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Fridge Brilliance

  • Early on, Catra is surprised that Adora believed the Horde propaganda and didn't already know they were hurting innocents. This comes directly from how Shadow Weaver raised them. Adora primarily endured psychological abuse (some of which was disguised as positive reinforcement), while Catra experienced violent physical abuse. In other words, Catra already knew the Horde hurt defenseless people because she was one of them. This adds to Catra's feelings of betrayal and heartbreak — why is it that Adora cares about people in need now when she never did anything substantial to help her?
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  • Glimmer's voice actress has described Bow and Glimmer's relationship as Like Brother and Sister. Glimmer is the Princess of Bright Moon and leader of the Princess Alliance, a veritable Amazon Brigade. Bow is a skilled archer associated with a sunny yellow-gold and often serves as The Smart Guy. This brings to mind the sibling sun and moon gods of Classical Mythology: Artemis, moon goddess and leader of the all-female hunt; and Apollo, the god of the sun, archery, and wisdom.
  • Bow's knowledge on knots in the Sea Gate episode may involve with his archery skill since he had to learn about fletching and bow-making, both of which involved usage of ropes for tying arrow's feathers and bows' strings respectively.
  • Adora not really bothering with the Secret Identity thing makes sense if you take the Adapted Out elements of He-Man into consideration and how Adam was the one that both gave her the Sword of Protection and introduced her to the rebellion in "Secret of the Sword" movie; Adora was following Adam's example as He-Man in the original series (and by keeping her own identity secret she was protecting Adam's as well) while in the reboot Bow and Glimmer take Adam's role as they already know that Adora is She-Ra and act as character witnesses for her defection; Adam was the one who vouched for Adora's Heel–Face Turn in SOTS, Bow even initially thinking that Adam captured "Force Captain" Adora before he explained otherwise. Without her brother's secret identity to protect, Bow and Glimmer knowing from the get-go and already being labeled a traitor to the Horde, Adora doesn't really have any reason to bother with a secret identity, especially after her attempt with Perfuma's people pretty much tanked.
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  • While Bow and Adora were shocked at the fact Swift Wind can talk, Glimmer is shocked that Swift Wind has wings. It makes sense because Glimmer's wings are too tiny in comparison to her mother's.
  • Notice how Glimmer is the most zaftig of the princesses? It makes sense, considering one of her powers is teleportation. No need to exercise when you can just teleport everywhere.
    • Same with Spinerella, whose wind powers allow her to fly.
  • In a cross between Fridge Brilliance and Heartwarming in Hindsight, Bow's Imagine Spot in Roll With It includes his giving himself the moustache his '80s incarnation sported. Out of universe, it's a Production Throwback. In universe, come Reunion, we can see that he gave himself his dad's moustache.
  • Mermista, who runs a seaside Kingdom and has hydrokinetic abilities, has a dry personality.
  • In Once Upon a Time in the Waste, Scorpia enthuses about how comfortable she is in the Crimson Waste, noting specifically that the dry weather is great for her exoskeleton. In the 80s show, the Crimson Waste was Scorpia's homeland, and since this version of the character was raised in the Fright Zone, this may be her first time in her ancestral lands. No wonder it feels so right.
  • The jacket that Catra appropriates in the Wastes bears the prominent symbol of a snake eating its own tail. It's a fitting sigil for someone as thoroughly self-destructive as her.
    • At the same time, it hints at a potential redemption arc for her, since the traditional meaning of the orobouros is rebirth.
    • Less optimistically, the ouroboros symbolize Eternity. Could also be a jab at Tung Lashor, who's reign over the gang was short-lived.
  • Horde Prime's name makes even more sense than in his previous incarnation since he's the original being Hordak and his "brothers" were cloned from in this continuity.
  • Likewise, Imp's name takes a new meaning after the reveal of Hordak attempting to clone himself to ensure the Horde's takeover long after his death along with the implication that Imp is a failed clone. Afterall, what do you call a creation that isn't 100% completed? Imperfect.
  • Hordak's physical appearance is a perfect visual metaphor for his personality. He projects power and might by wearing armor that makes him appear muscular, but underneath the armor, he's emaciated and sickly. Hordak wants others to see him as a powerful conqueror, but beneath his public image, he's weak and dysfunctional. Also, while wearing his armor, Hordak codes as a middle-aged man, but with his armor off, he resembles a skinny teenage boy — which is precisely his level of emotional maturity.
  • Catra has a chance to leave the Horde and rule the Crimson Wastes. But her need for approval makes her return to her subordinate position under Hordak. Hordak currently rules his isolated faction of the Horde. But given the chance, his need for approval would have him return to a subordinate position under Horde Prime. As above, so below.

