'Cause I was done cutting your hair!
  • The interrogation scene in "Lethal Goofin'", particularly when Nail is made to identify Mr. Big by being forced to look at PJ shaking his butt.
  • In "Gymnauseum", Peg says seductively "See you at the finish line." Pete and Tan both say in unison "Alright" and then growl at each other.
  • "Maximum Insecurity" ends with Peg yet again yelling at Pete for his faults. Pete merely smiles and says "I love that woman."
  • In "Big City Blues", Pete doesn't take it well when he and Goofy find out their respective sons left for downtown.
    Pete: But there's weirdos downtown! And killer bees! And people wearing neo-postmodern fashions! And croco-gators in the sewers! And all sorts of icky stuff like that! When I get hold of this bud that gave them the idea to go downtown, I'll pulverize 'im.
    Goofy: (reading the note left by the boys) They say it was your idea, so they thought it would be okey-dokey.
    Pete: Oh. Never mind that now! We gotta save our sons from civilization! (leaves for downtown, dragging Goofy along with him)
  • The entirety of "To Catch a Goof":
    • Desperate for a snack, Pete snuck into Goofy's kitchen and made himself a many-decker sandwich. Goofy, who's been learning martial arts for self-defense, dress as a ninja and attacks Pete whom he mistaken for a burglar. The police came and arrested them both, thinking he was the burglar they were after and Goofy was his assailant.
    Pete: But it was only a sandwich!
    • While in jail, Goofy and Pete were given a meal. Pete is ecstatic, but Goofy throws it back, announcing they're on a hunger strike until they're let out. Pete starts crying.
  • In "Close Encounters of The Weird Mime", Pete mistakes a news crew for alien invaders, so he fires a flare gun at them while shouting "Take this, Mr. Spock!!".
  • This exchange from "A Goof of the People".
    Toxic Waste Monster: Dada?
    Mr. Sludge: No, I am not your Dada!
    Melvin: There is a resemblance.
    Mr. Sludge: (points to Goofy) He is your Dada!
  • The ending of "Goodbye, Mr. Goofy", where Goofy finds his missing mortgage money after Pete gives him an assload of his own money in a desperate attempt to get him out of his house, causing Pete to snap and give Goofy everything he owns as he descents into madness over Goofy's mortgage money not turning up until after the fact.
  • "Frankengoof"
    • The angry mob mistake a disguised Pete for Frankengoof's monster. When Pete tries to explain that he's not a monster, but a used car salesman, the leader of the mob quips that there isn't much difference.
    • This exchange when Igor and the kids discover Pete dressed as Frankengoof's monster.
    Igor: I'm afraid that's your Daddykins!
    • By episode's end, the cast return home. However, they accidentally brought Frankengoof's Monster home with them, but they don't seem to mind as he's much more pleasant to be around than Pete. Meanwhile, Pete is left at Frankengoof's castle being forced to be housekeeper as he tries in vain to explain he's really Pete.


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