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  • To begin with, we have Riot Games itself being known as "Rito Gems". This nickname is often used in a derogatory manner when they're perceived to not be doing their job, e.g. "rito pl0x" or "FUCK RITO".
  • All champions with more than 5 characters in their names have shorter nicknames for typing. Usually just first letters of the name, but any short name that clearly identifies the champion in question will do. Veigar is sometimes called Vivi, Gangplank is Pirate, and Alistar is Cow.
    • These abbreviations double as a shibboleth to tell between an NA and a LAN/LAS/EUW player due to how syllables are split differently in English and Spanish — Tryndamere and Shyvana are known in NA as "Trynd" and "Shyv", but in the Hispanic regions they're "Trynda" and "Shyva".
  • Acronym nicknames are also common in order to shorten some character names for ease in writing on forums or chats. Gangplank is 'GP', Miss Fortune is 'MF', Jarvan IV is 'J4', LeBlanc is 'LB'. Master Yi seems to be an exception because he can simply be called 'Yi'. LAN and PH also has Kha'Zix being known as 'K6' due to the "Kha" being pronounced in Spanish and Filipino as the letter K.
    • Teleport is usually abbreviated as "TP", not because it's shorthand for "TelePort", but because it's shorthand for the Town Portal Scroll from WarCraft III and Defense of the Ancients: All-Stars.
  • Items also have their acronyms, such as BotRK (Blade of the Ruined King), IE (Infinity Edge), PD (Phantom Dancer) and DFG (Deathfire Grasp).
  • Items in LAN are often known by their NA names, due largely to the early days of LOL when Mexicans had to play in NA. This makes it rather hard for a LAN native to receive advice from a NA immigrant as they tell him to start building an ADC with IEPD instead of "Filo del Infinito" and "Bailarín Espectral".
  • Some items also have their nicknames. Youmuu's Ghostblade is the "Roukanken" among Touhou Project fans, the same used to go for "Wriggle Nightbug's Lantern"note , and Rylai's Crystal Scepter is "Crystal Maiden's Scepter" due to the Defense of the Ancients: All-Stars reference.
    • Some common item combinations also have their nicknames — Atma's Impaler, as well as its successor Titanic Hydra, were part of Atmog/Titmog (Atma/Titanic + Warmog's Armor), Atrimog/Titrimog (Atma/Titanic + Warmog + Trinity Force) and Fratma/Froztit (Frozen Mallet + Atma/Titanic).
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    • Luden's Echo is also known as "AP Statikk" due to having a similar passive ability to the Statikk Shiv.
    • "Chilly Fist" is shorthand for "Iceborn Gauntlet".
    • "Triforce" is shorthand for "Trinity Force" due to its triangular, tripartite design.
    • The Titanic Hydra is also known as "Titty Hydra".
    • Zz'Rot Portal is known in LAN as "Portal Zz'Roto" ("Zz'Broken Portal") due to the way it abuses in low-ranking leagues from an overall playstyle that neglects lane pushing.
    • The Hextech GLP-800, a gun that fires a spray of icy bolts, is called the "Super soaker".
  • Certain champs get their perceived overpoweredness reflected with a spin on their name. For example, Win Nao the Senechal of Demacia, Master GG, Free Win the Blind Monk, Gankplank, Feed-lesticks, LeBalanc and Pentarina / Cancerina / SARSarina.
    • Easy champions like Garen, Tristana or Master Yi have nicknames that reflect their simple usage, in this case "Spin 2 Win", "Tristana the Right Click Gunner", "Kata-R-ina" and "Master Right Click".
    • The same happens when a champion gets hit too hard by balancing adjustments. This is how Kassadin became "Nerfadin".
      • This nickname in LAN becomes "Nerfeadín", which literally means "the little nerfed one".
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    • Pool Party Lee Sin has been jokingly called "Hipster Dad Lee Sin".
  • Second accounts are called "smurfs" (more or less officially, as Pendragon himself has one and calls it a smurf too).
    • This one extends outside of LoL.
  • The new Proving Grounds map has been affectionately nicknamed 'Murderbridge', due to the fact that its a bridge upon which lots of killing happens. Of course, it is also actually what the file for the map is called.
  • The Rated M for Manly champions Pantheon and Jarvan IV are affectionately nicknamed Mantheon and Jarman respectively.
  • With the unveiling of Jayce's initial backstory, Viktor's jarringly out-of-character actions therein have earned him the moniker "Viktim".
