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Literature / First Law

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First published in Fantastic Universe (October 1956 issue), by Isaac Asimov, and later published in their The Fantastic Universe Omnibus (1960). Dr Asimov claims, in The Complete Robot, that this Short Story is not intended to be taken seriously.

Mike Donovan is at a bar, swapping stories about unusual robots with several others, when he admits to having known a robot who broke the First Law. Naturally, the crowd wants to hear the story.

Donovan's tale takes place on Titan, with the first three MA model robots. He claims that, while endangered due to a storm pup and a violent storm, MA-2 abandoned him and ran off. In conclusion, it was because Emma had been protecting her child.

Not to be confused with Joe Abercrombie's The First Law series. "First Law" has been republished four times; The Rest of the Robots (1964), Science Fiction Stories (1973), The Complete Robot (1982), and 20 récits d'anticipation et de science-fiction (2016).

"First Law" contains examples of: