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Bitch in Sheep's Clothing

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"Look like the innocent flower, but be the serpent under it."
Lady Macbeth, Macbeth Act 1 Scene 5.

You meet someone you think is a really Nice Guy/Girl, or perhaps you meet a favorite celebrity for the first time, thinking that they'll be just as warm-hearted and cool as they are on camera. However, something happens to show their true colors, revealing an immature brat, total Jerkass, or even outright villain.

Congratulations. You've just met the Bitch in Sheep's Clothing — the polar opposite of Hidden Heart of Gold.

The Wounded Gazelle Gambit is a favorite tactic of this sort of antagonist, and if they are genuinely evil, expect them to be a Villain with Good Publicity. Can also possibly overlap with Alpha Bitch, or more especially Rich Bitch.

It's also worth mentioning that this trope isn't exclusive to female characters. The title is a play on "A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing," and can apply to any gender. All it requires is a person appears to be nice but is actually cruel and/or manipulative.


In romance plots, the Bitch in Sheep's Clothing is usually the Romantic False Lead, being set up by the plot as appropriate boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse material for a character we know is destined to end up with one of the protagonists. Occasionally, this character was a nice person until they suffered sudden Character Derailment in order to remove them from the equation. In any case, expect them to make an Engineered Public Confession in one form or another.

In some cases, however, a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing can be sympathetic. Many lighter cases involve a scenario in which a fairly flawed yet well-intentioned character makes themselves out to be more benevolent than they really are (especially if they have a high opinion of themselves). More often than not, this charade falls apart and their true persona blasts out, usually in an extreme manner that makes them look even worse than they usually are. In some cases, a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing can lean more towards Jerk with a Heart of Gold if they aren't too busy hiding their unpleasant qualities with an over-enacted facade, instead of showing their genuine (and usually resented) redeeming aspects. Maybe someone will seem like this, then you realize they are just a Lovable Alpha Bitch or a type B Tsundere.


See also: Devil in Plain Sight, Villain with Good Publicity, Warts and All, False Innocence Trick, and Confound Them with Kindness. The Fake Cutie is a subtrope where the (usually young) bitch tries to invoke cuteness or childlike innocence. The Troublemaking New Pet is a related trope where someone takes in a new pet, only to learn that the pet is a huge troublemaker or outright evil and gets rid of it afterward once discovered. A Romantic False Lead is often like this. The Enfant Terrible is also a related trope (possibly the Annoying Younger Sibling with Sibling Rivalry from Hell). Evil All Along is a subtrope comprised of purely villainous examples. For a version specifically concerning actors and actresses, see Nice Character, Mean Actor. For a more extreme version of this trope, see Bait the Dog, where the 'bitch', oddly enough, likes to Kick the Dog.

Not to be confused either with Affably Evil or Beware the Nice Ones, where the person is genuinely nice rather than just putting up a facade. If a villain is a Bitch In Sheep's Clothing, then they're Faux Affably Evil. Contrast With Took a Level in Jerkass, where the character was genuinely nice and became... well a Jerkass. Also compare and contrast Jerk with a Heart of Jerk. Compare Jerkass to One if they are nice to everyone but horrible to one particular person.

Contrast Bitch Alert for a bitch who lets everyone knows that she's one, Sheep in Sheep's Clothing for a character believed to be a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing but turns out not to be, and Jerk with a Heart of Gold, for someone who comes across as a jerk but turns out to be a good person deep down. A subtrope of A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing and a supertrope to Jerkass at Your Discretion.

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    Comic Books 
  • Indigo of Batman and the Outsiders was a strange variation. She started off as a seemingly-homicidal robot, then got "reformed" into a cute Robot Girl, before finally being revealed as the latest incarnation of Brainiac.
  • Berrybrook Middle School: Zeke appears meek and cute at first, but he's in fact a nasty womanizer who can't seem to stop getting on Jorge's bad side.
  • Many a story in girl's comics like Bunty, Mandy, Jinty and Tammy had a character like this. It was usually The Rival, but sometimes the main character had this sort of personality.
  • Now that he has been corrupted by Red Skull, Captain America. Especially now that he has been manipulating everyone in Civil War II.
  • If Dreamkeepers' Tinsel doesn't qualify, with her deceptive nature, manipulation games, inner cruelty and absolutely evil personality, then it's hard to imagine who does.
  • Dynamo5 In public, Captain Dynamo/William Warner boasted a public image as the greatest superhero in the world. In private, he was a habitual womanizer who cheated on his wife Maddie and fathered numerous children, even when it compromised his crime-fighting duties.
  • In Fables, Geppetto seems to be a nice old man, but underneath the exterior, he's ruthless, power-hungry and an inveterate schemer.
  • The Flash: To a degree. While many agree that Barry Allen is a Nice Guy, he's also done some downright horrible things due to selfishness and lack of consideration for those around him. The biggest offenders being Flashpoint and the end of Flash War, where the former resulted in the destruction of the entire Flash Family thanks to Barry's half-assed meddling in time, and the latter resulted in Wally having a complete mental breakdown that resulted in over 15 people dying and trying to kill himself to make up for it. In both instances, Barry has expressed some form of regret but has yet to do anything to truly make up for his actions other than apologizing which he gets away with because he's a Nice Guy.
  • Amy from Heck was the seemingly kind-hearted old high-school flame who paid Heck to deliver a letter to her husband in Hell. Her husband, as it turns out, had been sent to the lowest circle of Hell for embezzling money from his company. When Heck reads him the letter, we learn that Amy was behind the embezzling scam, and only sent the letter to her husband in order to find out where the money was hidden, not caring about her husband's eternal torment.
  • Iznogoud tries to be this toward the Caliph. He is terrible at it, but the Caliph is so oblivious it still works anyway.
  • Dean in My Faith in Frankie. Although he gives the excuse of being in Hell for ten thousand years during the day he spent dead, the very fact that he ended up in Hell implies that he was actually always like this, and now he just has a focus and outlet.
  • Mystique loves to act loving and caring just so she can twist the knife in and betray every single person who was foolish enough to trust her. Worse still, Mystique has no qualms using her own children (Rogue and Nightcrawler)’s love to her own advantage, she’s even betrayed Sabretooth after sleeping with him. Cable (a time-traveler from the future) even mentioned that in his time, "Mystique" was used in much the same way that "Judas" is used now.
  • Rick and Morty (Oni): Mr. Hapsburg comes across as a kindly old man who loves horses, but like Rick, he abandoned his wife and child then attempted to have his son Follow in My Footsteps without bothering to know if he wanted to or could.
  • Thessaly of The Sandman. She may look like a sweet young college-age girl, but in reality, she's a paranoid, millennia-old witch with a nasty habit of offing anyone who so much as annoys her.
  • Shaman's Tears: Josh's friend Thom seems like a nice person when we first meet him. Issue #2 reveals that he's selling Medicine Hat Reservation horses to poachers and is jealous of Joshua being chosen for the Sun Dance. After he is mutated by Circle Sea's chemicals he outright tries to kill Joshua but T.C. being in danger causes him to snap back to his senses.
  • Surprisingly, Sonic the Hedgehog fits this trope in the Sonic the Comic. While he was hero-worshiped by all of Mobius as a fearless symbol of hope, he was actually a self-centered, immature Jerkass. This comes back to bite him in the ass in Sonic the Comic – Online!, where the sheep's clothing gets flung off and he ends up becoming a Hero with Bad Publicity. Once the public knew about some of his more questionable decisions that he made to try and save Mobius, all the Jerkass tendencies that people were willing to ignore made it easy for Grimer to convince the public that he was a villain.
  • Wonder Woman:
    • Sensation Comics: When she first appears, Byrna is acting as a secretary at the Fair Weather Valley town meeting and voices her disgust at how childish the less likable people are acting. Then she's revealed as the "Snowman" who is tormenting the town.
    • Wonder Woman (1942): Helen Alexandros (Silver Swan) became Diana and Etta Candy's roommate to befriend them in order to get closer to her sworn enemy Wonder Woman.
  • At his very worst, Cyclops of the X-Men (or at least a Darker and Edgier Anti-Hero in The Cape's clothing), in contrast to Jerk with a Heart of Gold Wolverine. Ignoring the complicated mess that is his love life, Cyclops tries to project the image of a wise and noble leader for mutants to admire while keeping dirty secrets from his teammates, such as the existence of X-Force, his personal mutant kill-squad. This is after he kicked Xavier out of his own home because he kept secrets from Cyclops. To be absolutely fair to Scott, he really thinks all of this is necessary to ensure the survival of mutantkind after the various disasters of the past few years — and he might be right. Still, at one point, Wolverine, X-Force's field leader, reminds Cyclops that his hands are just as dirty as any member of X-Force's since Cyclops organized X-Force in the first place and gave them their orders.

