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Art of Detective jakkid166, his self-insert and usual main character

The Jakkid Fanfics are a series of fanfiction spoofs centering various franchises, written by famed author jakkid166.

Originally a trollfic author, starting with with a series of trollfics based on the Ace Attorney franchise, jakkid later went on to evolve his style into a more straight sort of spoof comedy with his "Detective jakkid166 in Equestria" series of stories, creating a brand of comedy not really seen much in Fanfiction in the past. By this point he's managed to gain a small amount of traction in the fanfiction community, solely based on how ridiculous his fanfictions are. He's had a multitude of dramatic readings, fanfics by other authors based on his style, a wiki, and even a fangame made, all based on his inane writing.

Though his writings initially started out as generic badly-written stories, jakkid later developed his own style that sets himself apart from "trollfic" authors in many ways. While trollfics are often written so that unsuspecting people can enjoy them from a So Bad, It's Good perspective, jakkid takes it a step further by instead using the format as a way to insert actual thought-out humor into every possible aspect of a fanfiction. This, in itself, allows him to get across a rapid-fire brand of humor that wouldn't work in any other format - almost every line contains a joke of some kind. Some of his stories have been described as having "better beats and narrative drive" than even some seriously-written works, also being noted as "garbage, but well-crafted garbage".


Jakkid's stories generally have little rhyme or reason to them, yet still generally maintain a coherent plot. His humor is largely derived from a sort of absurdist humor based on a lack of consistency nor logic in his characters' actions, taking place in a universe where most people are either complete jerks or just incompetent. To top it off, all of it is played almost completely straight.

Most recently, he writes fanfictions about his self-insert, "Detective jakkid166", doing god-knows-what in the world of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, hosted on These stories are his current "main series" and the best representation of his style, whereas his Ace Attorney stories (hosted on are more akin to simple trollfics - though still with some entertaining aspects to them.


These fanfictions provide examples of:

  • Accidental Murder: After Phoenix accidentally burns all his hair off, Edgeworth laughs at his baldness, prompting Phoenix to get revenge by burning his hair off. Instead, Edgeworth's entire body catches on fire and he burns to death.
  • Adventures in the Bible: Phoenix Wright, at one point, gets sucked into his bible for the sake of defending Jesus Christ himself in court. He later returns in his ultimate Call-Back story, Phoenix Wright: Turnabout Portal. Though, despite the events of The Bible being touted as the past, jakkid presents the events of the bible as taking place in their own world - specifically, Bible World.
  • Amoral Attorney: Phoenix has been guilty of forging evidence on more than one occasion. At one point, he even wipes his own fingerprints off a piece of evidence in the middle of a trial. Nobody notices.
  • Anti-Hero: Phoenix Wright, despite being the main protagonist most of the time, is not as morally righteous as he is in the canon games - He has by far killed more people than anyone else in jakkid's stories.
  • Artistic License: Jakkid is rarely accurate to how he portrays real-life concepts, intentionally or not. For instance, he seems to think that lawyers are given standard-issue pistols, or that police detectives are unable to be arrested.
  • Big Bad: Manfred von Karma, being the most often-recurring villain in the stories.
  • Big "NO!": Very common for any character who has even the slightest bad thing happen to them.
  • Came Back Strong: Any major character who dies usually returns as a ghost. They still reside in the mortal world, and can even retain the same job they had while alive - they just also happen to have the advantages of being a ghost, such as being unable to be arrested or physically contained in any manner. As such, being dead is, in a sense, preferable to being alive.
  • Clueless Detective: Despite calling himself the "greatest detective in the world", Detective jakkid166 is, in reality, incompetent, slightly corrupt, and possibly a bit insane. His deductions are almost always things that are already incredibly obvious, and whenever he does do something notable, it usually just makes things worse. Even in stories where he is the protagonist, the other characters usually end up doing all the work for him - and then he takes all the credit. Everyone usually seems strangely fine with it, though.
  • Comedic Underwear Exposure: Ace Stripper, Phoenix is forced to take his pants off so everyone can see his Edgeworth underwear. Everyone laughs.
  • Continuity: Despite these fanfictions being very badly-written, most of them have a somewhat consistent continuity between them that they take place in. In fact, the first ten Phoenix Wright fanfictions by jakkid are all part of one long ongoing story arc, aside from Phoenix Wright In Undertale. Aside from that, continuity is mostly kept consistent - dead characters stay dead, and characters frequently reference events from past stories.
  • Courtroom Antic: Essentially any story that features Phoenix Wright features this, as you might imagine.
    • The actual court system seems to be rather incompetent, on more than one occasion seemingly forgetting to actually sentence defendants who are found guilty. For instance, when Phoenix accidentally kills Edgeworth, he accidentally convicts himself of his murder - yet he isn't said to receive any punishment for it. He literally just goes right back home after the trial is over.
  • Cowboy Cop: Detective jakkid166. He's consistently obsessed with solving whatever cases he can find, and will do whatever he can to find the "truth" - including, but not limited to: Breaking people out of prison, taking bribes (as long as they're at least two hundred dollars), driving a train through a city street, and stealing evidence. He also has a tendency to use his gun whenever he has the chance, even for things that guns absolutely should not be used for - such as threatening suspects, or just shooting nearby objects out of pure frustration.
  • Intercontinuity Crossover: Almost all of Jakkid's stories are crossovers of some kind, between Ace Attorney and all sorts of other unrelated series. He's covered many universes, such as the worlds of Sonic, Mario, Undertale, My Little Pony, The Bible, Steven Universe, and even Lazytown.
  • Death Is a Slap on the Wrist: As mentioned before, whenever someone dies in a jakkid story, they simply become a ghost. On top of this, if someone somehow were to die a second time while already dead, they simply come back to life as a living person again. As such, death is essentially rendered meaningless in the Jakkidverse - though, despite this, characters still treat it as severely as anyone would in real life.
  • Lighter and Softer: While Ace Attorney is already fairly lighthearted for a series based around murder, jakkid's stories manage to be even sillier. Since death doesn't mean anything in the jakkidverse, the darkest these stories have managed to get is Phoenix being dragged to hell at the end of Phoenix Wright On the Run. Even then, he escapes pretty fast anyway.
  • Face Your Fears: The police have to follow Phoenix and Edgeworth into a dark cave, which frightens them at first - but they manage to overcome their fears for the sake of justice.
  • Faking the Dead: Phoenix does this in Turnabout Portal. Von Karma attempts to kill him while he's separated from his team, but Phoenix pulls out a gun he'd concealed and shoots him. He then disguises himself as von Karma so he can later sabotage the BESK (Bowser Eggman Satan Karma) team's plans.
