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TG4 is one of Ireland's two state broadcasters. It was established on Halloween 1996 to provide programming to Irish-speakers. They have also dubbed several shows and movies into Irish.

TG4 is also broadcast to Northern Ireland.

TG4 (HD)

Flagship television channel. It was launched as TnaG on Halloween 1996. It was renamed as its current name in 1996. Its main focuses are programming in the Irish language.

  • Ros na Rún: A Soap Opera set in Spiddal, running since 1996.
  • Nuacht RTÉ: the Irish version of RTÉ News.
  • Paisean Faisean: a dating show
  • 7 Lá: a current affairs show given to regional and Gaeltacht affairs.

Cúla 4 (HD)

The second TG4 channel, launched on Halloween 1996 as a block. It became its own channel in 2009. It broadcasts children's programming. Amongst its original shows are:

  • Skunk Fu!: A cartoon focusing on a skunk protecting a Chinese valley using martial arts.
  • Bog Stop: a quiz game show based on the original Australian show, Go Go Stop.

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