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Proof that the remaining 10% is worth defecting from the Horde for.

These are recommendations made by tropers for She-Ra and the Princesses of Power fanfics, all of which have to be signed or they will be Zapped from the page. After a few samples, you will be able to note the interests of the tropers recommending them, and judge whether you might be also interested in a certain 'fic.

Remember the rules - no self-recommendations. Find somebody else who agrees that your story is great to start the page! Use the template found here; a copy of the template is just below. Do warn when a fanfic may head into sexual territory or non-canon. Some people just don't like it, and as we all know, Shipping is Serious Business.


Reviews of fics are encouraged, but if you choose to write one, please make it substantive, and give specific details about what you liked / disliked in the fic. If you want to give a fic a thumbs-up without writing a full review, you can add your troper handle to the Recommendations Line. Please refrain from posting "Comments" or Conversation in the Main Page though; that goes in the discussion page.

    Recommendations Template 
Title of the Fanfic by Author OR Fic Trope Page, by Author (Link)
  • Recommended by: Troper Name(s).
  • Synopsis: What's the story about? Give here a brief summary of the plot. It would be also useful to point out in what moment of the series the story takes place. If it's a Gen Fic but it has some romantic elements, note here the characters involved too.
  • Pairing(s): If it's a Shipping Fic, list here the pairings that feature in the fic (warn here if it's het, male slash or female slash). If it's a Gen Fic, remove this line. To tell the difference between the two, notice if the focus of the fic is on a romantic relationship or if it focuses on the other aspects of the story. In case of doubt, classify the story according to the genres it's been tagged: the Romance tag for Shipping, absence of that tag for Gen Fic.
  • Tags: If any are known. This would be things like W.A.F.F., Lemon, Dark Fic, any known Crossovers etc.
  • Status: Completed, ongoing, canceled, deadfic? This is where that label goes.

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     General Fics 
Bird Song, by mandaree1.
  • Recommended by: RacattackForce
  • Synopsis: Catra finds herself pulled between two forces when Scorpia is enlisted into a mission that will get her killed - her ambitions, and her refusal to break a promise.
  • Tags: Post Season 1, Catra's Issues, Which include: Jealousy, fears of abandonment, All the good stuff lol, Scorpia being her sweet self, Mentions of original places but they don't actually go there, Mild blackmail, Adora and Catra's weird relationship, infected wounds, Catra has to ask Bright Moon for help, She is Not Pleased about that, Named for the song yeah
  • Status: Completed
  • Notes: A short story in which Catra begrudgingly admits that she cares a lot about her Super Pal Trio and her old squad. Seeing Catra go against Hordak's orders and instead work to save Scorpia from dying in what everyone involved knows is a suicide mission really showcases bond that everyone thought the Super Pal Trio would have; from Catra's own plan to save her friends, to Scorpia trusting that whatever her feline is doing will work, to Entrapta telling Hordak to go pleasure himself if he thinks she'll ever betray Catra. It's also one of the few She-Ra fics at the time that dared to take a more platonic angle with Catra and Adora rather than the show's heavy romance subtext, instead opting to imply budding feelings between Catra and Scorpia (which ended up being very true on Scorpia's part come S2).

Long Live the Queens, by Orkycrafty

  • Recommended by: Viridi Harmonia 64.
  • Synopsis: Set after the events of season 2 and Catra's asphyxiation, Scorpia finds her on time and cares for her, memories gone and limbs failing her. For her sake, now and future, Scorpia is forced to start something huge, question everything, and take down Hordak for good. Starts as a Scorptra shipping fic, evolves into helping Scorpia do all this for herself. Divergence after season 2's end.
  • Tags: implied past catradora, Scorptra, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, PTSD, Asphyxiation, Physical Abuse, Canon Divergence, Mental Abuse, Blood and Violence, Minor Character Death, Implied/Referenced Suicide, Torture, Electrocution.
  • Status: Ongoing.

Pack Behavior by piecesof_reeses

When Adora first sees the strange girl, she tries to save her. It doesn't work out quite the way she planned.Now complete!
  • Pairings: Adora/Catra
  • Tags: Gen or Pre-Slash, Pre-Canon, Kid Fic, Kid Logic, Feral Catra, Child Abuse, questionable child-rearing strategies in the Horde
  • Notes: Some of the best Life Inside the Horde World Building I’ve ever seen. The child characters are not annoying and believable. READ IT

Where The Lonely Ones Roam by glimmerglanger

  • Recommended by: Hooked On A Feeling
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: In the end, the Horde failed. Catra saw it coming. She’d always known how fierce Adora could be, how determined. She was not surprised when Adora took on Hordak one-on-one. She did not charge in to help when Hordak called desperately for aid in that last battlefield, outside the oldest temple of the First Ones, the one place where he could either exert complete control over Etheria, or be utterly destroyed.
Unfortunately, that was really only the start of their problems.
  • Pairings: Adora/Catra
  • Tags: Fix-It, Hurt/Comfort, Slow Burn, Childhood Trauma, Rebuilding, Healing, Could be Gen
  • Notes: Catra saves Adora from saving the world. Nothing short of amazing.

