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Sterk is Dr. Zomboss.

He eats plants and appears to be bring about a Zombie Apocalypse. The reason he's a vegan has nothing to do with Animal Wrongs Group stuff. He's eating our defenses. All of the other vegans are Unwitting Instigators of Doom. He's still alive and getting his thanatology degree. When he dies, Edgar George "Sterk" Zomboss will become a zombie himself, build his zombot, lead his army of zombies to conquer the world and eat the sweetest meat of all...YOUR BRAINS!


The author's just sitting back and singing "Trololo".

  • Well, that would certainly explain why she's so quick to openly quote PeTA and Gary Yourofsky when most vegans pay at least lip service to disavowing them.

Once they've killed all the humans who disagree with them, the vegans will turn on other carnivores

There are a lot of animals who eat meat too. To protect the herbivores (whom they've already killed all of humanity for) they'll kill all the omnivores and carnivores. This, of course, will lead to a horrific environmental catastrophe as the predator-free animals eat all the vegetation and then starve to death.

  • [Yerdian voice] "Lions, tho."  But, on a more serious note: a lot of militant vegans—Yerdian included—do seem to have a disconnect regarding predators, or at least a refusal to acknowledge that the very existence of predators pokes big holes in their dogma. (Although it should probably be noted that Yerdian thinks cats can be vegan.)

Shawn and Diva will have a Relationship Upgrade as time goes by

Even though right now Shawn might not be over Legua, it would be nice for him to hook up with someone who actually doesn't judge him for his eating preferences and is an omnivore like him. If they do get together, they will be treated like an Unholy Matrimony and Brie/Plausibell would act like a passive-aggressive obnoxious sister-in-law type to Diva, which would cause them to butt heads on a more personal note.

  • Dolly will act the same way towards Shawn, but be more openly disdainful of him and constantly ask her sister What Does She See in Him?.

The reason Shawn only started doing the "hmm, bacon" comments was after he got fed up with his sister being insufferable about her beliefs

Given that Shawn has been shown to sometimes have a live and let live attitude towards those who choose a vegan lifestyle, it could mean he began to lash out as he got more and more ticked off by Brie/Plausibell's intolerance against anyone who ate meat. The biggest straw came when she turned Legua vegan, and it caused her to distance herself from him.


All the negative stuff said about Cuntons are her character profile are exaggerations, half truths, and myths

Given how Shawn is treated in the comic, one could say everything that is mentioned about Cuntons is just to make her look worse when she is in fact nicer than she appears. She sometimes acts the way she is described in her profile is because she wants to scare radical vegans by dressing up as the embodiment of all their stereotypical views on meat eaters. And those rumors about her hating wolves are just that... rumours, and she is actually just a trophy hunter who owns a lot of wolf furs,which would of tick off a person like Brie. She actually doesn't hate vegans, but only the intolerant kind like Brie and her friend's types that shame others for being meat eaters and makes it her mission to troll them.

  • According to rumors, this isn't far removed from Truth in Television: She's apparently an insulting caricature of a "vulture culture" enthusiast against whom Yerdian has a grudge (to the point of having attempted to smear her) over criticism and having had the gall to wear a hat made from a roadkilled wolf (or possibly of an amalgam of several such critics). Even her name is a riff off of said individual's surname and the obvious.

Cuntons is a surrogate big sister to Shawn due to the fact he doesn't have a good relationship with his self-righteous and overcritical sister

In some comics, it is shown that Shawn actually gets along with Cuntons and finds himself in agreement with her on a lot of things including the right to eat meat. Even though Cuntons is demonized by the vegans as being evil, her biggest soft spot comes out when Shawn is involved and is very protective of him. Shawn in response sees her more of a sister than his biological one, and sees her as being misunderstood by intolerant nitwits who shove their beliefs down others' throats.

Despite their disagreements with one another, Shawn actually does pine for his sister to actually love him the way he is and not try to conform him to her extreme beliefs

Although the narrative tries to portray Shawn as being a Jerkass and self centered, he actually secretly wishes his sister would not disdain him just for being a omnivore. Throughout the series, he's been willing to extend the leaf to her and let bygones be bygones. However, Brie/Plausibell being the self righteous person that she is refuses to give up on her fundamentalism and doubles down as a result.

