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Nappa: You okay, Vegeta?
Vegeta: Yes, just... just an aneurysm out of sheer stupidity...
Whenever the fandom experiences these moments.

Being a popular internet abridged group, it was only matter of time before Team Four Star fans found moments that made their rage break.

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Dragon Ball Z Abridged

  • Charred Knight: The scene where Bulma imagines Vegeta wants to rape her, which was basically a bizarre combination of Black Comedy Rape, and according to Word of God (by way of twitter conversation), Ship Tease. There was no joke other than the fact that rape is hilarious, and the idea that anyone would have a dream of her future husband wanting to rape her isn't funny, it's just disturbing.
  • fluffything: I happen to be a fan of Dragon Ball Abridged and find it to be a rather funny series. But, there's a moment in the otherwise hilarious Episode 30 three-parter that just left me staring in disbelief. Long story short, it's the scene where the Namekians brutally murder Guru after finding out he had tricked them into genocide. Where do I start? First of all, it's way too dark, even for the humor of the series. Second, I know Guru is supposed to be a Jerkass and the Evil Twin of Lord Slug in this parody series, but, there's hilariously dickish and then there's about as hilarious as being kicked in the face. One is really enjoyable, the other leaves you in pain and wondering what you did to deserve it. Guess which one Team Four Star went for.
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  • Blazar: Popo's "booty call" in the first episode of Season 3. I found this worse than the above example with Bulma and Vegeta, which was after all All Just a Dream. As with the example stated above, the joke consisted solely of saying that rape is hilarious, and the "you love it" line was in really poor taste; there is such a thing as taking Rape as Comedy a bit too far.
  • TerrorToad: The 'Yamcha's Suicide' Joke from Episode 34. I get it, Yamcha's the Butt-Monkey and everyone treats him like dirt, but still, that was just uncalled for and pointlessly dark.
    • Redaka: Seconded. While I love TFS, I dislike how Yamcha is never given a break. I mean sure Krillin is often made the Butt-Monkey but even he has some moments of awesome from time to time e.g. killing imperfect cell but Yamcha never has anything good happen to him. He didn't even get a happy ending in the Christmas Tree of Might like the others. It's funny when misfortune befalls a horrible character but seeing a relatively nice character get hurt all the time eventually becomes more sad than funny.
    • Jackson Jin: In general, the same. That said while the tipping point was the suicide joke in Episode 34, it was calling excessive attention to Yamcha's undignified despair-inducing death in the Movie Breakdown for History of Trunks that went above and beyond for me. There's making a joke in horrible taste, then there's milking it for all it's rancid, anxiety-inducing, seriously damaging "worth". I'm gonna go watch 18 break Vegeta's arms and Cooler punch him in the dick for a half hour to get past this.
    • Loekman 3: Yamcha has officially been Yamchae'd again in The World's Strongest when he suddenly appeared in the movie regarding the issue of Biomen confusion, only for him to be self-destructed by one of them yet again. That's not funny to me, it felt awkward and shoehorned. It's like the only reason he even appeared is just so that they make Yamcha suffer even more than what is acceptable. As Jackson Jin once said, there's making a joke in horrible taste, then there's milking it for all it's rancid, anxiety-inducing, seriously damaging "worth". And TFS chose the latter.
  • Tropers/Falconwing: I'll be the first to admit I didn't care for episode 44, I mean it had some decent jokes, but nothing really funny enough to reward repeated watching... Then came the ending... Oh dear lord the ending. Just a series of Gory Discretion Shots over the sound of Cell slaughtering the people in a radio station. I watch DBZA to laugh, and be entertained... This was just uncomfortable and unpleasant to watch. (and keep in mind I watch Hellsing Ultimate Abridged, and had no problem with them making comedy out of such material because it actually worked given the source material.) Left a bad taste in my mouth
