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Perhaps Sleeping Beauty was asleep for a reason?

Scríos is a 2019 Short Film produced by No WiFi. It is written by Bobby Calloway and directed by Rian Mahood-Gallagher.

Hidden away in the ruins of a castle lies a beautiful lady. Possibly a princess? She lies in a seemingly enchanted sleep. And when a young soldier comes to wake her, she seems grateful. Or is she?

The film is Inspired by... the short story The Lady In The House of Love by Angela Carter.



  • Asshole Victim: Word of God is that The Knight and The Soldier saw The Beauty as a trophy wife and sex object respectively.
  • Black Cloak: Both The Knight and another former victim are shown wearing them.
  • Chromatic Arrangement: The Soldier wears red, The Beauty wears a purple substituting blue and The Boy wears green.
  • Dance of Romance: Between The Beauty and The Boy.
  • Dark Fantasy: Quite a dark take on Sleeping Beauty.
  • Discovering Your Own Dead Body: The Soldier finds his. After he's discovered The Beauty eating his heart.
  • The Dulcinea Effect: Presumably the reason so many men keep going to wake this woman they've never heard of.
  • Fairy Tale Motifs: Sleeping Beauty features prominently here. Likewise The Soldier presents The Beauty with a necklace, while The Boy gives her a flower which is straight out of the original Beauty and the Beast - where Beauty's sisters ask for expensive jewels and Beauty asks for a rose.
  • Flower Motifs:
    • The Beauty's headdress has red roses on it, which symbolises lust and the blood of Christ.
    • The Boy gives her a white rose, which symbolises virtue and chastity.
    • The white rose turns black at the end, which has long been associated with death and dark magic.
  • Forced to Watch: It's implied the ghosts of The Beauty's victims have to watch her first devouring them, and then luring in a new one.
  • Graceful Ladies Like Purple: The Beauty wears a gorgeous purple gown, showing her as graceful and feminine.
  • Green and Mean: Inverted. The Boy wears green and he's a Nice Guy.
  • Grimmification: Sleeping Beauty is a vampire whose victims are forced to wait as ghosts forever.
  • Hair Decorations: The Beauty wears a headdress with flowers and a black hairnet.
  • Hufflepuff House: Among the former victims include a long haired man in a black cape, who never gets any focus or attention.
  • I Am A Humanitarian: The Beauty appears to eat people's hearts.
  • In the Hood: The Knight wears a cloak with the hood up.
  • Mildly Military: Used to show The Boy's youth and naivety.
  • Morality Pet: The Boy functions as this for The Beauty.
  • No Name Given: Everyone is credited as The Beauty, The Soldier, The Knight, The Boy etc.
  • Only the Pure of Heart: The Boy is allowed to survive because of his purity.
  • Our Vampires Are Different: She appears to be a Daywalking Vampire that goes into a long sleep - waking only to feed.
  • Purple Is Powerful: The Beauty's purple gown also signifies she's not a Damsel in Distress.
  • Really 700 Years Old: Given that the victims include a medieval knight, The Beauty has to be at least a thousand years old.
  • Rule of Three: We see three potential victims of The Beauty.
  • Shirtless Scene: The Knight is shirtless in the flashback to him being bitten.
  • Sinister Silhouettes: The flashback to The Knight being bitten is shot this way.
  • Something About a Rose: The Boy brings a white rose to give to The Beauty.
  • Spared by the Adaptation: In the Angela Carter story, the vampire died at the end and the soldier she couldn't feed on was said to die in the war. Neither die in this.
  • The Three Faces of Adam: The Boy is the Hunter, The Soldier is the Prophet and The Knight is the Lord.
  • Time Passes Montage: Waves crashing on rocks after The Soldier is killed signal that a hundred years or so have passed.
  • The Tragic Rose: The white rose given to The Beauty turns black in the end.
  • Virgin Power: A male example. The Boy in the original story was a virgin, and his purity made the vampire unable to feed on him.
  • What Is This Thing You Call "Love"?: The Beauty appears to be charmed by The Boy and lets him go, unable to feed on him.
  • "What Now?" Ending: Unable to feed on The Boy, The Beauty can only sit and wonder what to do now as his rose turns black in her hands.
  • Wounded Gazelle Gambit: The Beauty goes into an enchanted sleep to lure victims to rescue her.

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