    Keep in mind, for most of his decades-long existence, Cyclops has always been The Hero and a straitlaced example of a boy scout and a Cape, essentially the mutant version of Superman and Captain America. Even then, many people disliked him, simply because he was an authority figure contrasted with fan-favorite Wolverine, and also because Cyclops' relationship with Jean Grey stood in the way of their preferred ship. Back then, he was called a "jerk". With the new millennium, creators took a hotly debated decision to turn him towards a darker path, being the person burdened first with the continued mission of the X-Men, then with the survival of the mutant race after they were nearly wiped out. While this led him to make difficult choices, fans debate that while Scott's actions are sometimes questionable, Wolverine can be seen as hypocritical when he takes an attitude of anti-violence, repulsion to killing, and reluctance to getting mutant teens involved, since Wolverine is notorious for his blood lust, penchant for violence and for always having a kid-sidekick, such as Kitty Pryde, Jubilee, Armor, and X-23.

    Comic Strips 
  • In For Better or for Worse, when Elly is interviewing a replacement for Kourtney, she thinks the candidate seems like a nice person from her application, and wonders why she was let go. She calls up, and the woman on the other end seems polite up until she screams at her child for acting out. Elly politely removes her from consideration, having heard all she needs to.

    Fan Works 
  • An Alternate Keitaro Urashima has Granny Hina, who tries to pass herself off as a Cool Old Lady who's only got everyone's best interests at heart when she's really a Manipulative Bitch. Her true colors emerge when she doesn't get her way, and much of the conflict is spurred on by her attempts to force others to do what she wishes against their will.
  • In the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic story Asylum, we have Nurse Ratchet (based on the character of the same name from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest) who acts like a kind and caring head nurse, but it only takes a few minutes of listening to her condescending tone and controlling personality to realize the kind of pony she really is. Even the orderlies are terrified of the mere thought of making her angry.
    • In the same story, we have Dr. Rose, Twilight's primary doctor and the head of the new experimental treatment he is having her undergo. In person, he acts like an understanding stallion who genuinely wants to help ponies and is even one of the few doctors that has faith in Applejack, who faces prejudice in the medical field do to being an Earth Pony. But in secret, he's a Manipulative Bastard who is only nice to Applejack or his patients to keep them under his control and plans on risking Twilight's and many other unicorn's lives just so he can get his name in the medical textbook. Or at least so it seems...
    • It should be noted that we only really see them through Twilight's eyes, who is a patient at the titular and it is not made clear if we can really trust what she believes she sees.
  • A Diplomatic Visit: Cozy Glow seems sweet and innocent on the outside, but once Twilight figures out her secret in chapter 10 of Diplomacy Through Schooling, she admits that she's really out for power.
  • Jenny from Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way vs. Canon seems like an average teenager who happens to enjoy Trolling the Internet. She then reveals herself to be a pretty nasty piece of work.
  • Equestria Girls: A Fairly Odd Friendship:
    • As she usually does, Vicky pulls this act, pretending to be Timmy's loving babysitter in front of Miss Cheerilee.
    • The Dazzlings use Sunset's past two-faced behavior as part of their bid to sell to Timmy that they're kind and heroic beings who want what's good for him. In reality, they're as heartless as ever and just want Timmy for his magical prowess.
  • Lacie in Falling in Deeper is said to be one, with an obsession in being just perfect in everything. It's also implied that she is behind the events that made Bridgette and Megan be sent to Arkham for mass murder. To give an example, when she first appears is when she meets Bridgette who has run away from Arkham and just escaped the Scarecrow and she teases her about all that happened long enough that the Scarecrow finds her and takes her with him.
  • In The Flash Sentry Chronicles: Lightning Dust is this just like in canon, though it is much more blatant. She and Rainbow start off on good terms, but Lightning makes it clear she has no interest in making friends and thinks they would only slow her down. When Rainbow is made lead pony instead of her, and she is just Rainbow's wing pony, she drops the "in sheep's clothing part" entirely and becomes openly hostile to Rainbow, disobeying every order she gives to try to prove she is better than her.
  • A Future of Friendship, a History of Hate: When Regal Rule is introduced in Episode 4, he at first appears to be Rarity's long-awaited Prince Charming, but it soon becomes apparent to the reader that he's trying to drive a wedge between her and her friends. And then he turns out to actually be Megalos Tyrant, one of Ruinate's heralds (specifically, the Element of Arrogance).
  • A Growing Affection: Homura appears to be the most kind and reasonable of the three Konoha elders. Turns out he was Gouki's man almost the entire story.
  • Inner Glory has Spectral Slash. She's the sympathetic kind of Bitch, and she never does anything too terrible, but it's made abundantly clear she's this when she not only attacks Rainbow for disturbing her but sells Twilight and her friends out to her true allies the first chance she gets.
  • Henri LeRoi, the titular Jerk In Sheep's Clothing, first introduces himself to Marinette as the kind, eternally loyal companion she has been wishing for since Lila started trying to pit the class against her. He takes her at her word about the liar and keeps her company. But in truth, he’s actually secretly working with Lila to isolate Marinette completely, bullying all her friends behind her back and then making it look like the other way around, and giving her reasons to doubt them and their loyalty, all so Marinette will sever ties with her friends and devote herself entirely to Henri.
  • The Karma of Lies:
    • Lila Rossi manipulates the majority of her classmates into seeing her as an even better version of their friend Marinette, with better connections that she's more than happy to use to help them achieve their greatest dreams. In reality, she's a complete Con Artist who not only scams them into donating to her fake charities, but actively sabotages their prospects by stealing and selling off their work.
    • Adrien also counts; while he honestly considers himself to be a good person, he's actually more than happy to let Lila continue scamming his friends just so he doesn't have to be the one to break the bad news of her true nature to them. He also goofs around as Chat Noir, refusing to take his responsibilities as one of Paris' protectors seriously — after all, his partner has a magical Reset Button, so who cares what he does so long as she wins in the end?
