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Fridge Brilliance

  • The reason why Legua and Lilith are willing to hang out with Raziel, even though she is not supposed to get along with other vegans, is that the former is the Only Friend to Sterk, who shares many of Raziel's traits, while the latter has a pessimistic worldview of humanity similar to hers.
  • Shawn trying to have a heart to heart conversation with Cherry about tolerating other people's diet choices probably has to do with wanting to have a healthy relationship with her, so she doesn't turn out like their older sister, Plausibell and keep her distance from him, due to being an omnivore.
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  • The reason that Diva frequently brings up humane slaughter when arguing with the vegans is because her uncle owns a farm where he practices ethical meat, and she works on said farm. Not only is she defending her diet, she's defending her job, her uncle, and the family business.
  • Lilith makes her debut in the purple edition of Pupa Vegan, very fitting given her usual hair color scheme.
  • In the purple edition of Pupa Vegan, Shawn sports sleeveless shirts. Given how he's obsessed with manliness and the most manly character in the series is Rohit , it would make sense why he would choose this attire.

Fridge Horror

  • The fact that the vegan protagonists tolerate Sterk's presence could indicate they don't really care about what a person does, unless they hurt an animal or a fellow vegan.
  • In this strip, Shawn's comment causes Sterk to act apathetic, which causes the vegans to beat Shawn up. That's bad enough, but it gets worse, because in the context of this strip, the vegans couldn't have possibly known Shawn was the cause of Sterk's apathy! They were never shown to have any knowledge of Shawn and Sterk's conversation, meaning when Sterk was an asshole, they went and beat Shawn up with no evidence he was even involved. No wonder Shawn hates vegans; the vegans beat him within an inch of his life for no reason.
  • The vegans are perfectly willing to use the words of Gary Yourofsky, who has advocated rape threats as punishment for wearing fur. The implications on how far they are willing to go to get everyone to go vegan are....chilling.
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  • The part above with the Vegans tolerating Sterk? It get's worse - fans of the comic cheer when he kills people. What if they decide to do more than cheer? There is something seriously wrong here.
  • In the strip where Sterk shoves a bunch of strawmen "carnists" into a meat grinder to feed Sonia Sae's pet fox, one of the "carnists" shown is a girl with a clip with "weeb" written on it. She appears to be a recurring character, on the same level as the rest of the "carnists," so the implication is that she survived Sterk's horrific murder attempt. It's wonderful that she's still alive, but being nearly killed in a meat grinder, which likely killed the other strawmen shoved in and probably maimed her, is the kind of event that would reasonably result in PTSD.
  • In Pupa Vegan 209, the fact that Mike's tea was steaming indicates that it was most likely at the typical serving temperature of between 160 and 185 F°. That's hot enough to cause third degree burns in just ONE SECOND. And Mike just callously threw her death liquid in Shawn's face. She just permanently disfigured Shawn and put him through unimaginable pain because he said something that most people would take as a compliment. And keep in mind that Mike is described as one of the sweetest and most polite vegans in the comic!
  • Sterk is, according to Word of God, not a vegan, yet the others are happy to hang out with him. Considering how he murders people for the slightest infraction, one wonders if they're the meat he's eating.
  • In Pupa Vegan 568, we are shown that Sterk's cruelty not only extends to non-vegans, but also to pets. With how he killed that cat in front of Bongo in order to prove the "inconsistency" of his viewpoint and murdered that pimp dressed farmer's family , one has a feeling he would have no qualms about harming any non-vegans' pets just get a point across.
  • The fact that that young Cherry is being help raised up by Plausibell is a mix of this and fridge sadness. Given how already intolerant of non-vegans, including her older brother, she is at this age, it is clear that her older sister has indoctrinated into her extreme beliefs and will always have a demonized view of omnivores.
  • Yerdian states that Plausibell is a teacher, and even inspired Legua, one of her students, to become vegan. Given how self-righteous and vocal she is about her cause, it wouldn't a surprise if she abused her privileges as a teacher to favor vegan students and bully non-vegan ones, especially her younger brother. It also means this gives her the opportunity to propagandized to her impressionable students and influence them to adopt her extreme mindset.
  • Since Rohit is now 33 years old, the previous beatings he's given to Shawn are now put in a more disturbing light, since it shows he's not above physically assaulting a much weaker minor just for pissing him off!
  • Yerdian states that Shawn and his sisters'father walked out on them, while leaving them in debt. Given that that it is heavily theorized he has abandonment issues, it might have started with his dad and gotten worse when Legua and Lulu cut ties with him after they became vegan.

Fridge Logic

See the headscratcher page.

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