Fridge Horror

  • The Whispering Woods shifting landscape can be interpreted as a Eldritch Location. The idea is that the characters getting lost there is scarier than what it was portrayed as, as it would be possible to get lost there forever, since the woods can make you walk in circles without realizing.
  • Catra is very adept at manipulating Entrapta with half-truths and the occasional lie until Entrapta is pretty much eating out of her hand. Where could she have learned this from? Shadow Weaver, of course, who did the same thing to Adora, making it painfully clear that Catra really was the better student after all.
  • By the end of Season One, Entrapta has aided the Horde in causing massive devastation to Etheria, at the very least destroying the Whispering Woods and probably much more with her attempt to "hack the planet." Even if she is "rescued" by the Rebellion, it's almost certain that since Entrapta has no mental filler she's going to tell them everything she did and her reasons why. How is the Princess Alliance going to deal with one of their members causing the near destruction of Etheria's environment and basically being a war criminal? She may be better off staying with the Horde.
  • She-Ra accidentally turns a lizard into some sort of technicolor critter like Swift Wind. Presumably it will develop sapience too, but probably won't be able to find company with She-Ra. Hopefully it'll be able to befriend someone with its newfound intellect.
  • In "No Princess Left Behind", Kyle betrays the Horde by giving Bow valuable information, information that he's implied to have gotten by spying. Considering how incompetent Kyle is portrayed as being, it's likely only a matter of time before somebody finds out and, seeing how the Horde is, well, the Horde, there's no way of knowing just what they'll do to him when they find out.
  • Mermista admits that Salineas is short on staff after the main characters notice that her herald is also her butler. Later, Mermista mentions that her kingdom has been fighting off Horde assaults. Salineas is probably low on people because countless numbers of its citizens were either killed or driven away by Horde attacks.
  • Mermista also feels uncomfortable being represented by Lipstick in "No Princess Left Behind". Common ingredients in some lipstick include Spermaceti[or sperm whale blubber] & Pearlescence[which contain fish scales]. She certainly has her reasons for feeling disturbed.
  • In "No Princess Left Behind", Shadow Weaver attempts to use the Black Garnet to steal Adora's memory of her time with the Rebellion. This in an of itself opens up a lot of fridge horror about Shadow Weaver being able to brainwash pretty much anyone she can get her hands on, but a deeper question is hidden in her threat. She's demonstrated the ability to read the First One Language, but she doesn't know what the First Ones are, which could mean that Shadow Weaver stole memories of Adora's past, but not her abilities. Moreover, Adora isn't exactly the sharpest sword in the armory: is she brain damaged from what Shadow Weaver has done? And then there is another question: has Adora ever worked out that the Horde was evil, only to have Shadow Weaver steal that memory from her?
    • In the Secret of the Sword movie, Shadow Weaver basically did this to Adora after she left the Fright Zone and saw what the Horde was really doing to Etheria. Worse to consider: would Catra have been aware of this? There's a slight delay before her "duh!" moment where Adora tells her that she realizes that the Horde is evil; was Catra really stunned at Adora's obliviousness, or was she thinking that "Adora's mindwiped again, better play the surprised friend again and bring her back to Shadow Weaver." It's not hard to see Catra taking some sadistic glee in "perfect" Adora having to be rebooted when she can't deal with reality.
  • Bow lying to his Dads. Specifically, what would happen if he actually got hurt or even died. His dads knew nothing about him fighting in the Rebellion and apparently no one in the Rebellion knew anything about his family. From George and Lance's perspective Bow would just leave one day and would never return and no one would even contact them to inform them about his fate.
  • We've seen how badly Hordak reacted to Catra's lies in "Reunion", what would happen if he found out that Entrapta didn't actually betray him, and that Catra didn't just lie about that to him, but also banished her to Beast Island? Catra better hope Scorpia can get her out of this mess if Hordak finds out.

Fridge Logic

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