  • Leave for Mendeleiev: Adrien acts like a model student, but his preferred way of dealing with conflicts is trying to shut down and guilt-trip anybody who doesn't agree with him, refusing to consider their point of view. He shows a deeply entitled streak towards Ladybug, trying to learn her Secret Identity and force his affections upon her. He also exploits the power he holds over his kwami Plagg and proves to be a Toxic Friend Influence on Nino by encouraging him to take advantage of their akumatized classmate.
    • Highlighted quite nicely in his treatment of Marinette and Aurore. Since they aren't classmates, he ignores their existence until he starts suspecting that Marinette might be Ladybug. He subsequently strings Aurore along, ignoring her crush on him while trying to get closer to Marinette. Once he has reason to believe she isn't Ladybug after all, he promptly snubs both girls the next time he sees them, walking past without acknowledging their friendly greetings.
  • Emma Hunter of Lincoln Learns The Hard Way comes off as sweet and friendly with a soft spot for babies when Lincoln meets her in the park. But in reality she fully intends on having sex with the 11-year-old, willingly or not. And Lincoln's not the first kid she's tried it with.
  • Prince Jewelius in Loved and Lost, an extended retelling of "A Canterlot Wedding". In the first four chapters, he's presented as a humble nice cousin of Princess Cadance who becomes close with Twilight Sparkle and supports her as she ends up becoming alienated from her friends, brother, and mentor for "disrespecting" the false Cadance. Right after he helps Twilight in exposing and defeating Queen Chrysalis, however, he turns arrogant and hostile towards all the other heroes as he exposes their mistakes to the public and blames them for the Changeling invasion ever happening. He then has the princesses dismantled and makes himself Equestria's king, manipulates Twilight into becoming his faithful pawn, and turns all the other heroes into hated pariahs. He actually collaborated with Queen Chrysalis to take control of Equestria from the princesses he has secretly hated for years, but he double-crossed Chrysalis once he decided Twilight to be more valuable to him as a broodmare. He's sociopathic to the degree that Cadance's love spell cannot induce love in him, and the Changelings cannot find from his heart any love to feed on.
  • Danny unfortunately finds himself going out with a few of them in The Many Dates of Danny Fenton, such as Cree Lincoln and Vicky from The Fairly OddParents.
  • In the Pokemon fic More Than Meets the Eye, Ash returns to Cerulean City to find that Misty is engaged, but Ash soon learns that her fiancé, Chris, intends to take the gym from her after the marriage and then divorce her, Chris refusing to let himself be 'overshadowed' in contrast to Ash's ability to accept when other people might be better in certain areas than he is.
  • In the fic My Name Is Cinder, Cinder's mother, Brigit Stark, presents herself as a kind woman who cares about her children and her husband's depression. She even mourns him when he eventually hangs himself. However, the truth is that she's a sociopathic Gold Digger who couldn't care less about her family and was the reason her husband killed himself in the first place, by admitting the truth about her. When Cinder tries to expose her, Brigit manipulates her brother and sister into hating Cinder so she can get away with abusing her.
  • In the sidestories of Pokémon Reset Bloodlines, it's revealed that Cipher admin Capriccio managed to put up a respectable facade to almost get married to Jeanette Fisher's mother, Kaoruko. It didn't help that he was favored by Kaoruko's father, who disapproved of his daughter's romance with her eventual husband Kazuto, until he exposed Capriccio as the criminal he was.
  • Ruby and Nora: In Weiss and Pyrrha, Nurse Abigail Lemon presents herself as a kind and approachable woman when she comes in to check on Weiss after being stabbed by Admah Keter. However, she quickly shows her true colors when she tries to make Weiss OD on morphine. When Pyrrha catches her in the act, Abby reopens the stitches and uses her EMP Semblance to kill everyone in on life-support in the hospital. Later in the story, the staff reveals that patients under her care tend to die often, implying that she's been playing this trope for a long time.
  • Sirens of CHS has Sonata Dusk. She seems cheerful, ditzy, and innocent. She also cheats at video games, sets anthills on fire with an evil grin, and acts disappointed when she's told she can't beat up human!Twilight.
  • Total Drama What If Series This is the reason why Sugar hates Ella and Dawn. She believes that their kindness is just a facade to hide the fact that they're jerks. Subverted, as the two aren't faking anything.
  • In A Triangle in the Stars, Bill Cipher puts on an air, sometimes thin, of friendliness and innocence, moreso for Steven, only letting his true colors slip occasionally, and his hidden plan is to backstab everyone he can string along when his powers get restored.
  • In Shigeko Kageyama AKA Mob, A Mob Psycho 100 gender swap, Asagiri Minori is convinced Mob is this. Mob, of course, is not.
  • This is making a move: Jill Roberts was already one in canon, but the fanfic expands on her manipulation of her accomplice Charlie through promising affection, sex (they have sex after killing Marnie and Jenny in the film's opening), and the prospect of revenge against his Abusive Parents to string him along until she had no more use for him.
  • Unbreakable Red Silken Thread: Zigzagged; in public Scarlett is a quiet girl, but at her job, she let her Jerkass side show.
  • The Very Secret Diary: The fic explores Ginny Weasley's year at Hogwarts, and how she came under Tom Riddle's thrall. Tom exploited Ginny's naïve and trusting nature, pretending to be her friend while stringing her along.
  • From the discontinued Friday Night Funkin' mod VS Sky: Sky at first seems to be a cheerful, if obsessive girl who deeply loves and admires Boyfriend. Then it becomes clear that she can't take "no" for an answer.
  • Where Talent Goes To Die has Reiko Mitamura, the Ultimate Proofreader, as a downplayed example. In addition to her talent, she has excellent grades and manners, and most of the students respect her as their leader. That said, it's also implied that she secretly harbors a selfish desire for her parents' approval and her peers' respect, and in a more lighthearted sense, is also a Yaoi Fangirl despite her disapproval of pornography and homosexuality. It's fully played straight when, after learning that Monokuma will release evidence of her cheating on a test unless someone commits murder, she poisons Mizuhara and tries to frame Sugiura in order to graduate, thus ending up as something of a Broken Pedestal to Iwasawa and the others.
    • Anzu Sugiura plays with this. After it's revealed that she is actually the Ultimate Poisoner, she drops the polite façade she'd adopted, and ends up acting more brusquely and rudely to most of her classmates. That said, she turns out to not be guilty of the second murder, or the third. In the end, she does commit murder, but only kills Iwasawa (a willing victim) to prevent Miura's family from being killed, and reveals that she actually did not commit the murder that earned her the Ultimate Poisoner title.
    • Sousuke Kagami is a male example and definitely worse than the two girls above him. He pretends to be a pleasant, if a bit distant, guy with amnesia, then it’s revealed that he’s the Mastermind of the Killing Game. And his reason for doing this? Because the school titled him the Ultimate Copycat.

