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"The Man Called True's First Rule of Video Games: Difficulty is not a signifier of quality. Everyone says 'Wow, Battletoads was hard'; no one ever says, 'Wow, Battletoads was good.'"

One-time would-be college student, now a worthless sot of a human being. After running into this site by a now-forgotten route, he set about applying his massive database of trivial info into a worthwhile pastime. Specializes in video games, since that's his primary method of wasting time.


He was born the day Geraldo Riveria opened Al Capone's vault.

It is a surprise, but the Man Called True does not watch that much TV... at least, not as much as he used to. He is, however, a helpless anime Otaku. Among his favorite series are Ah My Goddess and Azumanga Daioh. He used to like Gun X Sword until the ending was hit with needless Retcon.

Most recently, the Man Called True finished watching The Vision Of Escaflowne. He found it overrated.

When it comes to actual television, the Man Called True has only a handful of favorites. None of them are currently on.

In his free time, the Man Called True enjoys being responsible for the greatest catastrophes of our age. When not wrecking large portions of the world, he works on his fanfiction. Said fanfiction can be found here. (WARNING: Everything before 2005 constitutes Old Shame left there for nostalgia's sake.)


He has a Livejournal now.

The Man Called True does not, as a rule, read his private messages.

An ally to The Nerf Guy, and an old enemy of another troper who shall remain nameless (he was permanently banned anyway, so the war is over).

"The Man Called True's second rule of video games: Good gameplay can make up for weak graphics. Good graphics can't make up for weak gameplay."

"The Man Called True's third rule of video games: Reviews Are the Gospel, but the numbers are not. Ignore the rating and read the words of the review itself. Forget the concept of the Four Point Scale - arbitrarily denying points makes a review just as useless as arbitrarily adding them."

The Man Called True once had a tendency to go ahead and make articles from the ramblings in You Know That Thing Where, but he is no longer comfortable with the system. He's a splitter in the lumper/splitter debate, as you may well suppose.

Among his goals: creating at least one article that begins with each letter of the alphabet. Currently missing: J, Q, U, X, Y, Z.

"The Man Called True's fourth rule of video games: Never play one game exclusively. Always have two or three in rotation. Playing one game exclusively can make you sick of it, and a game you're sick of is a game you never finish. Rotate games, preferably of differents genres."
Tropes that apply to the Man Called True:
"The Man Called True's fifth rule of video games: The more people protest a game's slide into sales failure and obscurity, the less likely any individual member of that group has ever actually played the game. (This rule also applies to television programs, with the caveat that the person may have seen the show... but on DVD, having skipped it during its initial airings.)"

"The Man Called True's last rule of video gaming: Strategy guides are not signs of surrender. They are a tool for evening the score with irresponsibly obtuse game design."