  • Why Not Now: For me, Team Four Star has never sunk so low in their entire history than to have Krillin make an abortion joke in episode 44. An abortion joke! Really? Really?! At a time when women are constantly losing control over their bodies and facing the very real possibility of having a forced birth at least once in their lifetimes, making a joke that distracts the viewer from what is supposed to be comedic parody and brings us back to an increasingly worsening and depressing world was just plain all-around unfunny. This is a real, serious, and complicated issue that needs to be discussed, and like the ignorant sexists themselves who promote such views, Team Four Star reduced it to an insultingly childish level of simplicity, and that's just pathetic.
  • Kitch: In the "Mustache" full video, they have a brief shot of someone putting a gun to their head as if they're going to kill themselves. I have to admit, I found that extremely distasteful, considering a former member of Channel Awesome, JewWario, committed suicide nearly two years ago. I was shocked that members of CA would permit that "joke" in something they participated in.
  • ShiningDestinyKai: In Episode 51, we see the return of the hilarious Solar Flare freeze-frame image gag. So what crazy picture did TFS decide to sneak in this time? A cropped image of DBZ porn featuring Android 18 being raped by 2nd Form Cell. Really guys? Unlike the previous examples of this gag which were humorous because they used very over the top images (like a photoshopped Freeza in the shower) this one hits far too close to home and becomes really uncomfortable and unfunny. Even Kaiser during the episode breakdown seems really uncomfortable talking about this part and quickly glosses over it.
  • Fullmetal Heart 20: Most of episode 55 was great, except for one bit at the end. Chi Chi kicks Gohan and Krillan out so Goku could "pay her back" with sex, all the while Goku asks her to wait. The whole thing has some uncomfortable Double Standard Rape and Entitledto Have You elements.
  • Shadow 200: I love DBZ Abridged and other series Team Four Star has done, but I dislike the way they are doing Goku and his attitude towards his family, especially in the Broly special, given how it has him being worse than usual showing no regards at all to them and Chi-Chi coldly demanding a divorce at the end after having finally have enough. I know its a joke and exaggerating his character, but that's something they shouldn't have thought about doing. Hopefully they make up for it in the Cell Games.
    • Slo Motion: Mine was also from the Broly movie. While I enjoyed it overall, I really hated the fact that they killed Dr. Wheelo off with just a random one liner. After making him such a nice guy and going out of the way to give him a happy ending in their canon, this just felt so needlessly mean. There's Black Comedy, and then there's just being downright cruel.
  • Injured Pelican: While he has a few good lines here and there, I actually find Dr Briefs to be mostly horrible. He's easily one of the nicest characters in the original Dragon Ball, but here he's a racist, sexist, asshole who is heavily implied to also be a Serial Killer of his own wife via Kill and Replace her with clones. Why is this funny?
  • Yukaphile: Sigh, I didn't want to do this, I really didn't want to call out fellow Dragon Ball Z fans, especially since after given their work with Death Battle and the fallout that's resulted from that, it would have looked like petty whining. But after Dragon Ball Z Abridged Episode 60 landed, as a Gohan fan, as a proud supporter of this franchise, I just can't sit back and say nothing. This has honestly been a long time coming, as in recent years they've moved less from interesting, overblown, quirky comedy to more serious drama and conflicts and given the tonal shifts in the arcs they've been progressing past, that makes sense, but this here? This? Sixteen calls out Gohan for being a selfish brat that's too consumed with his own pain, and completely trashes the otherwise tragic and heartwarming moment in the show when the pacifist robotic android urges Gohan to let it all go and fight on behalf of the nature that he loves so much. It really feels like a pale shadow of what the original dub accomplished, with a better musical score, better voice acting, and for as much as they changed the scripts, better dialogue and direction. It's what made this troper a Gohan fan, and to see that so thoroughly disgraced is... very heartbreaking.