    • Jayce himself wound up saddled with the names "Dirk Hardpec", "Blast Hardcheese", and "Big McLargehuge", amongst others, thanks to his somewhat uninspired "hero" aesthetic. The first one was actually a placeholder written as his name on his background for the public beta environment.
      • Jayce is also known in LAN as "Peña Nieto" because he looks like a steampunk version of Mexican ex-president Enrique Peña Nieto.
  • Malzahar's Malefic Visions attack, due to the fact it spreads like a virus after killing the original target and because of the general spacey theme of the Void, it is often called "Space AIDS".
    • Also known in LAN as "Space Chikungunya" after the 2015 epidemic of this disease.
  • Most people know you're referring to Master Yi with the name "Samurai Fisher" due to his goggles having the similar glow effect.
    • Due to this "pro as heck guide to master yi", Master Yi is commonly nicknamed Dunkmaster Yi. Jarvan IV, Darius, Vi, and Jayce have also had the title Dunkmaster bestowed upon them by the fanbase as the animations for having abilities resemble a one-handed or two-handed dunk . In fact, it's become an Ascended Meme, with Vi's Assault and Battery Ultimate shouting on occassion "Get Dunked!" and now further with the Dunkmaster Darius skin.
      • The "pro as heck" guides turned out to be a veritable fountain of nicknames, such as "red soda" for health potions, "doublesword" for Zeal (its icon consists of two crossed swords), or "pikachu sword" for the Statikk Shiv.
  • Vladimir's Sanguine Pool is an ability frequently used as an escape. Due to its ability to make Vladimir untargetable to things that are not already homing in on him while also speeding him, it gained infamy for its ability to completely save Vladimir at the last second or let Vladimir not help allies in need despite appearing to and was dubbed "Trollpool".
    • Fizz's Playful/Trickster abilities makes Sanguine Pool looks like it needs supplements when directly comparing escape abilities. Playful immediately makes Fizz hop on top of his trident to be invulnerable and untargetable to anything up to a very short duration and lets him cast Trickster which then has him jump away onto a nearby location - such as over walls. And place your allies back into impending doom, naturally. Needless to say, it did not take long for it to be known as the "Trollpole".
  • Kayle has been referred to as Samus, due to her similar design, initial Viewer Gender Confusion, similar Knight Templar attitude, and the fact that a limited edition skin exists that does nothing but take her helmet off.
  • Even during season 3 when Riot switched to a "3.x" naming convention for their updates, it still is common for patches to be named after the champion they introduce (Thresh patch, Lucian patch, Yasuo patch, etc.). The big exception, of course, was patch 4.20. Additionally, path 4.20 was the patch where Warwick became utterly broken due to the Feral Flare, which lead to his nickname of "Weedwick" becoming incredibly well known. The next patch, which nerfed Warwick and Feral Flare, has become known as "Surprise Drug Inspection Day".
  • Aatrox and (formerly) Thresh are often known as "Anthrax" and "Trash," respectively, among Dominion players due to them occupying the bottom-most tier within the Dominion metagame. Thresh has since been buffed and sits in the middle of most top-lane tier lists and fairly high on bot-lane tier lists.
    • Aatrox is also referred to as "Anthrax" on regular Summoner's Rift for the opposite reason: He's considered incredibly overpowered and annoying.
    • Also known as "Edgetrox", because some people have compared his character design to what an edgy DeviantART teenager would create, cf. the Coldsteel the Hedgeheg meme.
    • As of 2018 and beyond, Aatrox Mains have taken to unaffectionately calling the "new" Aatrox "Boris", presumably because his rework changed almost everything about him to the point where previous Aatrox mains have disowned him.
  • Bugzir, the Emperor of Bugima, a nickname for Azir due to the massive amounts of bugs he's had during his lifetime.
  • Garen is often referred as 'Bushren', since one of his 'common' tactic is to hide in the bush and then strike at any poor schmuck that dared approach his bush.
  • Mordekaiser is also associated with nicknames like 'Mordhuekaiser' or 'Huekaiser' or any variations that inserts 'hue' on his name thanks to the Brazillian-related meme of "Mordekaiser es #1. HUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUE"
  • Sometimes, Teemo is referred as Satan or Shitrat. The latter is particularly hilarious when you remember that Twitch is a champion.
  • "Helmet Bro": The nameless knight dude who is usually a victim of a champion's badassery in either their promo or splash art.
  • DJ Sona's prominent butt awarded her in LAN the nickname "DJ Sabrosona" (DJ Delicious) and "DJ Culona" (DJ Big Ass).
  • Frostblade Irelia, for the same reason as DJ Sona, is also known as "Frostbutt Irelia".
