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Headscratchers / An Extremely Goofy Movie

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  • What kind of class was Goofy taking where the first question on his midterm is "Briefly describe the meaning of the universe" and the second is "Calculate..."?
    • It's likely that "Briefly describe the meaning of the universe" was only what it seemed like to Goofy due to him not being able to focus on the test rather than it being a real question.
    • Watching the movie again, the test's questions change near the start of the Nightmare Sequence, and that question is new, so this explanation is probably right.
  • Why is PJ so panicky about Goofy going to college with them anyway?
    • Probably because he knows Max will be moody and cranky with his father around.
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    • Plus Pete and Goofy are pretty chummy; given PJ's past relationship with his father, he's probably paranoid about Goofy telling Pete about anything he does wrong at college. This is his chance to get away from his father's strict rules and upbringing, and he probably saw Goofy as a threat to that.
  • Why are Goofy, a senior, and Max, a freshman, in the same classes?
    • Possibly they were institution-specific gen-ed classes that Max and the others were getting out of the way early, Bradley and his classmates were falling behind on, and Goofy didn't have to take for his degree at his first college? Colleges change gen-ed requirements fairly frequently anyway, and there are definitely times when a class aimed at freshmen and sophomores will have some juniors and seniors who are still catching up on them.
  • How does failing one semester, then retaking it, plus three years equal a four-year degree?
    • Looking at the movie again, it looks like he was supposed to graduate after the first semester before failing. He may have meant he spent "at least three less than four" years at college. Of course that doesn't explain why he would have needed to stay the second semester in the first place, but maybe this college required fewer credits than he expected to graduate, or took more transferred credits than he expected.
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    • I always figured Goofy was taking a full year course, and failing the first semester may not have screwed him if final essays and exams (which he aced) were all due in the second semester.
  • Okay, two related questions: how does Goofy manage to pay for two university tuitions and at least one room-and-board while unemployed? Even with financial aid, scholarships, and in-state public institution discounts, university tuition isn't exactly cheap. And also, who's paying for PJ's education? Pete doesn't care about higher education, barely cares about PJ and has no qualms about exploiting him financially, and avoids most expensive transactions that don't directly result in him getting something cool.
    • Considering the X-Games thing, maybe there was some sort of sports scholarship involved or they were just good at saving. Goofy seemed to work at alot of strange jobs. However, I am more curious as to what the two are getting their degree in.
    • My guess would be that he had a good amount saved up for Max's college. He probably dipped into that to pay for his semester so he could get his degree figuring the extra pay afterwards would cover it. Although I doubt the writers really cared about that.
  • I noticed that in the original DVD release, there is a scene where Max goes looking for Tank inside the burning inflatable X from the X Games. When Disney Channel showed the movie, they cut that part out, cutting instead from Max going into the X straight to coming out with Tank. On Netflix that part is still there. It always kind of bugged me that they cut that part out for TV, considering it's Disney's own movie. Did they think it was too disturbing/violent or something, or was it simply a length thing?
    • According to the Bowdlerise entry on the main page, after the events of September 11, 2001, they cut the scene out from the broadcast version because they thought an arson scene was Too Soon. I guess they never bothered to add it back in.

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