Attack on Titan Abridged

  • Dr Zulu 2010: I enjoyed episode 1 for the most part, but even I have no liking to what they did to Carla AKA Eren's mother. Anyone who read the manga or watches the anime know that her death kickstart Eren's vengeful crusade against the titans. However, in the abridged version, her entire character is just a joke about her saying nothing than "Hmm Hmm". Yes! Carla's entire shtick in the whole 3 minutes of screentime is her saying "Hmm Hmm" over and over again. Come on. Faulerro's Null Metal Alchemist gave Trisha the same amount of screentime and she has more personality and more of a character than Carla. I don't expect her to be deep or well written, especially in a condensed adaptation of five episodes of the series, but Team Four Star should know better than having her saying just "Hmm Hmm".
  • Codafett: The moment Jean opened his mouth I realized that the whole cast was going to be one note jokes masquerading as characters. Mikasa is the aloof goth girl, Armin was ridiculously annoying, Thomas was just yelling all the time, Connie was a foul mouthed idiot, and Jean was a pointlessly smarmy faux-brit. True they may have all started out that way in the anime, they eventually grew out of it. That won't happen here. So yeah good luck making an actual series with such 2D interpretations.
    • monkeyman224: I second that. The way Armin is voiced isn't funny, it's obnoxious. I mean come on, it's not necessary. He's yelling really loud (louder than everyone else including Thomas and Connie) and it's very grating on the ears. Come on guys, this crap is what a ten year old would find funny.
  • Ecclytennysmithylove: As a fangirl who finds Team Four Star’s Attack on Titan Abridged pretty funny, the DMOS for me was where, during the training orientation, Shadis called Armin an “Aryan coconut" when asking him for his name. I know that by “coconut”, that is a Shout-Out to the character Coconut Head from Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide (mind you, I don’t watch that show), but the word “Aryan” made me facepalm because it sounded like as if TeamFourStar is offending all the blonde-hair-blue-eyed people all over the world. My advice to TeamFourStar: Don’t be a racist!

Final Fantasy VII: Machinabridged

  • startyourengine: The extended Prison Rape joke in episode 2. There were many ways Tifa could convince Cloud to stay with Avalanche. TFS decided to have her talk at length about how Cloud would be caught by the police and raped by his fellow prisoners because of his effeminate looks. This was just flat out disgusting in its attempts to make rape sound funny by making it worse and worse.
  • Animeking 1108: As much as Tifa's depiction rubs me the wrong way, what really gets me is Aerith. Throughout this Abridged Series, Team Four Star really gives the impression that they despise Tifa and adore Aerith. She is shown to be a Nice Girl who is perfect for Cloud, and when Tifa is not being dishing out the pain, she's going through it. The only person who dislikes her is, of course, Tifa, and whenever they have a quarrel, Aerith always comes out on top. The worst instance of this is when the party dealt with the Midgar Zolom. During one of their failed attempts to defeat it, it bites Tifa and she is puking her guts out from the venom, so she begs Aerith to heal her. Aerith, with a smug Slasher Smile, tells Tifa that she's low on MP, and if you look below at her MP bar, it's clear that she's full of crap. To really rub salt in the wound, Aerith neither gets called out nor faces any karmic retribution. I get that Tifa was very unpleasant in season one, but even her infamous Prison Rape ultimatum didn't warrant this level of torture. Cloud's "Reason You Suck" Speech at the end of season one was cathartic enough, and she hadn't really done anything since then to deserve it.
  • Nico Hades 98: Unlike some people on here, I actually liked how TFS wrote Tifa, even if she didn't exactly make a good first impression. However, TFS responded to the criticism fans had for Tifa's depiction in the most about as well as America responded to Pearl Harbor in the promo video for the Midgar Mix album. At the end of the video, Barret and Red XIII ask Nappa for his opinion on the idea, and there seems to be a bit of Self-Deprecation to Season 1's shaky start, but after Nappa tells them that the characters weren't the most likable, they pan to a pile of tissues with a label that reads Salty Tears of Tifa Fans. Regardless of how you feel about how they wrote Tifa, this is such a childish response to the criticism.