    Films — Animation 
  • Barbie: Mariposa has Henna, who is Mariposa's friend at first until she poisons the Queen and nearly kills all of the fairies in Flutterfield so she can take the throne.
  • Darla Dimple in Cats Don't Dance has a reputation as "America's sweetheart lover of children and animals," but in reality, she's a Spoiled Brat who hates animals and absolutely cannot tolerate the thought of them stealing any limelight from her.
  • Coco gives us Ernesto de la Cruz. At first, he looks very friendly and charming, as not only was he loved by all of Mexico before his untimely death, but he even offers to help Miguel go home before the latter is stuck in the Land of the Dead forever. Then we learn that he not only poisoned his best friend Hector to death when the latter wanted to go home, but he also stole his songs to become the famous singer that he is. His true colors are later exposed to the entire Land of the Dead, and he ends up stuck in a Fate Worse than Death.
  • Frozen gives us Prince Hans, who, in contrast to the Nice Guy façade he puts on for most of the film, turns out to be a Manipulative Bastard of some magnitude, whose plan is to marry Princess Anna, with whom he fakes Love at First Sight, then arrange for an 'accident' to befall Queen Elsa, making him King of Arendelle through his wife.
  • Incredibles 2 gives us Evelyn Deavor.At first, she seems kind and supportive of her brother wanting to bring superheroes back and strikes up a friendship with Helen, but is later revealed to be the true mastermind behind the Screenslaver and prejudiced towards supers.
  • Megamind: Hal Stewart acts like a decent guy to Roxanne, but in truth, he's rather possessive of her, as shown with his meeting with "Bernard" (who is actually Megamind in disguise). Once he receives his powers and is rejected by Roxanne, he reveals himself to be an unstable psychopath.
  • Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Candace Against the Universe: Super Super Big Doctor comes off as someone who relates to what Candace is going through with her brothers, stating that she used to be the same way. However, it is revealed that she is a petty, childish overlord who enslaved the planet and only wanted Candace so she could restore her brainwashing plant to life.
  • Lola the Gold Digger lionfish from Shark Tale. She dismisses Oscar calling him "cute but a nobody." When Oscar becomes famous, Lola starts dating him much to Angie's jealousy and dismay. After Oscar finishes a shark slayer stunt, Lola swims up to the cameras and forcefully kisses him, causing Angie to leave in jealousy anger and sadness. Once Angie confesses to Oscar her feelings for him, Oscar rethinks his feelings and dumps Lola — which, unfortunately, leads to her great anger as she mercilessly slams him against the windows. Lola then crosses the Moral Event Horizon by arranging for Don Lino to kidnap Angie in demand for Oscar's obedience even gleefully threatening Angie's life to do so.
    Lola: You know, Sharkslayer, there's only one thing I like better than money: Revenge!
  • Fairy Godmother from Shrek 2. We assume all fairy godmothers are nice, kind, and friendly — this one definitely is not. Point in case, she has no qualms about resorting to trickery and extortion to get what she wants; in this case, the crown of Far Far Away. She intended to have her son rescue and marry Fiona to put him on the throne and reign as queen mother. This doesn't go according to plan as Fiona fell in love with Shrek, thus the Fairy Godmother attempts to get rid of him, either by blackmailing Harold into getting rid of Shrek or by using Shrek's own feelings to manipulate him into thinking Fiona doesn't really want to be with him. When Fiona didn't fall in love with Charming on her own, she decided to drug her with a potion so that she would marry Charming. Then when it's revealed Harold never gave Fiona the potion, Fairy Godmother then snaps and resorts to kill Shrek and Fiona.
    Fairy Godmother: I told you, OGRES DON'T LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER!
  • Mother Gothel in Tangled pretends to be Rapunzel's loving mother, but in actuality, she was the woman who kidnapped Rapunzel as a baby because her hair was full of magic from the flower used to de-age Gothel that got crushed into medicine for Rapunzel's real mother, the queen.
  • Lotso in Toy Story 3. In the Art of Toy Story 3 book, the revelation of his true nature was said to be like "finding out Mister Rogers was a mafia don".
  • Zootopia has a literal sheep case with Assistant Mayor Dawn Bellwether. At first, she appears as the only ally and friend Judy has when she joins the ZPD and even helps her in one instance that cracks open Judy's case. All the better to frame her superior, Mayor Lionheart, for the disappearance of various animals who have gone "savage" and being herself the mastermind behind aforementioned condition to initiate prejudice/discrimination and most likely war between preys and predators.

