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Cuba Libre is a Young Adult Science Fiction novel (still in its planning/editing/writing stage) in diary format by Morwen Edhelwen. As the title can tell you, it's set in Cuba, Twenty Minutes In The Future. Cuba is now ruled by a military dictatorship. The Syndicate have managed to effectively take over the country, which is ruled by a succession of generals who make drugs, covert banking, and smuggling legal. Due to this, Cuba has a thriving economy under the powerful and charismatic General Cabrera, a member of the New Revolutionary Council who has been elected for two successive terms in the last 20 years.


The protagonist is a 14-year-old clone of Che Guevara, who has a club foot and is a part of a band of rural guerrillas. The novel focuses on his coming-of-age and realisation of his purpose as the presidential election grows closer.

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