  • Presumably, this dynamic would also apply to his relationship with his younger sister Cherry, with Shawn acting like an Aloof Big Brother while secretly wanting a good relationship with her that he knows he will probably never have, on account of her veganism and Plausibell's influence on their sister.
Shawn and Brie/Plausibell used to be close until she decided to become a vegan

Since she became a vegan when she was young, this means there has been a long rift between them for years. Before she became a vegan, Shawn and Brie/Plausibell were as thick as thieves. However, that all came to an end when Brie embraced veganism and started distancing herself from her brother due to viewing him as evil for being a "carnist." This made Shawn as a result begin to resent her, and retaliate with meat jokes in order to counter her dogmatic rhetoric.

  • This could be jossed a bit, since Yerdian retconned her age from 18 to 27. Since she went vegan at a young age, this means they probably never had a good relationship at any point.

Shawn's reaction in the leather outfit strip? There are additional layers to that!

Shawn is actually bisexual (he was briefly attracted to Rohit before finding out just how insufferable the guy is—hence, still being willing to give him the time of day), but is nowhere near ready to come out yet. He's also all too aware that if Brie/Plausibell were to develop any serious suspicions in that regard, she'd have no qualms about forcibly outing him to everyone—his consent in the matter be damned. Hence, panicking when she grazed uncomfortably close to the truth. (Which, in the context of this comic, makes queer issues personal for him...and makes Mike all the more out of line.)

Although many stuff about "Cuntons" is made or just apart of her Jerkass Façade act, she actually does really love cats. And is often noted in the omnivore community for taking in stray or abandoned cats

Just like with other things on her resume, her love for cats has been demonized by Brie, who can't comprehend how someone can love animals and still eat meat. As a result, Brie spread lies about her liking to stab pigs and killing wolves for pleasure in order so that she can look worse in the eyes of others, especially the vegans. The omnivore characters who know Cuntons very well, often times stand up for her and pitch in to help with all the cats she takes in.

The rivalry between Brie/Plausibell and "Cuntons" is actually one big Wounded Gazelle Gambit

The truth is the fact that the reason why Cuntons is so antagonistic against Brie is because she is the one who started the rivalry in the first place. Of course, Brie being Brie/Plausibell, she would have been harassing "Cuntons" over some issue concerning omnivorism or veganism until she finally had enough and started criticizing against her dogmatic views. Brie would have then cried Crocodile Tears to everyone claiming that she was being unjustly bullied by "Cuntons" and received support among many vegans. Brie/Plausibell even took advantage of the the fact that she is more conventionally attractive in contrast with Cuntons, in order to uphold the facade that Cuntons was terrorizing her. However, many omnivores, especially Shawn, who knew "Cuntons" well sided with her over Brie.

Shawn is actually a good baker like his sister Brie/Plausibell

Her bio says that she likes to bake cakes and even brings vegan cupcakes to share at school. It would be in character for Shawn to try to show up his sister by making non-vegan desserts in order to take a subtle pot shot at her veganism. He would even put bacon on his cupcakes in order to troll her even more. And the interesting thing is there is actually a thing like bacon cupcakes, and people actually like them.

  • Presumably jossed due to Yerdian calling him "too stupid to cook." (Then again, considering that Yerdian has leveled similar accusations at anyone who can't produce flawless vegan cuisine—and considering that Shawn is as often as not the only one whose argument holds up in a given comic—her definition of "too stupid to cook" may very well be the inability to flawlessly veganize any given dish.)

Shawn is more of a Jerk with a Heart of Gold than the narrative shows

It's obvious that while Shawn is obnoxious, he actually isn't that bad of a person in comparison to the so called protagonists of the series. He is actually very tolerant of others eating preferences, has on occasion denounced factory farming, and has on multiple occasions wants to let bygones be bygones with his sister. He does have entitlement problems when it comes to Legua, but the fact that she distanced herself from him when she became a vegan in a way makes it understandable why he still in a way pines for her. If this was any other series, he would actually be seen as the Only Sane Man Anti-Hero who always is getting knocked down by vegan extremists.

Raziel is not a "gold-star" vegan because she can't be, and it plays into her bad attitude.

Raziel has a chronic medical condition; the only treatment available for it is tested on animals, although damned if she'd ever admit as much. Although she's aware that she has no other choice, she's nonetheless got a massive guilt complex and serious internalized ableism about it, and no qualms about taking that out on others.