  • Fan Game: "Phoenix Wright: The Jakkid Series" is a game by AceJakkidFan that faithfully adapts jakkid's first ten fanfictions into a format styled after the official Phoenix Wright games, with fully-featured gameplay to match. The stories have some extra content added as well, to better facilitate them being turned into playable Ace Attorney cases.
  • Hanging Judge: The Judge invokes this trope at one point, sentencing Phoenix to death in the middle of a trial where he wasn't even the defendant. Phoenix later learns the Judge did this because he was tired of Phoenix getting "Not Guilty" verdicts and wanted to "kill his career".
  • Heroic BSoD: Phoenix gets this hard at the end of On The Run when he is mistakenly shot by the police force and killed. He comes back as a ghost and goes on a murder rampage afterward.
  • Intentional Engrish for Funny: Though it's debatable whether or not these are truly bad on purpose, these stories' grammar significantly resembles this.
    "Jakkid you need to pay more attention" said Twilight "Your brain is full of idiot."
  • I Shall Return: Eggman claims this after he loses in SPEED Attorney. He eventually returns in Turnabout Portal.
  • Leave No Survivors: After he dies in On The Run, Phoenix decides to kill everyone as his revenge.
  • Medium Awareness: Phoenix talking to the narrator in Steven Universe: Human of Bad.
    • Phoenix has also, at least once, demonstrated that he is aware he is a video game character, and he even expresses a desire to play Ace Attorney on the "Nimtendo DS".
  • Mood Whiplash: While jakkid's stories are generally very silly, Phoenix Wright On the Run somewhat abruptly ends with Phoenix murdering all his friends, all of whom return as spirits to drag Phoenix's soul to hell. This was originally intended to be the definitive end to Phoenix Wright's story arc, but jakkid felt bad for giving Phoenix such a terrible ending, and as such later canonized the story "Phoenix Wright Escaps from Hell" by AceJakkidFan, allowing Phoenix and his friends to live on in the jakkidverse.
  • Out of Character: Absolutely everyone. All the characters swear like sailors and in general act like idiotic jerks, with few exceptions.
  • Pals with Jesus: Phoenix defends Jesus himself in court in Phoenix Wright: Ace Christian. Jesus later returns this favor by helping Phoenix escape from jail at the end of Ace Stripper.
    • Detective Jakkid, Barrylawn and Icantyping can also be examples of this.
  • Paper-Thin Disguise: Turnabout Portal, Manfred von Karma tricks Phoenix just by wearing a fake mustache.
  • Parody Sue: Detective jakkid is essentially the embodiment of this trope. There is absolutely no reason any of the characters should like jakkid as much as they do, considering his near-useless nature plot-wise and consistent failure to actually be of any help. Despite this, his characters are so enamored with him to the point that they consistently refer to him as "Detective jakkid166 the greatest detective in the world".
  • Plot Armor: Generally the case for jakkid's protagonists, those being Phoenix or himself. Detective jakkid in particular has undergone a serious amount of abuse that wouldn't leave any real person alive, yet he never suffers any long-lasting injury.
  • Real-Person Fic: Shu Takumi makes an appearance, as does the chairman of Viacom, Thomas J. May.
  • Rule of Cool: Jakkid's characters often perform insane stunts and engage in elaborate fight scenes with little to no provocation, especially Detective jakkid166 himself. For instance, at one point, jakkid "wins" a chess game by backflipping out of his chair, pulling out his gun, and shooting all the chess pieces off the board. The person he was playing with even admits defeat.
  • Self-Insert Fic: Whenever Detective jakkid166 makes his appearance, the story's point of view automatically shifts to his own, despite his stories usually being told in third-person.
    • Barrylawn and Icantyping also do this in their collab story with jakkid. As a result, the first-person POV changes every chapter.
  • Slowly Slipping Into Evil: Over the course of SPEED attorney to Phoenix Wright On the Run, Phoenix's mental state seems to deteriorate further and further, culminating in the end of On the Run with Phoenix going on a killing spree that involves murdering everyone he knows, as a ghost after he's mistakenly shot by the police. This includes Maya, The Judge, his own reflection, and jakkid166. He later justifies this as being "drunk on ghostness" and manages to resurrect everyone. Except Edgeworth.
  • To Hell and Back: At the end of On The Run, Phoenix's ghost gets dragged to Hell by all the people he killed. In the following, Ace Jakkid Fan-written chapter, Phoenix redeems himself by bringing everyone back to life (although Edgeworth dies again almost instantly) and escapes from Hell using Mia's ghost powers.
  • Troll Fic: The early Ace Attorney-based fanfics are this, to some extent.
  • Vengeful Ghost: Edgeworth returns from the dead after Turnabout Egg to prosecute Phoenix in Turnabout Pearl. von Karma also returns as a ghost to bother Phoenix relentlessly, after Phoenix kills him in Turnabout Portal.
  • Vigilante Man: In CAKE attorney/Turnabout Portal, Phoenix and Gumshoe pursue Manfred von Karma after he mails Phoenix a bomb disguised as a cake. Initially, it's just to arrest him, but a few chapters in, it inexplicably changes to them chasing him down so they can kill him. Phoenix later on successfully does this, although it's in self-defense.

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