     Shipping Fics 
Skinny Love, by Maychup.
  • Recommended by: RacattackForce
  • Synopsis: This was wrong. So wrong. For both of them, really. But with how cruel life, destiny, and all of Etheria had treated them, with how they had to sever their life long attachment in less than a day… Adora felt like someone owed her an apology. And if the only thing the universe can offer is lying in bed with her alleged enemy to fend off those sleepless nights? Then so be it.
  • Paring: Adora/Catra
  • Tags: U thought this was a fluff fic?, Fluff is a SLOWBURN, Slow Burn, Fluff, Romance, psst Smut, smut before romance, romance is a slow burn but not smut, smut is................ a lil earlier, Adora falls in love first, Very important to rememebr, Catra is also the mother of 2 princesses and 3 cadets, and one child, forgot to add that this is plot-heavy
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Notes: This early in the show's life there are a lot of great Adora/Catra fanfics, but this one is my favourite non-AU one. In fact, despite having a more mature tone, what with all the sex and frank discussions about physical and psychological abuse, this fanfic still manages to feel like a natural evolution of the show following the events of season one. The main draw of the fanfic is the budding romance between Adora and Catra, and those interactions are definitely cute, dramatic, charming, and everything in-between. But that's only half of the story. The other half is very much about exploring Catra's character as she's coming into her own as Hordak's second-in-command, and later as a Magicat embracing her heritage and royal bloodline. Both identities, in combination with her and Adora's desire to make their relationship work despite the war, having the power to affect the future of the Rebellion/Horde conflict. All-in-all, a pretty engrossing read that I immediately click on whenever a new chapter is uploaded.

Lost Trust by Villannelle

  • Recommended by: Hooked On A Feeling
  • Status: In Progress
  • Synopsis: Years of constant fighting for the position as ruler of Etheria have taken a toll on the Horde and the members of the Rebellion.

After a natural catastrophe that's been denominated as the Cataclysm due to its disastrous nature, both sides are forced to cooperate when their people look at them for answers. Seeking a very needed truce for the good of the habitants of Etheria's survival, it would seem a political marriage is the only way to achieve this.

Will She-Ra, the face of the Rebellion, be willing to marry Hordak to ensure he won't take advantage of their fragility to anihilate them? Or will the evil leader of the Horde have different plans in mind for their treaty?

  • Pairings: Adora/Catra, Adora&Catra, Mermista/Sea Hawk, Netossa/Spinnerella
  • Tags: Slow burn, political marriage, Friends to Enemies To Lovers, Angst with a Happy Ending, Feels

Eclipse by theamberissubtle

  • Recommended by: Hooked On A Feeling
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Fortunately, Adora was radiating as much nervous energy as her, perched on the edge of their bed with a tentativeness that was most unlike her.
Or Catra stops the war and she and Adora start anew at Bright Moon.
  • Pairings: Adora/Catra
  • Tags: Post War, Fluff, Sexual Content in one chapter, Catra Redemption, Friendship

A Kingdom With No Royalty (or, The War Is Over, Go Home by the_sockpuppet

  • Recommended by: Hooked On A Feeling
  • Status: In Progress
  • Synopsis: Catra takes over the Horde, ceases the war, and has told everyone: leave the Fright Zone alone and we'll leave you all in peace. Also, the Fright Zone now has medical benefits, socialized taxing, and cheap power.
After two years of war, Adora and the Best Friend Squad find it impossible to believe the war is over, and sneak into the Fright Zone to investigate.
  • Pairings: Adora/Catra
  • Tags: Canon Divergence, Post Season 1, the Horde Kids

What Only You Provide by BrideOfViolets

  • Recommended by: Hooked On A Feeling
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Started as prompt Fills for Catradoraweek 2018. All taking place within the same AU.
When Adora finds a sword in the Whispering Woods, it does much more than show her visions. Convinced the Horde would shun or kill her for her nature, Adora convinces Catra to leave the Horde with her and together they make their life among the trees. With no home to return to and strange powers manifesting in the newly discovered princess, they look to each other to find a new purpose and create a place they can call home.
  • Pairings: Adora/Catra
  • Tags: Slow Burn, Prompt Fills, Angst, Fluff, just cause they left the horde doesn’t mean they ain’t got problems to work out
  • Notes: This one knocks it out the park. Trust me.

how can anybody have you by lavendersgreen

  • Recommended by: Hooked On A Feeling
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Catra captures Adora within six months of becoming Horde Lord, which is a stupid title, and one she’s putting in a request to change with Horde Prime as soon as she feels a little more certain of her status.
  • Pairings: Adora/Catra
  • Tags: Sexual Content, They Finally Talk About Things
  • Notes: This fic is a fantastic character study and it’s very obvious when things switch from PG-13 to M so you could just read the first half.

A Commander Without an Army by A_Big_Old_Skeleton

  • Recommended by: Hooked On A Feeling
  • Status: In Progress
  • Synopsis: Grievously wounded, Catra is left to figure out what the hell happened, where she's going to go next, and who, if anyone, she's going to fight for now.
  • Pairings: Adora/Catra, Catra&Scorpia&Entraptra, Catra&Hordak, Adora&Bow&Glimmer
  • Tags: Canon Divergence, Catra gets kicked out the Horde, but that’s okay because they’re going to regret it, BAMF Catra, BAMF Adora, Solid World building, Things Get Spicy Ch 22
  • Notes: It great. It’s just great. The characters act like young adults who grew up in a strange war ridden environment. The characters full potential is explored. Catra is charismatic, Adora is strategic, Scorpia is smart. The world functions like a well thought out fantasy world should. It’s just great.
  • Notes 2.0: I apologize for taking over the Fic Rec page but it was looking pitiful. I made sure to list the best of the best. - Hooked On A Feeling

Wick Island by MovieVillain
  • Recommended by: SnaxBox
  • Crossover with: John Wick
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: John Wick has come to rescue Catra. Of course, this is a Catra redemption story. Taken place after Chapter 3 for John Wick and season 2 for She-Ra reboot.


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