The reason why Shawn failed that test, despite being right about evidence that shows that humans are omnivores, is due to the fact that their biology teacher is a dogmatic vegan like his sister and her friends.

That is the only way Shawn could have failed that test. If the teacher had obvious biases, then he was unfairly graded.

Mike has become even more a cynical Jerkass overtime due to the influence of many of her more extreme friends.

In her old character page, Mike is mentioned as "always sees the good things in people and is convinced that everyone can change into a better person if they want to." Even though she did have some jerkass moments when it came to Shawn, she still at least had a more optimistic view point. However, these days she spouts misanthropic statements that could rival Raziel's way of thinking. As a result, she's much more of a asshole to Shawn and is more condescending towards meat eaters. Since she often looks up to Brie/Plausibell, a lot of her hateful traits has probably rubbed off on her.

Legua is cheating on Sanc with Sterk.

Given that Sterk is a Jerkass who casually murders people, there has to be a reason the vegans keep him around. Word of God states that Legua is Sterk's Only Friend. Since no sane person would appreciate Sterk for his personality, that just leaves his looks and appeal as a "bad boy," implying Legua only hangs out with him because she finds him hot.

  • Or she at very least either wants to, or wants to at least have him as a potential fall-back if things go south with Sanc.

Plausibell, Shawn, and Cherry's parents are vegan, but for health reasons.

According to the most recent character bios, Cherry is being raised vegan, but the comments on this strip heavily imply that Shawn's parents make bacon for him due to Shawn being unable to cook. How can they cook bacon yet also be raising a vegan child, who is probably a young teen at the oldest, at the same time? The only logical explanation is that they are vegan, but do not consider meat eating to be morally wrong. That would explain why they provide meat for Shawn and vegan foods for his sisters. Cherry is most likely being taught about veganism by Plausibell, and her parents are fine with this.

Chanel and her family are living in poverty.

We all know that the out of canon reason for Chanel's buck teeth is Yerdian portraying Chanel as an ugly Straw Loser. However, in canon, Chanel should be able to straighten her teeth with some orthodontic work. The only reason that wouldn't be feasible for her is if her family was too poor to afford orthodontic work and didn't have insurance that could cover it. Similar to the theory that Shawn is bisexual, if this theory is true, that would make issues with poverty personal to Chanel, and makes the vegans even bigger jerks for dismissing her concerns on how a vegan diet is pretty unfeasible for the poor.

  • Jossed. In a deviantart comment, Chanel is described as being obsessed with clothes and the latest phone, while unsympathetic for those who are suffering (e.g. not caring if child laborers suffer to make her clothes cheaper to buy). However,this contradicts, the concerns she is shown in the comic and make it seem that it's supposed to be an out of character moment in-universe or a case of an Informed Flaw.
Shawn found out he was allergic to a vegan staple by doing a vegan challenge and it's another reason why he's soured on it.

It's never specified which one he is allergic to, but it's problematic enough that it can prevent him from fully going vegan. He probably tried out the challenge once, presumably due to his sister's badgering, then got a reaction by consuming it. Depending on how bad it was, it could have just been a rash to seriously getting hospitalized. It would be a good explanation why he wouldn't go vegan, because not only does he have to limit animal products but also worry about if something might have that ingredient in it. Like with LGBT issues, this makes this a very personal issue for him and why he was very alarmed about his sister tricking his friends into eating something that could have potentially harmed them.

  • If I may throw in my two cents, I would like to suggest that Shawn's allergy is a severe legume allergy, one that includes all beans, including soy beans. Legumes are the main source of the amino acid lysine in vegan diets. While there are other vegan sources of lysine, beans are the most common and easily accessible, and it is absolutely necessary to get lysine if you want any complete proteins. Shawn has mentioned drinking banana soy milk before, and liking the taste, yet still refusing to drink it. He claims that's because it doesn't taste exactly like milk, but perhaps that's actually the incident where he realized the extent of his allergy?
    • It's something which Yerdian views as a single item which should be easy enough to avoid.  But despite her attempts to downplay it, context makes it clear that this is a major vegan staple.  Between this and the fact that Yerdian's reaction to legume intolerance and/or allergy seems to be either to presume that it's soy-specific or flatly refuse to acknowledge its existence, it seems the likeliest culprit.

