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Funny / An Extremely Goofy Movie

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Your dad's your classmate, Max! Better get used to it!

  • When Max sees his dad return in 70s clothes and an afro is a good one:
    Goofy: (kicks open the door to the classroom) Hi everybody!
    • Also:
    Max: (to Bobby) "Kill me, just kill me now!"
    • Max's expression when he screams is what sells the scene.
    • "I'm just a-YEARNIN' for some LEARNIN'!"
  • Seeing Max, Bobby and PJ in their dorm room like the college kids they are. The biggest deal is that it's a Disney movie - and yet they suddenly snap out on PJ and show he's slobbing in his undies while panicking about Goofy.
  • The fight between the main characters and the Gammas near the beginning. First we have the more-apt-than-it-looks Description Cut featuring Bobby being as weird as possible, then PJ threatens to hurt Tank with a biscotti (which he promptly eats), and by the end Bobby is bragging about being a yellow-belt while being dangled by his ankles.
  • Max pulling off Goofy's afro wig while saying "'re scaring people." and tossing it into a trash can. And then we see Bobby wearing the same afro wig in the next scene.
  • The disco scene has a few:
    • Max making fun of Bobby when Beret Girl makes her choice, particularly the latter's face both before—an astonished wide-eyed jaw drop—and after—a peeved glare.
    • The simultaneous jaw drop when Sylvia arrives on the scene, followed by the DJ popping his gum all over his face.
    • Also, PJ and Goofy dancing, while an awesome moment for both and a heartwarming moment for at least the former, is also quite funny, particularly when Goofy grabs PJ's thumb and twirls him around and the dance moves immediately following that.
  • Bobby has a realization: "Ever wonder why we're always wearing gloves?"
    • "Yeah, man!"
  • Bradley's faces, regardless of his mood, are usually hilarious, mainly because of his flat face and big teeth.
  • Bobby making a dumb joke about Goofy's "pink slip showing" while wearing nothing but pink underwear.
  • Pete getting splashed in the face with potato salad.
  • Tank launching Bradley into the X-Games blimp as payback for leaving him to die in the burning X structure... with Chuck still on board broadcasting his own demise.
    • Look carefully and just as Chuck realizes what's about to happen, you can see "NO!" on the blimp's screen just as Bradley sends it zooming away. After putting up with Chuck's crap through the whole movie, Ken merely smiles smugly at the camera as he signs off.
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  • One scene has Max skateboard past Bradley Uppercrust III and a girl, causing the two to switch clothes.

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