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Fanfic / Equestrian Alliance: Project Oblivion

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Hi Yo, Celestia!

Equestrian Alliance: Project Oblivion is a My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Sci-Fi Horror Fan Fiction novel by Jack Hammer.

The Protean Cybernetics Corporation (ProteC) has created a technology capable of sending matter instantaneously over long distances. Unfortunately, it proves to function equally well as a Hell Gate, resulting in an Alien Invasion. Fortunately, help comes in the form of magical pastel ponies from a children's show.

The story features high levels of action and violence, combined with Lovecraftian horror elements, exosuits, Behemoth Battles, and Cool Guns.

It is notably different from many other fanfics in that it was released in a single day as a completed work, and the author created several pieces of Electronic Music to go along with it.


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