The events of Pupa Vegan 319 were all one big frame-up.

Shawn supposedly crossed the Moral Event Horizon in this comic by killing a person in a wheelchair, along with a dog and a pair of kittens. However, this seems really Out of Character for him, considering that not only has he never shown violent tendencies towards pets or humans before, he has also never been shown to have the strength that would be necessary to wield a knife larger than he is. You know who has been shown to have no qualms about killing humans AND can do so with a large bladed weapon?


Here's Sterk's plot: Sterk, being the Ax-Crazy nut job he is, wanted to kill someone in a consequence-free manner. Since he seems to take particular joy in hurting Shawn (the only named character to suffer due to Sterk's actions), he decided to frame Shawn for the murder by disguising himself as Shawn, committing the murder in front of a witness, then fleeing so that later, Shawn would take the fall for him. In this instance, he wanted a witness, and so used Azusa as a pawn for three reasons. One, Azusa is new to the group, and so would have very little knowledge of Sterk's violent tendencies or of Shawn's pathetic athletic abilities and inability to stab anything other than pigs. Two, Azusa, being a vegan in the Vegan Artbook, would already be distrustful of Shawn, a "carnist," and predisposed to believe him to be capable of extreme violence. Finally, Azusa has his Eyes Always Shut, so he wouldn't notice small anomalies in Sterk's disguise. With this set up in mind, Sterk disguised himself as Shawn, approached Azusa, and goaded him into an argument that Sterk used as an excuse to go kill his victims. Then Sterk yelled out "Well, I'm consistent, hippie!" indicating a motive of trying to prove himself as better than a vegan (which WOULD be in character for Shawn), then ran off while Azusa was still processing what the heck he just saw.

  • You took the words right out of my keyboard. Considering how much more sense it makes for one of Yerdian's Designated Heroes to have killed a disabled kid and framed a Designated Villain than it does for the Designated Villain to actually have been the culprit, just how disturbing that is, and the fact that she apparently had no misgivings about showing this to the world? She really should step away from her computer and do some soul-searching.
    • Given we know that Sterk is willing to kill pets in order to make a point about animal consumption, we can say this theory holds much more water.

Shawn is severely depressed, and his interactions with the vegans are only making it worse.

Priya describes Shawn as a lazy, stupid teen who spends his days sitting in front of the TV eating bacon and chips. However, in Vegan Artbook 87, he is shown in what is most likely his room. This room, with its awards, books, and other school materials, implies that Shawn is a highly intelligent and driven teen. Why the disparity? Well, some of the symptoms of depression include a loss of interest in normal activities, (explaining his constant TV watching) poor school performance, (explaining why he is now described as stupid despite his apparent previous success) changes in appetite, (explaining both his constant eating during his TV binges and his monstrous appetite shown in Vegan Artbook 180) anger or irritability, (explaining his tendency to lash out at the vegans) and in teens, avoiding normal social interaction (he's never really seen interacting with other omnivores or talking to other people outside of the context of an argument over veganism). Now, take this depressed teen, and look at the vegans he is surrounded by. Plausibell, Legua, his ex-girlfriend, and Dolly are all people who have distanced themselves from Shawn as a result of finding his omnivory morally wrong after becoming vegan. He likely never even had a positive relationship with Cherry, since she was raised vegan, and likely highly influenced by Plausibell's intolerant views. What's more, the vegans (excluding his ex, who hasn't appeared yet) are constantly telling him that he's wrong, that he doesn't have his facts straight. Not only that, but they are constantly telling him that the fact that he's not vegan makes him an evil, selfish person, and with the other theories on this page in mind, he might not even be able to go vegan. Being constantly told he's wrong, factually and morally, and driving away those who are close to him for reasons he can't control can't possibly be good for Shawn's self-esteem. He's probably started internalizing the belief that he is an immoral, stupid monster who is only harming society by eating what he needs to eat. And given that feelings of worthlessness and guilt are a major symptom of depression...dear Lord, someone help this kid.

