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  • "It's about staying focused...ON YOUR GOALS!"
  • Everything's Funkier with Disco, and the dance scene is nothing short of a Moment of Awesome for Goofy; Disco Dan gets the girl!
  • Goofy using the Horseshoe toss technique on Bradley.
  • There's the scene where Goofy tries to quit the Gammas. Tank picks him up and asks Bradley if he should knock some sense into him. Apparently not in the mood to be polite, Goofy grabs a pool que and slams it into Tank's foot.
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  • The referee doing everything in his power to ensure that Team 99 gets as fair a chance as possible to get another member. The delivery of the simple "Not by my watch!" telling off Bradley who was engaging in Hypocritical Humor made it even better.
  • Many people were overjoyed when PJ is shown dancing freely and openly while actively flirting with the girl he just a minute ago was completely clamming up around. Seeing him smile so much more consistently can lead us to smile in more ways than one. And of course, other people can still find him funny.
  • In her first scene, Beret Girl gets fed up with Bradley, tells him off in verse and turns the entire club against him.
    Beret Girl: This is a real L7 scene. Let's all just take a trip down the road of forgiveness and compassion.
    Bradley: Ooh, passion. [laughs] I like your style, Little Miss Mochaccino, but I'm busy right now.
    Beret Girl: Well I'm dizzy right now from watching your downward spiral.
    Bradley: Ah, why don't you go save some whales or something?
    Beret Girl: Ha! (snaps her fingers in his face) Oh, you slay me, tiger. You are the fly in my soup. You are the eyelash in my eye. You are so busy blowing off bad vibes in every DI-REC-TION, we are all choking on your second-hand smoke!
    • She then moonwalks, snapping her fingers, getting everyone else in the club to do the same to the Gammas until they leave, rightfully unnerved.
    • Also prior beforehand, how the trio of friends stand up for one another when dealing with Bradley. Also Heartwarming since it shows the development of their bond.
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  • The Rousing Speech Bobby gives to Max when PJ and Beret Girl's attempts to get Max out of their funk fails. Besides being a good one, it also reinforces the importance of his personality and outgoing nature. He gets his friends pumped up and full of confidence.
    Max: If I can't even beat my father, who is probably the most athletically-challenged man in the universe, how can you expect me to beat the other competitors? We're starting in last place because of me!
    Bobby: That never stopped us before! You wanna give that Gamma geek Bradley the satisfaction of knowing he forced us out?
    Max: (still somewhat shaky) Well... no.
    Bobby: You wanna let the crowd who once cheered for you cheer for someone else? Especially when that someone else is your old man?
    Max: No!
    Bobby: Are you gonna be someone else's towel boy?!
    Max: (completely serious) No!
    PJ: Together we can do it!
    Max: You're right! We can still beat 'em! Let's whip those Gammas!
    Bobby: Whoo-hoo-hoo! Mission: Possible!
    (cue Team Hand-Stack)
    All: Let's do it to it!
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  • The blimp announcer continually interrupts the ground reporter throughout the movie. When the blimp begins to crash down and the announcer says it's like he's in a nightmare that just won't quit, the ground reporter answers "That's right, Chuck" with a smugly satisfied expression.
  • Brad blasts Tank & Max into the fabric logo, setting it on fire. Despite being close to the finish line Max and Goofy don't hesitate to lift the beam off Tank.
  • Tank turning on Brad for his betrayal and slingshotting him into the X-games blimp is intensely satisfying!
    Bradley: Congrats, Max. I haven't forgotten our agreement.
    Max: The bet's off, Bradley. But I think you owe him something.
    Tank: Brad! Hi, it's me, the guy you let down.
    Bradley: (nervously) H-Hey, T-Tank! Who loves ya, baby, huh?
    Tank: (growls) You're goin' down like a four-cent pair of socks.
    Bradley: You and me, baby, all the way! (tries to run only to be stopped by Tank)
    Tank: Oh, a vacancy at the Gamma house, takin' applications.
    Bradley: Okay! Let go of me, you big, fat jerk!
    Tank: Time to get on the last jet...TO NOWHERE!
    (fires Brad towards the X-games blimp)

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