  • In Flower of the Plateau, Mikulia is a florist but she actually was an ex-prostitute who even kills two people, an ex-suitor/client and her own son because they're the only ones who know that.
  • Macabre has many of the Serial Killers they sing about be this, mainly because they were actually this in real life. Like Ted Bundy, who pretended to be a handsome and sweet guy to lure in his victims.
  • Progressive rock band Coheed and Cambria makes a reference to this in their song "Welcome Home", with the "bitch" context taken a little up:
    "A whore in sheep's clothing, fucking up all I do."
  • The Elvis Presley song, Devil In Disguise. At first, the girl being described is an angel, but Elvis sees through it.
    You look like an angel
    walk like an angel
    talk like an angel
    But I got wise
    You’re the devil in disguise!
  • Referenced vaguely in Mumford & Sons' "Little Lion Man".
    "Your grace is wasted in your face. Your boldness stands alone among the wreck."
  • By Word of Goddess, Sara Bareilles considers herself one of these. She's said at more than a few interviews that she finds it very amusing that she can fill her albums with angry songs that chew people out or tell people off, and people turn around and love her for it. In her words, "You can be a total bitch, but if you say it in a happy, peppy, sweet way, absolutely no one will notice."
  • "Down At The End Of Your Road" by Jethro Tull, a Broadsword And The Beast era song describing a man who, by day, is a well respected real estate businessman, yet, by night, is a Jerkass who messes with the neighbors in various ways.
  • Daniel Amos's "Cloak & Dagger" (from ¡Alarma!) is about the character type in general, not about any specific examples:
    There's Cold War tactics hidden in a smiling face
    A pretty kind of poison that will leave no trace
  • Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" describes a woman who turns out to be this, and explicitly refers to herself as one before the second chorus:
    "Darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream."
  • Set It Off has a song called "Wolf In Sheep's Clothing", which talks about someone who manipulates people and poses as a nice person.
  • "Stupid Girl" by Garbage berates a woman for faking innocence as they manipulate others.
  • "2 Faced" by Louise plays this straight, being about two-faced people, but contains a line that plays with the traditional metaphor. She describes them as "sheep in wolf's clothing", nothing to do with the trope of the same name, but suggesting that two-faced people believe their behavior makes them hard and tough, but in reality, they are weak and just follow the crowd.
  • “Smiling Faces Sometimes” by The Undisputed Truth could be the trope maker when it comes to people who put on a facade but beneath the surface are wicked as they come.

    Myths & Religion 
  • From Greek Mythology, Hera in pretty much all depictions. Queen of the Gods! Goddess of Marriage! Nice entity, right? Wrong — many, many of the myths involving her focus on her utter wrath toward the children of her husband (and brother) Zeus, who slept around on her all the damned time, the biggest example of this being Heracles, who Hera sent two snakes to kill as a baby on top of other wrathful acts when he came of age. That being said, there are times that Hera actually got things right; why don't you ask Medea on how it turns out for Jason betraying her marriage?
  • Aphrodite is actually a better candidate. Looks like the Brainless Beauty, and seemingly too innocent to perpetrate a single evil act. But she regularly runs the gamut from petty and mean to pure evil. But just like Hera, there are also times, depending on the version and the city-state that it originated from, that Aphrodite actually showed compassion, but good luck spotting them in between her mean outbursts.
  • Grimhild in Norse Mythology. She made Sigurd forget about Brynhildr so that her own daughter Gudrun could marry Sigurd. This ends up getting both Brynhildr, Sigurd, Sigurd and Gudrun's son and Grimhild's youngest son killed. Then she forces her daughter to marry Brynhildr's brother despite that he may want to kill Gudrun's brothers in revenge. Grimhild herself gets away.
  • In The Bible the reader is warned not to trust every teacher and prophet that appears to be telling you the truth and/or spinning some ground-breaking message, but instead, you must test their genuine nature. Just to illustrate how easy this can happen, it's pointed out that even Satan is capable of appearing as an angel of light; basically, things that look beautiful can actually be out to destroy you.

    Pro Wrestling 
  • Allysin Kay wants people to think of her as a classy lady. To this end she will compliment her opponents, give them plenty of room to enter and prepare, allow them to recover, as long as she is in control of things. Should a match ever become competitive Kay will get rough in a hurry and has even baited a few people into traps that could have well been fatal.
  • Maryse, in an angle with Gail Kim. She even began tag-teaming with (then-face) Gail, saying friendly things to her in English while insulting her in French. (This backfired.)
  • Melina in her appearance at Maryland Championship Wrestling's "Ladies Night" event in 2015. She served as the enforcer in the MCW Women's Championship match between Amber Rodriguez and Mickie James and ran Amber's henchmen out of the arena to keep them from interfering on Amber's behalf. However, after referee Lisa Marie Varon was taken down by accident, Melina revealed her true colors and attacked Mickie, renewing their WWE rivalry. Melina was attacked by Varon, and Mickie went on to win the title.
  • Tina San Antonio feigned an injury to get out of WSU tag team championship defenses with Marti Belle so she could try out for WWE. She revealed this after relieving Jazz, who was acting in her place, and right before choking out Belle.

  • In The Gamer's Alliance, Desdemona and Vaetris seem genuinely nice and likable people but underneath that kind exterior, they're anything but. The former is actually a power-hungry, backstabbing schemer who killed one of the heroes and is currently manipulating King Marcus into marrying her in order to subtly take over the Remonian throne, and the latter is one of the four dreaded archdemons in disguise whose goal is to keep other races divided so that she can take over the world with her demon horde.
  • Lacrimi ap Danwyn from Soul Trigger is a Manipulative Bastard whose control freak tendencies have him seeing everyone in the galaxy as an actor of a play in which he is the director. Over his almost six centuries of life, he has gotten his hands into the affairs of all sorts of people and married several times, each of which tended to end with his wife's tragic death... which unbeknownst to everybody else, he causes for his own entertainment.
  • Survival of the Fittest v4 has Aaron Hughes as a male example. He starts out wanting to start an escape plot, but throughout the game, he manipulates every single character he comes across and eventually decides to play the game conventionally while still keeping the guise of the leader in an escape plot. Ashlie Jackson of Evolution is also hinted to have been one of these before being put in the experiments, and although her power rendered her unable to pull it off as much, she attempts to pull off a Cute Mute facade at one point. And as early as his first appearance, Simon Leroy of Virtua is already shaping up to be a male example, who started out the game attempting to get Sycanus Appletin's trust by pretending to be a Nice Guy...while planning to use her trust to his advantage.

    Tabletop Games 
  • In Exalted, the Black Claw Style of Supernatural Martial Arts is based entirely around this concept; most of the techniques of the style are variations on the Wounded Gazelle Gambit, and the final Charm in the style is a powerful attack that becomes unblockable, undodgeable, and even more powerful if its target is someone who genuinely loves the user of the style.
  • In the game Secret Hitler, the majority of Fascist wins come not from passing six Fascist policies, but from getting Hitler elected Chancellor after three Fascist policies are enacted. As such, this is basically required of the Hitler player - pass yourself off as a perfectly normal, cooperative Liberal up until the third Fascist policy is on the table, then begin angling for the Chancellorship.