  • And if he actually is bi, still closeted, and at risk of being forcibly outed by any of the vegans who learned as much? That'd compound things still further.
  • Also: note that Yerdian's argument that he's "stupid" seems to revolve almost entirely around two details: he disagrees with the vegans (who usually can easily be proven objectively wrong), and he can't cook (which, considering she also used that one against Dolly before she'd officially gone vegan—although it's never surfaced again since, because vegans can pretty much do no wrong in Yerdian's book—suggests that Yerdian's definition of intelligence requires a very specific skillset).
    • In the comment section of Deviant art, Yerdian confirms that Shawn has self-esteem issues caused by not being successful at anything in life, while envying his much more accomplished sister. Even though Yerdian says that Plausibell is the one who tries to reach out to extend a leaf, while he rejects her help, due to believing it would be admitting that she is better. It again adds more meat to this theory.

Plausibell has converted several of Shawn's friends to her extreme version of veganism, and the constant stream of friends turning on him has given Shawn abandonment issues.

From what Priya has told us, Shawn's first girlfriend left him when Plausibell converted her to veganism, and as a result, when he met Legua and developed a crush on her, he shielded her from his sister's vegan activities in order to prevent her from also leaving him. Since this seems like a somewhat extreme reaction to have over one incident, the only logical explanation is that this kind of thing has happened several times before, to the point where it's a legitimate concern for Shawn. It would make sense for Plausibell to look for potential converts close to home, and thus target Shawn's friends, who would likely be visiting often. In addition, the first character profiles mentioned Legua as being new to veganism, so her conversion likely happened soon before the comic began, giving Shawn plenty of time to lose enough friends to develop a fear of losing another to Plausibell's intolerance. That could be the reason why he doesn't seem to have any close friends; after he lost Legua, he gave up on trying to have a social life, and chose to become a loner in order to shield himself from further loss.

Azusa is a New Ager.

With his Facial Markings, outfit, and feathers, he seems to be a very spiritualistic person. Since vegan based spiritualism is a thing, it would probably be a thing one of the vegan characters could get into.

"Weeb's" real name will turn out to be some variation of the name Alice.

For those unaware, Alice Natanya Moore is an outspoken critic of the vegan diet Sonia Sae has put her pet fennec fox on. Priya, as a fan of Sae's, has referred to her as an "immature whiny dramaqueen who has just reached puberty." Now look at Weeb, who first appeared criticizing vegans, Ms. Sae in particular, who put carnivorous pets on vegan diets. In addition, an integral part of her character is her tendency to throw childish tantrums when arguing. Throw in the fact that Priya has been shown using people she doesn't like as characters before (for example, Cuntons), and it seems safe to say that Weeb's true identity is as an insulting caricature of Ms. Moore.

Dolly, in contrast with her sister, despises her uncle's occupation as a farmer and often times tries to shame him for being in animal agriculture.

Given how the vegan characters treat their non-vegan relatives, Dolly certainly wouldn't be on friendly terms with her uncle. When Dolly takes things too far, Diva would probably stand up to her poor treatment of their uncle and drive a bigger wrench in their relationship.

Rohit is Bindiya's Arch-Enemy, due to their religious differences.

Rohit is said to be disturbed by non-vegan Hindus, considering them to be fake Hindus. Now look at Bindiya, an omnivore and heavily implied Hindu. These two are most likely of different sects of Hinduism, with likely guesses being Vaishnavism for Rohit and Shaktism for Bindiya, since the former sect requires vegetarianism, while the latter doesn't. Rohit would consider Bindiya to be making a mockery of his religion by eating meat. Bindiya, in turn, would have her Berserk Button pressed whenever Rohit implied or stated that her omnivory made her a false Hindu. Since Bindiya takes her spiritualism very seriously, she would take the rivalry more seriously than Rohit.

Cast predictions for future Pupa Vegan books:

Since Priya seems to be switching the cast around for each edition of Pupa Vegan, it only makes sense to wildly speculate about which characters she will use. This theory works under the assumption that at least four omnivores and vegans, with both genders represented on both sides, will appear in each book. In addition, we are assuming that all of these characters, and any old ones that haven't appeared yet, will make at least one appearance, and that Shawn will appear in every book, since he has appeared in like half of the strips so far, he's basically the mascot at this point. With all that said, I'll list each book (with the exception of the already completed Red and Yellow editions), followed by my omnivore and vegan cast predictions, which will mostly be limited to four characters on each side.

