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  • All There in the Manual: A lot of details about the characters can be found in their cast pages.
  • Dear Negative Reader: In many strips, Yerdian and her main characters counterclaim that the series negatively depicts omnivores, and that the purpose is not to attack people, but their arguments for eating meat. Given how many negative stereotypes and blatant unflattering comments aimed at meat eaters are in the comic, it comes off as Blatant Lies. It became explicitly Blatant Lies after she admitted her "Black" comics were non-educational and thus made solely for mockery.
  • Fan Nickname: The glasses wearing omnivore is usually referred to as "Weeb", since in-story she isn't given a name.
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  • Marth Debuted in "Smash Bros.": According to Yerdian, all her characters originally came from her Devil Of Justice novel, which hasn't been released yet but she has been working on for years.
  • Old Shame: Not for this series, but Yerdian has referenced a few times about an old comic that she did before she became vegan. She even describes herself as a brainwashed little teen back then.
    • She sees her vegan work as "atoning" for having supposedly worked on cattle farms in the past, which she perceives as spreading " farm propaganda" to the public and justifying "animal abuse".
  • Schedule Slip: There are times when it takes a while for Yerdian to update, especially in 2017 when she was going through some financial troubles funding her books/comics and comics appeared only once in a blue moon.
  • What Could Have Been: The whole series wouldn't have happened if Yerdian didn't go vegan. She has stated in a comment section for a page of one of her non-vegan works that originally all the characters in the original book (Devil Justice) were omnivores until she changed some of them to vegans to reflect her lifestyle change.
  • Word Of Yerdian: Anything that doesn't appear in her work will often be stated by the Yerdian.
    • She has frequently stated that the vegan books she writes don't reflect the canon characterization from her original story.
    • She also wrote the original version of the story the series' characters are based on from when she was 12 years old.
    • Dolly was inspired by Toadette from Super Mario Bros..
    • Dolly was originally designed as an omnivore character, but Yerdian decided to later make her vegan because she was too cute to be an antagonist.
    • The comic that Scourge, the grim reaper like personification of the meat industry, is introduced in was made for fun and not to be "educational".
    • Shawn is described as "too stupid to cook" and a Lazy Bum, who eats bacon and chips all day while watching television.
    • Yerdian confirmed some of the character's ages: "Shawn is 17. Dolly is 15. Brie and Rohit are 18. Legua is 16".
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    • The reason for the simpler art design starting in Pupa Vegan is that many people found the Animesque style to be too "childish".
    • The reason for Shawn's violent episode in Pupavegan 319 is stated by Yerdian to be a demonstration of the "so-called absurdity" of omnivore logic and not based on established characterization. In the canon non-vegan work that she does, Shawn would never do what he did in that panel.
    • In a comment section of her cast page, Yerdian states that Shawn started out as a "closed-minded" carnist, then became "anti-vegan" after his first girlfriend, Lulu, left him to join his sister's cause, and because he made fun of her efforts. He met Legua a year later and tried to shield her from Brie/Plausibell, so that she wouldn't leave him as well.
    • In an interview from a vegan magazine called Claire's Mission, Yerdian says she named Pupa Vegan after a pet rabbit she had.
    • The reason why Sterk is not used that much is due to his position as a non-vegan leaving Kishna not sure how to use him most of the time.
    • In the comment section of Pupa Vegan 565, Yerdian states that Shawn will turn never vegan because it doesn't fit his "stubborn character" and he was a non-vegan in the original backstory.
    • The reason why Bongo's twin is unnamed is because both of them are based on people that Yerdian knows who wanted to be in the comic and they asked her to keep their names private out of respect.
    • Pupa Vegan Black is designated as "non-educational" in comparison with her other books than focused on "educating" people about environmental and vegan issues.
    • In the comment section of the character page, Yerdian states that Rohit dislikes Sterk, even though this is not seen in the comics.
    • In a reply from a question from her Deviantart page, Cherry is confirmed to be 11 years old.
      • From the same reply page, we find out that Sanc and Dazz Ling are 18 years old, Sterk, Diva, and Lilith are 17 years old,Raziel, Azusa, Lulu, and Chanel are 16 years old, and Bindiya is 14 years old.
    • In the original book that the cast originate from, Lilith and Raziel aren't vegans and just pretend to be to get Legua on their side. The text on Lilith's headband is supposed to be a hint to that.
    • Plausibell, Shawn, and Cherry's mother became a vegan for ethical reasons, due to her oldest daughter's influence. Their father abandoned the family, leaving them in debt,and running off with a younger woman. Plausibell got her family out of debt by forming a successful food business.
    • Plausibell while in school was said to have been a successful student.
    • Shawn resents his sister for being the center of attention, while never really being successful in life. He grows to blame her for being behind his and Lulu's breakup, which the narrative blames on his "toxic behavior". She often tries to reach out to him, but rejects it out of pride, since he feels it would be admitting she's better than him. On the other hand, he does care about her.
    • Mike became a vegan to lose weight, because she was being bullied for being chubby. She evolved to accept ethical reasons for being vegan, while also gaining a new appreciation for her body and learning she doesn't have to look like a model to follow the lifestyle. After this new self-love for herself, she then goes back to eating vegan versions of sweets and her favorite foods.
      • Her mother ,Elise, is also a single mother.
    • Yerdian knowingly gave Plausibell the name "Brie" previously, because she thought it was ironically funny for a vegan to have it and have it be a running gag of Shawn pointing it out. She changed it when she and many others realized it served no point and made no sense. She also thought it was tasteless to make jokes about animal products, due to seeing it as disrespectful "animal victims".
    • The series takes place around the world, due to Yerdian believing it would be too much of a coincidence if everyone was Dutch. However, she confirms that Dolly, Diva, Mike's family and Chanel are 100% Dutch.
    • Raziel is half angel from her father's side.
    • Sanc and Lilith are siblings.
    • Dazz Ling was originally called Dashling,because her poor English caused her to think that dazzling was smelled "dashling". She later corrected this mistake with her proofreader.
    • The reason why Legua's name is not Indian is because she named her when she was six years old after the Dutch word for iguana,"leguaan". She was also originally made to be Luigi's girlfriend in a Mario fanstory, that she drew in class.
    • In the comment section of Pupa Vegan Black 461, Yerdian states that Lulu and Shawn had a (not-so deep) relationship when they 13 and broken after 3 months. When Shawn hooked up with Legua, Lulu tried to break them up, due to believing she was protecting her.
  • Write Who You Know: Except for the supernatural stuff, many of the stories and events that the characters go through are based on experiences that Yerdian or her friends have had.

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