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  • Wang Computers embraced the double entendre produced by their company name, airing commercials urging consumers to "play with their Wangs".
    • In an issue of the Badger comic, Mavis destroys Ham's computer, at which he says, "I hope you're satisified Madam! Now I no longer have the biggest Wang in town!"
    • Everybody Wang Chung Tonight!
    • "Thank goodness he's drawn attention away from my shirt!"
    • Do you like my Wang?
    • Similarly, the Wang linker (named of course after the Chinese researcher who pioneered it) is a linking group in solid-state organic catalysis. Guaranteed to raise giggles among chemistry undergraduates when it comes up in lectures.
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    • Wang tiles are studied by some geometers and logicians.
    • A man in the Netherlands made a rather modest museum to Wang computers. What did he call it? Why, the Small Wang Museum, of course!
    • Incidentally, though Wang Computers no longer exists, the name lives on as the name of the Wang Theatre in Boston, which led to it being used in a punchline in a local morning DJ's comedy sketch about "Viagra: the Musical".
    • And then there is the story about them trying to rename their support system Wang Care
    Day one of rename
    Operator: Good morning Wang Care, how can I help.
    Caller: Who the *#£! are you calling Wangcare.
    Day 2 - Name change
  • Panasonic had released a touchscreen PC in Japan in the 1990's called "Woody", complete with Woody Woodpecker as the mascot. They ended up branding the touchscreen aspect as "Touch Woody", which had to be quickly renamed "Woody Touch Screen" due to the obvious faux pas. But then, they also accidentally gave it the tagline "The Internet Pecker"
  • Nando's, a South African chicken restaurant franchise that has a penchant for putting out controversial ads, covered this by airing a commercial for a fake yet somewhat similar restaurant, only to add a disclaimer at the end that shows the logos of the restaurants, a rooster in both cases, side by side, so Nando's could argue that their cock was bigger than theirs.
    • Take a look. It's Stan Freberg-level good.
  • A UK energy conservation advert, paraphrased: "When cooking, use only enough water to cover your vegetables. The same applies when having a bath." "Meat and two veg" is a jocular British euphemism for, well, you can guess.
  • Lucky Strike cigarettes had a slogan old comedies loved to quote: "So round, so firm, so fully packed."
  • Vince Offer does this in the Slap Chop commercial (intentionally; he used to be a comedian). When demonstrating how to chop up almonds, etc., "You're gonna love my nuts."
    • Also, if you interpret 'slap' as 'slapping your junk', the entire commercial is possibly more hilarious than normal. "Slap your troubles away."
  • "You, your kids, and your Johnson." Wait, WHAT?!
  • The Wonder Boner. Nuff said!
  • The Chup-a-Chups lollipop company had "The Joy of Sucking" before they replaced it with "Life Less Serious".
  • This commercial for Axe body spray.
  • From the Internet, we have the epic Hentai-themed Tentacle Grape, which... well, we'll quote the About page here:
    Tentacle Grape is the brainchild of Dekker Dreyer and his skilled team of grapists. Each bottle of this delicious carbonated grape drink is crafted with care... and a slight feeling of breathless anticipation. As Tentacle Grape slides smoothly down your throat you'll feel refreshed and full.
    Each 12oz bottle of Tentacle Grape comes packed full of flavor in a unique glass collector's bottle.
    Tentacle Grape is now available... so WATCH OUT! You gonna get GRAPED!
    • This is made even funnier by the advertiser's name: Yuri Lowenthal.
  • Nutty's Bar in Sioux Falls' advertising jingle "Nuttys, where all the nuts hang out." *snicker*
    • Interestingly, another nutty chocolate bar, actually called "Snickers" once adopted the slogan "Get some nuts!"
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    • Also, a nut company called Nobby's, with the slogan "Nibble Nobby's Nuts!"
      • They also sell jerky, though they unfortunately decided to forgo the opportunity to use the golden marketing line "Nibble Nobby's Meat."
  • The Quizno commercials with Scott and the toaster oven. The toaster oven has a sexy voice and will try to get Scott to sound just as sexy and has a whole slew of Double Entendres. "Put it in me Scott" when Scott is about to put a sandwich in the oven. Unfortunately, a Bowdlerised version began airing. "Say it with more passion!"
    Toaster: Scott, I want you to do something.
    Scott: Not doin' that again. *looks at crotch* That burned.
  • CBS' 1978-79 slogan: "Turn Us On, We'll Turn You On".
  • Touching is good. Nintendo slogan. No, really.
  • The Doublemint commercials with hot twins saying "Double your pleasure, double your fun!"
  • Corn Nuts had a commercial in the 90s where the jingle was "bust a nut, bust a nut, just open up your mouth and bust a nut!"note  The jingle itself, if you didn't speak English, sounded innocent enough, making this a possible inversion.
  • George Carlin's 1971 album "FM & AM" featured a bit in which double entendres in commercials (cigarette ads, mostly) were exposed. The most glaring is a Tiparillo spot whose tag line "Should a gentleman offer a lady a Tiparillo?" is followed by a train going into a tunnel. (More a metaphor than a visual double entendre.) Carlin: "You don't have to be Fellini to figure that one out." Winston's tagline of the time, "It's not how long you make it, it's how you make it long", is cited as not only the filthiest tagline of all time but also based in truth.
  • In 2013 Playtex Products decided to bring their expertise in making feminine wipes to Fresh 'n' Sexy, a post-coital wipe meant (unlike most products that bear that brand) for both sexes. The product's slogan: "For Whatever Comes Next", wasn't even half as bold as the print ads.
  • There's a store somewhere in Chicago called "The Pants Box," which uses as its slogan (possibly unintentionally) "Come In And Get In Our Pants."
  • Hi. Want to join the Mile High Club?
  • Kotex U Beaver
  • I love my three way and Everyone wants a three way.
  • A radio spot for a cold medicine has a soiree of women discussing how their husbands and/or boyfriends have theirs either outrageous or ugly, then they go up in a collective gasp when the fourth woman says her husband's is "short." His cold symptoms, that is, thanks to the medicine.
  • A toilet paper company posted an image on Twitter about how they've always been an Asgardian to help promote the new Thor film. Said tweet was later deleted.
  • Everyone is doing it. And it goes on from there.
  • "Nothing sucks like an Electrolux". Despite what some think, the company was completely aware of the double meaning, and chose the slogan specifically because they hoped it would attract attention and make people remember it.
  • An ad campaign for Sling TV is basically substituting "swinging" with "slinging" (as in, using the TV streaming service). It started with an ad where a husband gets excited and unbuttons his shirt when the couple he and his wife were spending some time with suggested they try slinging. Then it featured Nick Offerman and Megan Mullaney as a voluptuous couple always coaxing neighboring couples to try slinging with them to "keep things fresh." (One ad even has them doing some suggestive physical working out.) A later ad, which isn't explicitly polyamorous but still maintains the entendre, has a specialist talk about how couples should try new positions when watching Sling TV to spice up their relationships.


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