  • Purple/Ethics 2
    • For the omnivore side, Shawn, Bongo, and Bindiya are all confirmed to return, so it seems most likely that Diva, who has been shown to be more concerned about injustice than the rest of the omnivores, will be the fourth antagonist.
    • On the vegan side, Bongo's twin and Lilith have appeared already, so we'll take the easy route and assume that Cherry and Rohit will, like most of Purple's cast, be carried over from Yellow.
      • Well, Cuntons, finally appeared again in Pupa Vegan purple edition, so we can just see later if she will appear again the Orange and Black edition. Rohit, Diva, and Cherry as expected showed up.
  • Blue/Health
  • Green/Environment
    • Since there don't seem to be any characters with a special connection to this topic, we'll just make some shots in the dark; the omnivores will be Shawn, Diva, Chanel, and the new character Paul. As a "open-minded carnist," it would make sense to introduce him in a book where he can ask questions as opposed to spewing arguments for the vegans to shoot down, and environmentalism is perfect for that ("How does beef farming hurt the rainforest?" "What about land that isn't suited for plant agriculture?" Things like that).
    • On the vegan side, let's go with Cherry, Dolly, Rohit, and new character Zane, since now's as good a time as any to introduce him.
  • Pink/Apologists
    • Representing the omnivores, we'll have Shawn, Paul, Bindiya, and a completely new omnivore. This new omnivore will be an ex-vegan, who was vegan for a couple of years before quitting, and will serve as a Foil for Dolly. They will receive No Sympathy for whatever caused them to give up.
    • Representing the vegans will be Plausibell, Dolly, Legua, and the new vegan Bunny. Bunny seems made for this edition, since she is described as a "speciesist vegan" which will no doubt mean "vegan who doesn't hate all omnivores with the fiery passion of a thousand suns."
  • Black/Dark Humor
    • For this edition, we want omnivores we can kick around a bit, so definitely Shawn, Cuntons, Paul, and Bongo.
    • For people on the vegan side to kick these poor, poor people around, look no further than Raziel, Lilith, and Sterk. Legua, as a friend of all three, will also appear to try and keep the former three from doing something horrible enough to get them all on the national evening news. She'll fail. Miserably.
    • Raziel is confirmed in the first released online comics to not only be in the book, but the main character. Also a black vegan named Lulu has joined the cast.
    • In a comment from Yerdian, she states that Sanc and Sterk are going to appear here alongside Raziel. This will make Sanc's first physical debut in the series.
  • Orange/Hunting
    • For omnivores, we'll have Shawn, Cuntons (Who at the very least supports hunting), Chanel, and a new character who will be a firmly established hunter and Gun Nut. They will obviously be treated as the scum of the Earth.
    • For vegans, we'll have Legua, Sterk (Who could easily use arguments in favor of hunting as an excuse to go on a violent rampage), Sanctuar and Badroulbadour (The latter two had to be shoved in somewhere).

Dolly and Shawn were never bullies, but rather bully hunters.

Supposedly, both Shawn and Dolly bullied vegans together at some point. The thing is, neither of them really acts like a bully who specializes in vegan kids. Dolly has been friends with Plausibell, a vegan, ever since they were kids, not behavior you would expect from someone who supposedly hated vegans enough to target them specifically. As for Shawn, despite supposedly hating vegans and bullying them, he doesn't act like someone who has been honing the art of hitting vegans where it hurts for years. His comebacks are weak, and none of the vegans act like they have the sort of fear one gets from someone who has made it their mission to torment you. Throw in the fact that the series's morality is skewed in favor of the vegans, and the idea that Dolly and Shawn only targeted vegans who struck first makes sense. Whenever a vegan taunted or tormented an omnivore due to their omnivory, especially if the vegan's victim couldn't go vegan for whatever reason, Dolly and Shawn would fight back against the bully vegan, physically or verbally. Of course, once Dolly got into veganism and bought into the idea that vegans could do no wrong against an omnivore, Shawn was left on his own, and gradually lost steam, eventually retiring from the bully hunting business, leaving the omnivores at the mercy of Plausibell and her asshole friends.

  • That part about being childhood friends with Plauisbell is now retconned due to her age being changed to 27 years old. Also since she is now confirmed to be a teacher, she could still use her position to force her views on non-vegan students and shield vegan students from retribution.This could have made Shawn's bully hunter status harder to do, if his sister was protecting them from getting what they deserved.