  • In The Little Foxes, Regina puts on a particularly charming Southern Belle act for Mr. Marshall, and she plays the fact for her husband is seriously ill for some extra sympathy. However, her caring and polite manner is a façade for an ambition even more ruthless than her brothers, and when Horace does come home to her (because she demanded it), her attitude towards him rapidly deteriorates from passive-aggressive needling to literally telling him, "I hope you die. I hope you die soon."

    Visual Novels 
  • Many characters in the Ace Attorney games are like this, and they're usually the true culprit of the crime.
    • Dahlia Hawthorne looks sweet enough to give one cavities, but is, in actual fact, a bitter serial killer.
    • Dahlia's mother, Morgan, shows that it runs in the family. She initially seems like a good aunt who is devoted to the Fey family, but she also shows a knack for Passive-Aggressive Kombat, not to mention that she masterminded the plot to have Mini Miney murder Dr. Grey in order to frame Maya for the crime, so that Morgan's daughter Pearl can become Master of Kurain Village.
    • Apollo Justice has Alita Tiala, a seemingly loving, devoted fiancée to Wocky, the defendant of Case 2, who is, in fact, marrying him because she and the victim of the case were the only two people who knew that Wocky was going to be dead soon. In fact, she carried out the murder to prevent being ratted out, and blamed it on Wocky.
    • Subverted in T&T case 2, where everyone expects this of Desiree, but she's genuinely a nice person.
    • Deliberately invoked in Investigations. Colias Palaeno was designed to be as friendly and sweet as possible to make veteran players suspect him right off the bat. In fact, he's exactly who he presents himself to be, and was just Manny Coachen's pawn. The real bitch in sheep's clothing is the seemingly kindly and humble old ambassador Quercus Alba, who in reality is a dangerous, uncompromising criminal mastermind whose been running an international smuggling ring for at least 10 years.
    • Zig-zagged in Investigations 2. At first, it seems like Patricia Roland (Mari Miwa in Japanese) is a warden who genuinely cares about the inmates and animals like they're her family, then it starts seeming otherwise as suspicion starts pointing towards her for Knightley's murder. Then we learn that she only committed it out of fear and frustration because she believed he was one of Dogen's henchman, who was coercing her into cooperation. We then learn that she actively took bribes from Blaise Debeste, was an integral part of the President's assassination and fake kidnapping, and was apparently brutal to Simon in his interrogation, and was wholly expecting Blaise to cover for her (i.e. by hiding and forging evidence) when Edgeworth found out that she killed Knightley.
    • Phoenix Wright himself is a very light example. While he's a polite pushover to pretty much everybody on the outside, his Internal Monologue is generally filled to the brim with snide remarks directed at just about everyone. He also tends to pull the "Just Joking" Justification when he says "no" in a But Thou Must! situation.
    • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice has Queen Ga'ran, who initially appears to be a kind, caring woman who did what she thought was best for her daughter and country. In reality, she is an abusive, murderous sociopath who usurped her sister, had hundreds of innocents executed, and even attempted to have her own family members killed when she thought they stood in her way.
    • Matt Engarde initially seems like a nice guy, if not terribly bright, so he doesn't seem capable of murder. In reality, he's a sociopath who honestly claims that hiring an assassin to kill his rival Juan Corrida doesn't count as murder. He also told Juan that Celeste Inpax, Juan's fiancée, had been in a relationship with Matt before Juan, causing Juan to break up with her and leading to Celeste committing suicide. When he doesn't commit crimes For the Evulz, he does so to protect his own image.
    • Kristoph Gavin. He's introduced as a mentor figure for Apollo Justice, only to turn out to be the murderer in the first and fourth cases. Even worse is why he did it. He arranged for Phoenix to use forged evidence, leading to his disbarment, because Zak Gramarye chose Phoenix over Kristoph as his defense attorney. He sent Vera Misham, a young girl who forged the diary page for him, a poisoned stamp to silence her (ending up killing her father in the process), and later killed Zak himself.
  • Tokimi in Aselia the Eternal - The Spirit of Eternity Sword. Only Yuuto ever seems to realize it. Deep down, she's really not so bad, though.
  • The Huggables from Battle Bears act all kind but don't fall for their facade, or they'll hug you so hard you get crushed to death.
  • Danganronpa: Tsumugi Shirogane from Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony pretends to be a Nice Girl only for her to be the Big Bad of the game.
  • Danganronpa Another:
    • Kizuna Tomori acts friendly and cheerful, befitting her talent as the Ultimate Cheerleader, but is truly spiteful and selfish, as shown in the first trial. And then there’s the fact that immediately after the trial was finished, she was able to concoct an elaborate plan to murder Yuki, who is believed to know the mastermind. When Akane refuses to go along with her plan, she then tries to kill her because now she knows too much.
    • Kizuna’s killer, Ultimate Sprinter, Ayame Hatano tries to pull this act, so that the other students will feel less guilty about executing her, but Mikako sees right through it, seeing that she had deliberately injured herself, via cutting her leg on a wire, meaning that even if she had escaped (and had everyone else executed in the process) she would most likely never be able to run again. In reality, this trope is subverted for her as not only, was her calm yet awkward and shy personality real, but she had killed Kizuna so that Akane (who had stabbed her earlier, during Kizuna’s murder attempt) wouldn’t become the blackened instead.
  • Super Danganronpa Another 2:
    • All members of the organisation Void put up an act of being regular high school students at first, but are all actually deranged murders. It’s Downplayed with Mikado Sannoji (who’s exposed as the game’s mastermind in the prologue and puts up a Faux Affably Evil facade afterwards that nobody is fooled by) and Hajime Makunouchi (who is shown in the Void Theater segments (taking place after he gets executed) to have regretted his actions and Took a Level in Kindness) while the other two members who got executed, Emma Magorobi and Nikei Yomiuri, are shown to have good sides deep down, and the one who survived, Iroha Nijiue, drops the facade entirely after being exposed. All them are still sympathetic in spite of this (Mikado less so), due to having horrible lives before joining Void.
    • A much worse example is Kanade Otonokoji, the Ultimate Guitarist and twin sister of Hibiki Otonokoji, the Ultimate Vocalist. Kanade at first appears to be a shy and weak-willed girl who constantly gets pushed around and yelled at by her more assertive (and older by two minutes) sister. However, during the investigation sequences, she becomes blunter, arrogant, condescending and more calm and intelligent than usual, helping Sora with the case. Despite that, she’s still implied to be a good person. And then Chapter 3 happens, and it turns out she’s actually a lot worse. Not only is she the Chapter’s Blackened, but she’s also revealed to be a sociopathic Serial Killer who has killed anyone who gets close to Hibiki. She’s murdered their pet dog, Hibiki’s best friend, their old homeroom teacher and Hibiki’s first crush, their parents, their band’s recording engineer, make-up artist and manager, and probably many more, considering an estimated number of her victims is 60. Not just that, but she’s also made it so that whenever Hibiki gets too stressed, she goes into a blank state when she can only obey Kanade’s commands, and even manipulated her into killing Setsuka Chiebukuro, her surrogate Cool Big Sis. Oh, and she also believes herself to be a perfect being who’s above everyone else. She’s so utterly monstrous and depraved that even Mikado is disgusted by her true nature.
  • Borderline example: Rin Tohsaka from Fate/stay night, who combines this with Jerk with a Heart of Gold. She's not a bad person, but she's Cool, Dark and Snarky, rather than the "perfect honour student" image she shows to the rest of the school. The only ones in on her real personality (barring Shirou, who's a bit traumatised when he finds out) are her rival Ayako, who has a similar facade going on, and Issei, who served with her on the student council in middle school and got to see her true, pragmatically ruthless nature. Sakura seems to have at least some idea too, because she's her sister. She has rather mixed feelings, however, since she worries about what Rin might do to Shirou in the war, but at the same time, clearly still loves Rin, and desperately wants to be acknowledged by her. How much of this you see depends on the route. In Fate, you see some of her kindness amongst her glorious snarkiness. In Unlimited Blade Works, her kindness is fully displayed. In Heaven's Feel, she seems to drop the 'heart of gold' entirely and just becomes a bitch — especially towards her sister, Sakura — until the end of the final fight, where she demonstrates that her bitchiness had really been a facade all along, as an attempt to persuade herself that she could, after all, kill Sakura if she had to. The True End of the Heaven's Feel route implies that she has dropped the "bitch" part entirely, at least as far as Sakura and Shirou are concerned.
  • fault milestone one has two. Years after the stabbing incident, the original Rune became well behaved, on the surface. However, she still continued to do violent acts, such as mutilating small animals, in secret. The end of the Visual Novel suggests that Selphine is one too, as she suddenly pulls a 180 from her typical, sweet self and demands that Ritona should not outright kill Melona right on the spot, as she wants to question Melona, but Ritona can tear Melona apart if she wants.
  • Grisaia Series:
    • Irisu Kiyoka is polite, but little more. Her speech contains veiled threats and a rather penetrating attitude. With a smile, she admits that she was hoping protagonist Yuuji would accept the souvenir she offered and get halfway home before realizing it was nothing but a veiled insult.
    • The waitress in The Eden of Grisaia that married Robbie and waits on Yumiko is rude, passive-aggressive, and pushy despite her superficial politeness. As a CIA agent that's usually much more stoic, she's probably pissed at the cover job she has to take.
  • Miyo Takano in Higurashi: When They Cry seems like a kind and supportive nurse, but turns out to be a manipulative villain who caused all the bad events in Hinamizawa.
  • Last Window has Dylan Fitchar who may come off as a bit of a Nosy Neighbor, but is generally normal. In actuality, he's The Mole for Nile.
  • Jeff from Nicole is a mild example: due to not wanting to be a burden on his grandparents after his mother abandoned him with them, he has created his persona based on what the majority of the population wants to see, which is an all-around nice guy who excels at what he does and is helpful and friendly. In truth, he's a bit off his rocker, distant, has almost no empathy for others, and generally considers everyone around him complete idiots, but he's not actively malicious. Like Chiaki above, he's not presented irredeemable, and he's a potential Love Interest. That being said, he becomes a far less mild and more malicious version when you find out that he's behind the recent kidnapping of three women — even then, he's still redeemable, but only if he's Nicole's chosen Love Interest. Otherwise, he remains a Smug Snake who views others as subhuman.
  • Chiaki in Our Two Bedroom Story is described as "gentlemanly" and having a "sweet face," and he exerts himself to come across as pleasant and cheerful to his co-workers. However, as the protagonist soon discovers, his true self is something less pleasant - though not irredeemably so, given that he's one of the possible love interests of the game.
  • Spirit Hunter: NG:
    • Seiji is a mild-mannered young man with a pretty face and soft voice. However, he's also the heir to the Yakuza who takes great pleasure from tormenting and blackmailing others.
      Ban: Stop pretending like you're innocent. I know who you are under that sheep disguise.
    • Yasuko seems like a loving, maternal woman when the Urashima Woman first meets her. This is just because Yasuko sees her as a surrogate for Yasuko's child, however, and she reveals her true cruelty after the Urashima Woman actually gives birth.
  • Fal from Symphonic Rain who only acts nice to the protagonist in order to take advantage of his musical talents.

