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Marinette’s thrown for a loop when her mother’s aunt shows up at the bakery and drops a bomb on her—Sabine is the long-lost Princess of Coccidellenae, and the royal family demands she and her family return to her homeland. At first, Marinette thinks it’ll be a fun visit to the country of her culture.

Until Rong, her mom’s brother and the King, drops yet another bomb on them—not only is the family stuck here, but Marinette must marry the prince of a neighboring kingdom to secure an alliance. Now it’s up to Adrien and the class to come to the country and stop the engagement before it’s too late.

Wed Locked by BroadwayCutie16 is an slightly-Alternate Universe Fic in which Marinette's mother Sabine is the younger sister of a foreign king, who arranges for Marinette to have an Arranged Marriage.

Wed Locked contains examples of:

  • Agony of the Feet: During her dancing lesson, Marinette repeatedly accidentally steps on the feet of her dancing instructor.
  • Altar Diplomacy: Marinette is being married off to secure an alliance.
  • Arranged Marriage: The main conflict of the story is that Marinette is put into an arranged marriage by her maternal family.
  • Armor-Piercing Question: When Marinette is venting to Ms. Bustier about the prince she's supposed to marry, Ms. Bustier gets her to calm down by asking her how she can be sure that the prince is going to be awful if she's never met him.
  • Big Fancy Castle: The castle of the royal family of Coccidellenae is made out of white stone and dwarfs even the smallest skyscraper.
  • Big "WHAT?!": The entire class lets out one when Alya proves that she isn't joking about Marinette getting married.
  • Cassandra Truth: Alya initially thinks that Marinette is joking when she tells Alya she's getting married, while Anasi and the class think that Alya is joking when she tells them.
  • Culture Clash: The servants are shocked when Marinette asks why they think women proposing to men is such a big deal.
  • Death Glare:
    • Rong gives Marinette a particularly fierce one when she tries to refuse the arranged marriage.
    • Gabriel gives Chloé one when she starts whining about not being allowed to ride in the carriages reserved for the royal family.
  • Even the Guys Want Him: According to one of the seamstresses, Marinette's fiancé once made an entire ballroom stocked with courtiers, both men and women, faint from his smooth honeyed words.
  • Everyone Has Standards: Rong is not happy when Jun hits Juleka's hand with a fan.
  • Fortune Teller: Marinette consults one named Madame Wu to see what her fiancé is like.
  • For Want Of A Nail: Adrien only learns that Lila is still picking on Marinette because he goes back for a pencil he forgot and overhears her gloating to herself.
  • Gilded Cage: Marinette comes to consider the palace one.
  • Green-Eyed Monster: Chloé envies Marinette for being a princess, living in luxury and getting to marry a prince.
    • Adrien has this reaction to how much attention Marinette pays the prince.
  • Hope Spot: Marinette comes up with a plan to escape the arranged marriage by putting on the Horse Miraculous and teleporting back to Paris. She opens her bag...only to find that the Miraculous Box is missing.
  • Janitor Impersonation Infiltration: Inverted - Alya comes up with the idea to help Marinette escape the palace by disguising her (as well as some of the other girls) as maids so that they can sneak Marinette out of the palace and back to Paris. Marientte rejects the idea by pointing out that Paris is the first place Rong will look for her.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Jerk: Gabriel agrees to allow Adrien's class to visit Coccidellenae with him... so that he can take advantage of the negative emotions that are currently brewing among the kids to create a whole bunch of Akumas.
  • Marriage Before Romance: While reflecting on the many arranged marriages she has seen in the past, Tikki remembers that in some cases the couples eventually fell in love with each other after many years.
  • Mundane Solution: Adrien exposes Lila by going to Jagged Stone and having him reveal that Lila's stories are false.
  • My God, You Are Serious!: This is Alya's reaction when she realises that Marinette isn't joking about being in an arranged marriage. The class have the same reaction when they see how somber Alya is when she drops the bombshell on them.
  • Oh, Crap!: Lila's response when she realizes Adrien set her up.
  • Pinky Swear: Marinette makes one with Alya, promising that she will try to visit her friends in Paris if things do work out between her and Prince Tao.
  • Playing Sick: Adrien does this in order to get out of a photoshoot.
  • Really Royalty Reveal: The story is kicked off with the revelation that Sabine is really a princess.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Gabriel gives Chloé a particularly scathing one:
    "Miss Bourgeois. You are a guest of the royal family. They have given you a room, food, and a chance to be beside them in public. However, instead of being grateful for this opportunity and their hospitality, you insist on acting like a spoiled child and whine about what they deny you, rather than be thankful for what they do give you. In doing such, you degrade yourself and your family name by throwing tantrums in front of a King and his family. I imagine once it gets out how you acted during your stay, your name will be mud in the fame game, and anyone important that could have helped you get a leg up in the world will snub not only you, but anyone associated with you. I wonder how your father will fare in the next election when the voters find out that his daughter made a fool of herself in front of royalty. I doubt even bribes will smooth the scandal over...I strongly suggest you suck up whatever entitlement you have and comply with His Majesty's wishes before you shame yourself or your family name any further."
  • Shout-Out: In Chapter 13, Nino privately thinks that Rong makes Gabriel look like Frosty the Snowman.
  • Spiritual Antithesis: The story is one to Jerk in Sheep's Clothing by the same author. In Jerk in Sheep's Clothing, Marinette's problems come from both Lila and the new boy, Henri Leroi, who she is unaware is a manipulative man. Lila continues to have the class wrapped around her finger and Marinette's relationship with her friends continues to deteriorate. She also finds happiness with Henri, unaware that he is manipulating her. In this story, Lila is outed by Adrien's efforts, Marinette's problems are caused by her maternal family, she is aware of what is happening and miserable for it, and her friends are working to save her.
  • Uptown Girl: Sabine, a princess, fell in love with humble baker Tom and eventually married him, although she didn't tell him she was a princess before he proposed.
  • You Called Me "X"; It Must Be Serious: Marienette initially thinks that her mother is joking about being a princess until her father calls her "Macaroon" - a name he has not called her since she was seven years old.
  • You Have GOT to Be Kidding Me!: Adrien's response when Alya and Nino tell him about Lila "saving" Max, and he realises that they genuinely believed that a napkin can gouge out someone's eye.
  • You're Just Jealous: When Lila tries to use this about Marinette to defend herself to Adrien, he turns the tables on her by telling her it’s the other way around, that she has it out for Marinette because Lila is envious of her for being the Class Princess without having to lie to people.