Sterk has friends high up in his town's police force.

Over the course of the comic's run, Sterk has murdered a lot of people, which begs the question; why is he not in prison or a juvenile correctional facility? It's not like he makes any effort to cover up his crimes, nor does he show any signs that he can be rehabilitated. It's canon that Legua is the only person that actually wants to hang out with him, so it's not like he'd have a large group of people vouching for his innocence if he ever got arrested. But if he had, say, a parent, or maybe an older sibling with a position of authority in the local police force, they would be in a position to influence investigations in order to protect Sterk. Corruption in the police force seems to be the most logical thing keeping Sterk from becoming a jailbird.

Sterk is an obligate carnivore and his diet consists in non-vegans
[1]The reason why Vegans tolerate Sterk despite the horrible things he does is that he NEEDS meat for sustenance, unlike the rest of the non-vegans who are like that mostly by choice.

The reason why Sterk eats cats as shown by strip 568? Well, Cats aren't vegans.

Scourge's good counterpart will be introduced later in the series

And they'll represent rather than just veganism, compassion towards life. Just like Scourge represents The Meat industry rather than omnivorism in general.

Bongo tried to go Vegan once on his brother's convincing, but all that was available was oreos and lettuce

In Pupa Vegan Purple 636, we see Bongo eating lettuce and oreos for a week, when he tries going vegan and becomes sick. Since we know he has no problems with veganism in general, he might have tried to see if it would fit him ,but like with Dolly and her vegan challenge, he became weak when he didn't have anything available that was non-vegan. When he declined trying to become vegan any further, his brother rather than accept his decision just chastised him for not doing it right.

Elise is a single mother and who doesn't have time to properly cook, due to her job, so she relies on instant food for meals

We are told that she raised her children on junkfood, which caused them to be overweight. However, we never see mention of their father, so it can stand to reason she is a single parent and has to do what she can to provide food on the table. This means she can't always go out and cook and has to give her children the cheapest and fast made stuff she can buy.

Bindiya will become Shawn's Replacement Love Interest

As with the earlier guess with Diva, Bindiya could be an option to replace Legua as Shawn's main love interest. Bindiya is basically Legua, if she was non-vegan and very religious. And his sisters would act like Obnoxious In-Laws types to her, like they would with Diva.

Now that Plausibell's age is retconned, it will actually be Shawn and Dolly who were once childhood friends

In her early character pages, Dolly was described as being a childhood friends with Plausibell, when she was still called Brie. However, with Plausibell now being 27 years old (12 years old than her), it would be impossible for them friends as kids. On the other hand, this means that Shawn and her could have been friends when they were younger, especially since newer pages say that she and him used to bully vegans. This would give Shawn another excuse why he has soured on veganism, since it took away his longtime friend.

Shawn's encouragement for Legua to stop pining after Sanc is not only born out of jealousy and entitlement, but also genuine worry that he will make her even more extreme.

Even though Sanc hasn't officially appeared yet, he is described as an animal liberator, whose methods of activism are criticized by Plausibell but is revered by Lilith. Yerdian even lumps him in with Sterk and Raziel, who are known for carrying out violent acts against non-vegans. Since Legua tends to befriend those types of people, it's no wonder she is into someone radical like Sanc.

It's bad enough his sister has indoctrinated her into adopting her extreme views. Sanc is even worse. Even though she is one of the "peaceful" vegans, Sanc's influence could make her evolve into the more violent camp.

Instead of Shawn's "toxic behavior" being behind breakup with Lulu, it was actually his reaction to her becoming more extreme and judgmental.

Given how the narrative skews towards the vegan side, the truth could be that Shawn was calling Lulu out for becoming judgmental and radical. This can be supported when she sides with the Boxtol animal rights activists occupied a pig farm to protest farm practices and dismisses the notion of being judgemental towards non-vegan. So, it's not hard to believe that Shawn was getting dismissive of her activism, due to becoming an extremist which turned him off.

Bunny and Shawn will hook up.

Since she is the only vegan, who tolerates non-vegans, she would be a good match for Shawn, since he actually doesn't mind vegans but just hate how extreme a lot of them can get. If they date, then he will become less antagonistic against veganism because Bunny will show him that not all vegans act like his sisters and their fellow vegans.

Plausibell legally changed her name from Brie in Universe.

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