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  • Mimimurlough: His treatment of Lady Gaga's "Alejandro" was bad, but to date nothing can really top the double standard he put on "Born This Way". After years of reviewing artists who rubs their very (and sometimes aggressively) heterosexual desires in our faces, he looks at what is possibly the first mainstream song that is dedicated to LGBT people and calls it pandering? Apparently not even members of the community can acknowledge that it even exists in their works without getting berated for it.
  • Alex Is Over Here: His review for Willow Smith's "Whip My Hair" has him insulting Willow, who was ten at the time of the video's release. His own words: "And yes, I will make fun of a ten year old, try and stop me." Yeah, well, I'm sure Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith are the only people to stop you, you unabashed bully. It culminates in him criticizing Willow for the "don't matter if it's [hair] long, short" line, where he screams at her "YOU STUPID LITTLE GIRL!" Stop it. Right now. You have no right to be this insulting towards people, especially if it's a kid. And yes, I am also referring to Justin Bieber around that time as well.
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  • bobdrantz: Normally, I like Todd in the Shadows. I find his reviews to be pretty enjoyable. And, even though I disagree with some of his opinions, I usually can respect them. But, his two-part review of Katy Perry's "Firework" and Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" just left me with a bad taste in my mouth. It sounded more like he was bashing the songs for being "inspirational" rather than the music content themselves. And, even going so far as to say that Katy Perry would be too arrogant to understand what it's like to be an "outcast". Look, I'm not a big fan of Katy Perry, but, I'm sure even SHE would know what it's like to have self-esteem issues. Being famous does not make one any more or less vulnerable to low self-esteem than anyone else. He also makes it sound like inspirational songs are only for teenage girls with image issues. Because, ya know it's not like there are people of all demographics who have felt awful about themselves in one way or another. No, clearly these songs are only for teen girls who think they're too fat.
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  • Mosquito Man: I took Todd's perspective on the songs in a different light than the above, but there's a part where Todd shows a picture of a guy with weird hair and says he needs to die. Todd considers that man a mistake on the part of God, and an example of one of the "mistakes God makes all the time". Given how Todd acts in the commentaries, it was probably all meant as a joke, but I found it DMOS-worthy to say what amounts to, "God makes mistakes all the time, like this guy here, this guy needs to die".
  • fluffything: I happen to be a fan of Todd in the Shadows as well, but even I couldn't sit through the entire review for Bruno Mars' "Lazy Song". The main reason being that he spends several minutes complaining about what he calls "White boys playing acoustic guitar" songs and stating that people only write/sing "mellow" songs to "get laid". Listen, Todd, I like your videos, I find them to be entertaining. But, I want to know what you think of whatever specific hit single is out on the pop charts, not hear you whine about some genre you happen to dislike. Second, um, isn't "getting laid" one of the reasons why a lot of people write/sing songs for pretty much any genre?
  • theenglishman: Putting "Sorry" on the honorable mentions of his Worst of 2015 list, a song Todd admits he even kind of likes, just so he can laugh at Justin Bieber and call him a Jerkass. So what if he had it coming? This isn't who Todd is - he's always been about insulting the bad music first, and the bad musicians second. Even with Chris Brown, he would always contextualize his anger toward Brown about "the incident" around one of his genuinely terrible songs. You've made plenty of jokes at Bieber's expense without context before, Todd; you don't need to add a Bieber song you don't genuinely hate to a worst-of list just to make fun of him. Admittedly, as of March 2016, Todd has changed his opinion to say he genuinely hates the song now, but that doesn't change his thought process at the time.
  • Indy Revolution: Mine isn't very serious compared to the others, but I still want to list it. Todd has made legitimate complaints about Ariana Grande's forced sexiness in her songs before. However, he liked "Love Me Harder" for being legitimately sexy. Now, he could have been subtle or amusing about his like for it, but instead, he outright says, "Yeah, this... works... for me. What? I get to be creepy sometimes too." Ignoring the fact that he's her senior by quite a few years, it comes off as weird anyways. Come one, Todd, none of us wanted to hear that.
  • Vexer: Ok my initial DMOS for Todd was placing the song "Why" on his worst of 2004 list. While that was bad, I found an even worse DMOS in Todd's Best songs of 2016 list-Putting "Closer" at #1. Now let me be clear: that in itself is not the problem, if Todd legitimately thought it was a great song it would be fine. But the fact is that he has criticized the song before (In his Pop Song Review and on the worst of 2016 list) and while he said he didn't hate it, he didn't sound anywhere near positive enough about the song to give any real indication that it would end up anywhere on his Best list, much less get #1, the song should've been an honorable mention at best. Todd's reason for putting it on the list? Because it's a song about being young and he liked the subject matter, which is an unbelievably half-assed reason, and it's made worse by Todd doing a fake-out by calling "Closer" mediocre and acting like he's going to pick "Roses" instead, which makes him come off as trying way too hard to be clever. Because of all those reasons I had to downvote part 2 of the list.
  • PutYaGunsOn: Normally, I like Todd. But I am also a K-pop fan. For me personally, his major DMOS was in his Gangnam Style review, where he went on a long angry rant bashing the entire K-pop genre, only to admit immediately after that he never really gave it much of a chance to begin with, and that he's largely going off of what he read in articles. Even the comments on TGWTG's page for the video had many people calling Todd out on it when it came out, saying he was being "very closed minded" and that it was "not one of [his] finest moments." I have no problem with Todd liking or disliking whatever he wants, and I really don't care what his honest opinion on K-pop is. My problem is that he actually took time out of his review to bash the entire genre in a way that makes his opinion sound like it should be fact, followed by immediately admitting he knows little about it to begin with.
  • Dr Zulu 2010: I took me a long time to watch Todd In The Shadows note  but I eventually let go of my grudge. However, I still think his review of Body Like A Backroad as one of my least favourite reviews of him since Todd apparantly turned off his brain and forgot everything about Country Music, Love Songs and similes in general. I could talk about his rant on how Country has no mainstream appeal (ignoring the likes of Dolly Parton, Garth Brooks, Johnny Cash and Shania Twain, all of them country acts having airplay on pop stations or that Def Leppard have a succesful crossover into country after Hair Metal died or the genres and acts that either has a country song amongs their hits or are using elements of country on their songs like Avicii's Wake Me Up and Big Enough by Kirin J Callinan; both being fusions between EDM and Country). But I would rather talk about how he took the "Body like a Backroad" simile way too literal. And yes, Todd being Literal-Minded is part of his character traits but this doesn't feel like it was Played for Laughs like he did with Telephone by Lady Gaga, it's him saying that the "Backraod" doesn't work because he treats his wife like an unkempt piece of dirt road apparantly ignoring that Sam Hunt himself explains the metaphor in better details ("Driving with my eyes closed,knowing every curves like the back of my hand", implying familiarity with her to the point he know where to drive in his wife's body to give her pleasure). Granted, I have my problems with the simile but even then I admit that it's one hell of a strech to imply that Sam Hunt says that his wife Really Gets Around note . I may have made my peace with Todd (I like his new Trainwreckords videos and I still enjoy his One-Hit Wonderland) but man am I glad I didn't return to Todd with this video complaining about one thing over a mediocre, yet innocent silly love song.

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