    Web Animation 
  • Anon: Lilly seems like a harmless wallflower at first, but then goes on to reveal her hobbies of stalking popular students on social media and impersonating her former best friend online in an attempt to make everyone hate her.
    • Also Miranda. Comes across as sweet, innocent, and slightly ditzy in her introduction episodes but when her crush Ryan ends up falling for her cousin Candace, her jealousy escalates into her assaulting Candace at the Thanksgiving dinner. And when it seems like Miranda had finally taken a level in kindness, she's back to her old shit-stirring ways, lying to Candace that Ryan was trying to get with her all while pretending to be completely innocent and oblivious.
  • In the Travel Channel website-original animation "Anthony Bourdain's Alternative Universe", we see a fictional side of travel hostess Samantha Brown we don't normally see on the air, in the episode "Romanian Rhapsody". Seeing the burned corpse of the fictional Anthony Bourdain, she goes, "Yeah, NOW who's laughing, funny man?" Sam kicks the head off the body, then gets an evil look on her face as she goes, "Guess that 10:00-time slot just. became. AVAILABLE." Spouting off to a nearby cameraman, she tells him when she's calmer, "Go get the head and send it to Rachael. She'll appreciate it." One final rant, and then she gets the clapboard in front of her face. Once the clapper comes down, she's her normal smiling self again.
  • RWBY:
    • Emerald Sustrai has a knack for masking a cold personality under a polite façade. She acts very sweet to the old shop owner while trying to find the location of someone she's looking to murder in cold blood, stealing his wallet in the process. During the tournament, she is very friendly and cheerful in conversation with the show's eponymous heroines, but when they part ways, Emerald immediately begins telling her partner Mercury about how much she despises them; she apparently can't comprehend how they could be so happy all the time.
    • When Weiss meets her brother Whitley after returning to Atlas in the fourth volume, the latter acts as a decent brother towards her. She's suspicious of this because she knows that Whitley dislikes both of his sisters, but the latter blows it off as a sign he's growing up. But as it turns out, Whitley's encouragement and support for Weiss is an act. By behaving like a perfect, obedient son, Jacques views Whitley as the only option for the legacy of the SDC when his daughters disobey him. He disinherits both Winter and Weiss and makes Whitley his sole heir, exactly as Whitley planned.
  • SMG4: Saiko Bichitaru. At first, she's just a love interest in a typical Visual Novel, but she starts becoming more and more clingy towards Fishy Boopkins. When Fishy Boopkins breaks up with her, she has Wario and Waluigi build a mech for her so she can kill him.
  • Voodont: Ellie at first appears to be a sweet and innocent cheerleader in contrast to the Jerkass that Sam is. The Voodoo Doll that Sam makes even sees her as such and attempts to warn her about what Sam plans to do to her. However, when it finally gets the chance to tell her, Ellie just calls her a gross little thing and swats her away. Upon seeing how mean Ellie actually is, The doll tears its own arm off, resulting in Ellie's painfully coming off off-screen.