  • Awesomekid 42: I really enjoy the annual DBCember countdowns, and for the most part, Top 12 Dragon Ball Fights was no exception. But whenever I watch it, there's always one entry that sticks out like a sore thumb. Specifically, their entry on Kid Goku vs Tien. It's not like they said anything that angered or annoyed me. Rather, the way they go about the entry itself is dull and uninspired. The vast majority of the segment is them simply recaping what happens in the fight, them only going over the positives of the fight at the beginning (and even then, it's more about positives of the character Tien rather than the fight itself) and briefly at the end when talking about Goku getting ringed-out. Tbe rest of it was just a stretched out play-by-play which goes on for way longer than it needs to. There were other entries in the countdown where they talked about how the fight played out like their Piccolo vs Android 17 segment, but they mixed it in with analysis and elaboration for why the entry was on the list. Here? The entry is mostly just a summary. Definitey the weakest point of the countdown.
  • Fullmetal Heart 20: Episode 20 of their Fallout 4 let's play. The moment they get Piper as a follower, they equip her with the player character's dead wife's wedding ring and a dog collar. When the collar removes all of her clothes, they cheer. They proceed to spend the rest of the episode objectifying the character.
  • Winterbornbree: Episode 49 of Team Four Star's Fallout 4 Let's Play. I usually don't mind the killing sprees they go on because they go back to an earlier point in the game and reload. But in Vault 81 they go on yet another killing spree and brush it off (they don't reload), causing Piper (whom they had spent the last 40+ episodes trying to romance) to hate and turn on them, not to mention destroy any sort of character development the Sole Survivor had. This left a bitter taste in my mouth and killed my interest in that series.
  • BatDan: The finale of their playthrough of One Piece Pirate Warriors 3. It was one thing that they got soooo many aspects of the series wrong, and they sucked at certain characters because they didn't bother to learn how to play them, but then they just outright gave up for the finale. They run around like idiots when they should be reading the screen prompts telling them what to do, unfortunately they're suffering from DSP levels of tunnel vision and don't seem to see it. When they eventually fail, they rage quit the game. The comments on the finale were not pleased with it.
    • ShiningDestinyKai: What makes it even more infuriating is that they ran past the gate captains blocking you from getting to Luffy not once, but TWICE! Instead they all decided to laser-focus their attention on an unrelated side objective. Also the running "joke" of pretending characters crying is actually jizz gets played out way too much and quickly becomes cringy.
  • batmany: Their April Fools' Day special where they parody Digimon: The Movie (Specifically, Our War Game) was just awful. I couldn't even get past the first few minutes, and the reason why can be boiled down to a single character- Tai. Oh, where do I start with this blatant disrespect for a beloved character from many people's (including mine) childhood? How about the fact that we first see him watching a My Little Pony fan video and getting a visible (though blurry) boner? Because, ya know, the joke about Bronies being sick perverts hasn't been beaten to the ground already. Oh, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. When he calls Kari to aid them in saving the world (or their namesake, in this case) from Keramon, guess what happens? She says she can't help him and explains why is due to a restraining order against him. Get it? They're hinting that he molested her prior to the movie! Hilarious!
    • SenorCornholio: I am a man who can take whatever Team Four Star can dish out, and that includes this video. I actually found it kinda funny, with the exception of the 02 segment that parodied Pokémon The 'Bridged Series. Davis (Ash) could suddenly assault your ear drums if you're not prepared, the joke about Cody (Brock) being a pervert who'd do Anything That Moves ended up being predictable since that's just about all that version of the character is good for, and the fact that Kari and Yolei (Misty) are suddenly lesbians (obvious nod to Nowacking, who ended up voicing these two) pretty much came at the expense of better jokes for the two (such as, say, "Crazy Misty"). The worst of it has to be Ken, who spends a solid half minute or so saying a line and it just drags on like crazy. As you can guess, my problems regarding comedy are when a joke drags on for longer than it needs to, or comes right the hell out of the blue