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  • stacey: I like Spoony, and I'm aware that he doesn't always equal Noah, but he can come up with pretty sexist stuff sometimes. Like saying "If you actually liked Eyes on Me, you are officially a complete pussy. No-no, if you were even able to sit through Eyes on Me, you are a pussy. You see this? These are your man-cards. And these are your man-cards, listening to Eyes on Me. You're a pussy! And that's not a slam against women. You're a pussy! There's a difference! Women have more balls than you"... that's a weird way of honoring females, there.
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  • ignuszwei: His TRON: Legacy review is probably his worst video yet: He makes it very clear that he didn't pay attention to the fairly simple plot, couldn't come up with any good explanation for plot holes, doesn't even try to be funny with his ranting raving and face-palming, and preempts any counter-argument by implying that anyone who disagrees with him is a rabid, idiotic fanboy. The majority of the feedback he got proved him wrong: everyone that liked the movie agreed that it wasn't a masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination, but they still enjoyed the movie nonetheless. The tone throughout the video makes it clear that isn't Spoony hilariously ranting for our amusement: this is Noah Antwiller himself trolling everyone and being a dick.
  • Manwiththe Plan: The last part of his Final Fantasy X review. Aside from some funny bits like pointing out Seymour's Villain Decay, it was mainly him rushing through the rest of the game while still Completely Missing the Point on several aspects (Yes Spoony, towards the end the game makes it clear that it's Tidus' story and he will be important to the outcome) only to go into a stupid, unfunny skit resolving the Black Lantern Spoony subplot. Tidus' appearance felt like something out of a Seltzer and Friedberg movie with him shouting things out of context ("This is MY story!" "I'm the star player of the Zanarkand Abes! AH-HA-HA-HA-HA!"), Spoony fights him to give him the "graphic, painful death he deserves" except that he doesn't; Tidus is still alive by the end and Dr Insano just takes him to be tortured in his experiments, and of course the Big-Lipped Alligator Moment with the cloaked pumpkin masked guy dancing around. The resolution for Black Latern Spoony is also very abrupt and unsatisfying.
  • Dr Zulu 2010: Speaking of Spoony, there is a part in his Final Fantasy X review who makes me stop watching them and most of his videos after his statement to kill everyone who likes the game. I'm sorry but... no. It's okay that you don't like the game, but to inflict bodily harm on people who really likes it (myself included) is as funny as being hit in the face with a sledgehammer. Between this and his statement on Final Fantasy XIII (another game in the series I liked) that "If you like this game you're lying to yourself" leads me to believe that he only does this not for fun but to spite everyone who likes the series despite the flaws they contain.
    • Door Hating Cat: In relation to the above it seems that Noah is not proud of it and while it was intended to be taken in jest, he understands why people took issue with it. Which is more than can be said for many moments on this page. Unfortunately, this seemed almost immediately counter-acted by his spiel on the Mass Effect fanbase. Let's not get into the ending right now, but we can now add Noah to the long list of people who have embarrassed themselves over the affair by deciding to just write off an entire side as immature dimwits. We could probably include an entire list on this page simply for reactions to said game but let's not add more fuel to the fire.
  • Tropers/Qwertz: During the third session of LordKaT's Wyrmwick campaign (which is part of LordKaT's output for his website), the group faces guards. Jason wanted to give them an animal motif, so he used a random generator and the result he got and went with was the bee. The group then laughed their asses off at that idea. Then Spoony (who didn't participate in the campaign) interrupted them and attacked the players for "taking a shit over Jason's campaign" and defended the bees because "he liked the bee-theme and considers stealing it", "out of all the animals in the US, bees kill the most humans" and he "understands respect for the bee". I mean, what the fuck? First, even if bees do kill people, it doesn't make guards with a bee-insignia or whatever less ridiculous, cows kill more people than sharks but you would hardly be intimidated by that. Second, he is well aware of Linkara's "Bees, my God!" running joke. Third, he makes a shit-ton of bee-jokes in his review of The Wicker Man, including lines like "Ross tells him that he's in the manor of Sister Summers Isle, and that she's expecting him outside... outside, with the horrible, evil bees..."