  • Drowtales: Snadhya'Rune comes across as a ditzy Napoleon Bonaparte; power-hungry but willing to aid the common masses in exchange for her absolute rule. Basically, she states her liberal-idealist intentions and has every possible threat to her rule slowly obliterated through war, betrayal, and propaganda. Until the clusterfuck that is Chapter 46: After being injured for the first time ever in the comic, she breaks the masquerade and freaks the fuck out, murdering everyone within a ten yard radius. And may have destroyed her castle in a fit of rage if not for Mel's intervention. Later, her firstborn daughter Kalki is busy trying to use the airship to lay waste to Ariel's squad. She proceeds to destroy Kalki's physical body by using a magical grenade that manifests as ripper hands. And call her a faulty tool. Hemophobic bitch is an understatement.
  • General Protection Fault has Trudy, who puts up a polite façade to Dwayne (her boss) and Nick (the guy she likes), as well as various people whose good side she needs to stay on, but treats everyone else like dirt. In fact, for the first few years, she was outright evil, scheming with the supervillain organization CRUDE to take over the world, and disposing of her former allies once they're no longer useful.
  • Ghost Theater: The ghost of Pureun Shim seems to be an innocent, guileless girl who wants to say goodbye to her father before passing on, which the protagonists do their best to assist her with. It turns out to be a ruse so she can murder him. It's hard to call her too much of a bitch, though, since her father sold her to human traffickers to support his gambling addiction.
  • Zola, in Girl Genius, seems to be an innocent, rather ditzy pawn of high-ranking plotters, but she's really a calculating villain, fully aware of what she's involved in, and possibly the biggest threat Agatha faces.
  • The Guide to a Healthy Relationship: Daniel is a friendly and charming young man who's easily liked by Apollo and his circle of friends. As to his home life, he manipulates and abuses his romantic partner, a mentally ill person.
  • His Face All Red: The narrator is a quiet, unassuming nerd who wishes he could be as well-liked as his older brother. So he murders him out of jealousy.
  • Homestuck: When the characters traveling on the meteor to the new session meet Aranea Serket, Vriska's dancestor as a ghost in the dream bubbles, she seems to be a friendly, helpful Ms. Exposition who provides other characters, and especially the reader, with lots of useful information. She's also best friends with Meenah and is very kind to and supportive of her dancestor Vriska. Dave, Rose, and Terezi all comment separately on how nice she is. Then she's revealed to be a Well-Intentioned Extremist who steals the Ring of Life to resurrect herself, plans to stop Lord English her own way, and is willing to hurt or kill any of the main characters who don't go along with it. During her ill-fated attempt to carry out her plans, she pulls a Mind Rape on Jake (who previously had a crush on her), kills Jade, unintentionally kills Jake when he tries to save Jane from her, kills Jane anyway, mortally wounds Terezi, and destroys several of the kids' Lands before the Condesce finally manages to off her.
  • My Deepest Secret: Sophie. She was behind a lot of the Emma's troubles, like the video of Yohan and her that spread around the school, and even pushed her into a river. All the while, she'd been acting like a friend.
  • Rebirth: Parish appears like a sweet wife, but...she ignores one of her sons while doting on the other, she betrayed Noah in the previous timeline, and she's had an affair with Ian for years. She's never been that good at hiding this side of her.
  • Ryan from Sidekicks is introduced as another supublic that failed Justice College being sent to the Under Corps and he acts like any other corpsman, even trying to help the heroes when shit hits the fan. He's actually Phantom, an infamous villain whose real appearance has never been seen and who possesses a powerful mind control power. Having acted as The Mole for Metheos for a while, his cover is blown by a telepath he'd just finished controlling.
  • Survivor: Fan Characters: Bonnie used this trope to great effect in season 9, pretending to be a sweet and innocent girl to hide her Manipulative Bitch true colors. If not for an Engineered Public Confession staged by a seemingly useless robot, she could very well have walked away with the million. She tried this tactic again in season 16, pretending to be Bonnie's kind therapist with "Bonnie" being an actress hired by her, but this time her tribemates saw through her act much more quickly.
  • Vampire Cheerleaders: Heather may have seemed sweet and innocent, but it didn't take much for her to reveal her true colors, and it didn't take long either. All she needed was a taste of power. After choosing to become a vampire, she turned on her own parents; reducing them to being her mindless slaves.

    Web Original 
  • Toki is kind and gentle to some but bitchy to others Actually, make that abusive
  • This article of is a rant about the Entitled to Have You sort of person.
  • Esmeralda on The War Comms is a variation; rather than everyone thinking she was gentle and sweet they thought she was too passive and whiny to do any real damage. The "sweet and proper lady" image was her own insistence, even as her claws started coming out... and then this happened.
  • Solange of the Whateley Universe started out this way. As a frosh, she was kind and understanding to Montana even though he looked like a sasquatch... and then she publicly humiliated him. All so she could force her way into the top clique of the school.

    Web Videos 
  • Gameboys: Terrence. At first he projects this scorned but concerned ex of Gavreel to Cairo by sowing doubt about Gav's advances. He is also concurrently trying to rekindle his relationship with Gav behind Cairo's back. He grows out of it in later episodes though.
  • The Nostalgia Chick combined this with a Sarah Palin impression to try and overthrow the Critic during Kickassia. To a less homicidal extent, how she is normally. There's something darker underneath that cute, girly exterior.
  • The Veronica Exclusive: Jane comes off as a sarcastic but charming outcast at first, and seems to be a genuinely loving girlfriend. Then the bodies of her enemies start piling up, and you find out that her love really isn't something you want.


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