with no setup. The only setup here was that Tai and Izzy supposedly provided a better future for Digidestined kind, but was there really a need to reference another abridged series anyway? Never should a comedy show ever make you wonder "what's the joke?" especially if you usually happen to set such a high standard that a boring joke will stand out. And what's worse about this is that later, TFS would make a much better video crossing over with Pokémon Bridged in the Cell Vs. series. I'll admit, this whole video felt a little unnatural, but this was easily the most forced joke of the movie, and after some careful thinking it was probably the worst joke in terms of timing, setup, and overall blandness that TFS has done. The fact that it ends with the missile blowing everyone up at the end doesn't make it any better.
  • HSRW101: Never thought I'd make one of these on here, even though I am a fan of them, I gotta call some serious bullshit on them for their comments during their Let's Play of Kingdom Hearts 1 and Kingdom Hearts 2. Anyone who watched their gameplay know about how they've been infamous for endlessly complaining about the first game and overly praising the second one. Its one thing to like one game more than the other, but to dismiss other people's opinions, arguments and mock those who genuinely prefer the first game constantly is just infuriating. Even the fans who prefer Kingdom Hearts 2 are irritated with their endless bickering. I actually had 2 questions answered live during their one live stream and they still dismiss the idea of people liking the first game more even as to claim they'll never get them. What's even more infuriating is in the comments section of their Kingdom Hearts 2 Part 4 video is how one member of TFS actually insulted a viewer when talking about the differences in controls, even as to say "I know I'm right and you're wrong here." And the cherry on top is the final paragraph where the same member said "I'm sorry our enjoyment of this game over its predecessor bothers you so much." Is this how they treat their fans with different opinions? Acting like a smug jackass thinking your opinion is better than everyone else's? That only makes them look like closed minded assholes who don't respect other people's opinions unless it was their own. If the fans can take the time to listen to each other while respecting their opinion as to why they like one game over the other, why can't TFS?
  • Dr Zulu 2010 I honnestly think that TFS' Nuzlocke of Pokemon Platinum has to be their weakest work so far as Nuzlocke goes. But the turning point where the Nuzlocke goes to crap has to be episode 21 where they almost suffers from a Total Party Kill against Jupiter's Skuntank. Basically, after nearly slowing it down, and rather low hp and having Raisin, their Prinplup, almost dead, they can decide on what to do. A smart but risky move would be to have Prinplup use Bubblebeam in the chances that it's faster. Worst case scenario, Raisin died but they then set up Cleo to finish Skuntank thanks to using Spark with both STAB and and 25% boost thanks to Rivalry because, well, Jupiter's Skuntank is a female. Sure, Prinplup is slow, but not that slow that it can't outspeed a Skuntank with its speed crippled. Instead, they decided to sacrifice Pokemon after Pokemon to heal Raisin INCLUDING Cleo who can kill Skuntank with what I said earlier. Result, they ends up losing so many Pokemon that they end up being so careful to the point of both power-leveling Raisin into an Empoleon in the third gym and learning the movesets every character has, which goes against the spirit of a Nuzlocke who is about using what Pokemon you have AND accepting the risk of losing Pokemon due to player mistakes or poor decisions. Even though they win at the end, I do not consider their titles of Nuzlocke champions to be back thanks to their uses of cheap tactics.
  • Loekman 3: When TFS Gaming release Renegade for Life for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, I was excited to watch how TFS Vegeta will react to the gameplay but then the opening ruined much of my excitement by having Lanipator go onto a minute and a half long speech about this worthless tupperware Android RPG that everyone should play. It's already bad enough that other DBZ Youtubers did this but for Teamfourstar to do it too? The old TFS I knew of would never stoop to so low to advertise the game for them but the very fact they did gave me a clear indication that they no longer have any intentions of continuing their DBZ Abridged work to season 4 despite their promises which I personally see it coming when they cancelled Bojack's abridged movie even though all other movies have been abridged by them.

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