  • A Yordle support? Suppordle. It started off as Lulu's codename by the developers (before name and story had been finalized) which quickly spread to fan use when she was released.
  • Orianna's incredible early game strength gave her among Hispanic players the nickname "Orina" (Urine).
  • You're not likely to refer Yasuo's first skill as "Steel Tempest" but his most often said phrase when executing so: "Hasagi/Hasaki". Ditto for his ultimate, known as "Sorieketon" (actually "Sorye ge ton" but that's how it sounds like).
  • Due to the ability for friendly players to occupy the same space on the map, occurrences like checking a bush and finding all five of the enemy team hiding in their are often called a "Clown Car".
  • Tahm Kench is known in LAN as "Pejelagarto" (alligator gar) due to its overgrown catfish-like appearance. Some players go the extra mile and call him "Andrés Manuel López Obrador", the current president of Mexico, who shares Tahm Kench's nickname.
    • The pro match commentators call him "Sir Thomas Kench".
  • The Super Galaxy skins are also known as the "Power Rangers" skins due to their tokusatsu theme, with the exception of Super Galaxy Rumble, who is known best as "Gurren Lagann Rumble" due to his Super Robot theme.
  • Volibear in LAN is also known as "Bolívar", because it rhymes with his creator's nickname Volibar and because about 30% of LAN is Venezuelans.
  • Ziggs is known as "Arab" or "Allahu Akbar" due to using bombs as his weapon of choice.
  • Ziggs is also known since September 2016 as "Samsung Galaxy Ziggs" in reference to both the Samsung Galaxy e-sports team and the Samsung Galaxy Note 7's explosive battery. By extension, a massively powerful Ziggs is said to have lots of Galaxy Note 7s, and an underperforming Ziggs is said to have an iPhone.
  • The post-season 5 Thunderlord's Decree mastery, which was widely criticized for being horrendously overpowered at its launch to the point that it was not uncommon to see all the 10 players in both teams wielding this mastery, was given nicknames like "Cancerlord's Decree" and "Bronzelord's Decree".
  • When LAN players ask someone to drop a ward somewhere, they will sometimes say "theres a pack on X location". This has its roots in the Facebook groups "La Grieta del Mame" and "Seguidores de la Grasa", whose users often post "packs" (compilations of nude pics from random internet girls). When a pack is posted, everybody will rush to comment "ward" in order to keep the post bumped and have it appear on their notifications in case they can't download it at the moment.
  • Wards in LAN are often known by punny nicknames like "Wardadito", "Civil Ward", "Wardalajara", "Edward Snowden", "Wardirijillo" or "Warderino Pan y Vino".
  • If someone in LAN, LAS or EUW calls you "manco" (one-armed), it's because you suck at the game so bad you might as well be missing an arm. By extension, "amount of hands" is a synonym for skill — a low skillcap champion like Annie or Shyvana "doesn't need any hands", a difficult champion like Azir needs "lots of hands", and a Challenger-tier player has infinitely more hands than a Bronze-tier player.
  • The act of dogpiling a single lane or enemy champion is known in LAN as "casita" (small house). A particularly vicious attempt may be called "mansión", "hacienda" (estate) or "edificio" (building).
  • Poppy's ultimate is also known as "banhammer" o "b&hammer".
  • Yasuo No More, Rising Yasuo, Super Ultra Sexy Yasuo for High Noon Yasuo due to being a Samurai Cowboy.
  • Yorick's Dark Procession skill is commonly known as "the baby cage", particularly by the pro match commentators. Other cage skills such as Thresh's The Box and Veigar's Event Horizon are sometimes also called this, although not as universally.
  • Yuumi, a cat who rides on a flying magical book, is often called "the catbook".
  • The Rift Herald is almost exclusively nicknamed "Shelly" by players and professional casters alike.
  • Aphelios as "200 years". The latter was formed from an infamous Rioter claim that their balancing team has "200+ collective years of professional game design experience," which fans — and eventually, other Rioters — have taken to lambasting due to the perpetually unbalanced nature of the game. Aphelios was considered the biggest high-tier scrappy around the time the claim was made, so the two have practically become synonymous.
  • The Shurima Shuffle — A trick for Azir that is considered a crucial part of his pro play repetoire: Using his mobility skills to get behind the enemy team in a teamfight, then using his ultimate to push them all into a bad positioning (ideally, right into your own team).
  • As Piltover and Zaun have become more interconnected, especially as Legends of Runeterra consolidated them into a single region, fans have called their distinct region as the "PNZ".


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