    • Jade Eyes 1: What makes this worse is that Spoony was originally part of the Wyrmwick campaign, and voluntarily dropped out several weeks earlier (due to disagreements with some of the other players). That's right: he interrupted a session of a game he'd left to whine about how said game was being run. That's like bursting through the front door of the house you once lived in, while the new owners are having dinner, to complain about the color of the new carpet. This was the first real sign, in my eyes, that Spoony had abandoned all sense of integrity and behaving like an adult in favor of doing whatever the hell he wanted.
  • fluffything: His written review of AKIRA is a big DMOS for me mostly due to the blatant Bias Steamroller and research goofs. First of all, he spends over half of the review making fun of the Anime fandom (Say, Spoony, what was that you said about how you hated that Roger Ebert was making fun of video game fans? Hypocrisy much?) and "joking" (in the loosest sense of the word possible) about how "(insert Japanese word here) means (insert "Anime Sux LOL" comment here)". Second, he claims that he didn't bother to read the original Manga to understand what's going on because it's "too long" and complains that the movie was too confusing. Spoony, you do realize you could've just looked up the movie on the internet and gotten useful footnotes on the plot and characters, right? Third, speaking of plot, he overlooks important plot elements (Like that Akira was a human being whose psychic powers went out of control destroying Tokyo in the first place) in favor of a poorly-written summary that sounds like what would happen if one were to watch an episode of Dragonball Z on fast-forward. If he didn't like the movie, fine. He's entitled to his opinion. But, would it kill him to actually put some effort into his review instead of complaining about something he could've easily learned more about by doing five minutes of research on Wikipedia?
  • Man Called True: Near the start of his Ultima IX review, Spoony explicitly compares professional video game reviewers to prostitutes, and then has the gall to declare, "I give it to you straight". Um... no. No, you do not, Noah (and remember, part of the point of the Ultima Retrospective was that, in most ways, this was Noah, not the Spoony One character). You are an Internet-based Caustic Critic who is paid to Accentuate the Negative. You do not "give it to us straight". You are paid to mock and insult games regardless of actual quality. Pull your head out of your ass and deflate your ego. This is the point at which Noah Antwiler lost any and all credibility.
  • Animeking 1108: Spoony's stream on Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. It's clear that he came into that game wanting to hate it, which is evidenced by the fact that he Rage Quit before even starting the first quest. Now, what was his problem? The first quest was a Fetch Quest, or as he called it, a "bitch quest." Maybe if he didn't spend most of the stream dicking around with the character creation, he probably wouldn't have gotten bored so easily. What makes this especially jarring is that in Persona 4, a game Spoony praised to the high heavens, had a 90 minute opening cutscene before actually taking him to the action. It's clear that he didn't want to play FFXIV and wanted any excuse to get out of playing it.
  • Catmuto: Spoony's overall review of Final Fantasy XIII was horrible to me. His videos immediately made me feel like he thought I was a stupid, stupid person for liking the game. That's a horrible way to start and it only got worse then. I think the worst moment was, when he admitted to having stopped paying attention to any cutscenes going on. And then complained that he ultimately did not understand the story - maybe you should've paid attention to the cutscenes that were telling the story.
  • batmany: For the most part, I enjoyed Spoony's live playthrough of Until Dawn. I thought it was quite entertaining and that he was being a good sport about it, even if he didn't like the game. However, all that changed towards the end. Why? Well, long story short, Noah started complaining about how he thought the plot and gameplay were terrible. Now, him not being a fan of the game isn't the problem. He does bring up some legitimate issues with the plot and characters. No, the problem comes when someone in the chatroom basically asks why Spoony is still playing the game if he hates it so much. How does he respond? By chewing out the fan and bitching that he's only playing the game because the fans want him to. And, not in a joking way either. No, he basically yelled at his own fandom for wanting him to play a game he doesn't like. Not liking the game is one thing. Yelling at fans like an immature child for wanting him to play the game is just being an asshole.
  • Wingman 57: Him screaming, "Fuck you assholes" to the people who decided to see (or enjoyed) Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. I have no respect for reviewers who say things like that, if people want to go see silly and dumb blockbusters like the Transformers movies... then they have the right and they should not be deemed assholes because of it. Also his comments in later videos with Brad Jones where they describe themselves as "the smartest people in the room" for not liking the movie. I've had no respect for Spoony (or Brad Jones for that matter) since then.

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