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In addition to the WeatherGens themselves, the books also feature supporting protagonists and antagonists.

The Gen's tropes mainly apply to their book adaptations. The screen caps, however, are from their stingers.

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The WeatherGens

Stinger Actress: Selina Giles

"Humans and WeatherGens should work closer together - for the good of the planet."

"Gilda is the leader of the WeatherGens. She makes fair weather clouds and stores sunlight in her body, giving her a bright glow. Always kind and helpful, Gilda is the person the other 'Gens turn to for advice."

Stinger Actress: Viva Selfert

"Can't beat the heat!"

"Aurora is the WeatherGen of Summer and Hot Sun. She draws heat from the sun and spreads it across the land bringing very hot summer air. Aurora is a real live wire and can be a little hot-headed!"

Stinger Actress: Kate McGurgan

"Get your umbrellas out: it’s time for a heavy downpour!"

"Brellina is the WeatherGen of Rain. She thinks sun is overrated and can't understand why so many people dislike rain. She carries a special umbrella which has a magic all of its own and her 'hair' is a large fountain."

Stinger Actress: Abigail Canton

"I think my snowflakes are the most beautiful weather condition of all - although not everyone agrees..."

"Crystella is the WeatherGen of Snow. She is shy quiet, preferring to keep a low profile most of the time. However, she really goes to town every winter, creating wonderful snowflakes. Occasionally, she whips up a blizzard if something annoys her. Crystella is very sweet on Frice, and they often help each other."


Stinger Actress: Ivana Horvat

"You all [need] to chill out."

"Cyan is the WeatherGen of Cooler Weather. She brings cold fronts and cooler air. If the heat of summer is getting you down, don't worry, Cyan will make it fresher and easier."

  • Character Development: Her jealous traits are explored in How Gild Got Her Shine Back, though she's once proved wrong about Aurora, she mellows out.
  • Dark Is Not Evil
  • Driven by Envy: In How Gilda Got Her Shine Back, part of Cyan's anger towards Aurora is attributed her jealousy over not being made temporary leader.
  • Jerkass Realization: In How Gilda Got Her Shine Back, once Cyan learns the true cause behind the fire that nearly killed Professor Eon, Jenny and Moriarty, she regrets her harshness towards Aurora.
  • Leader Wannabe: As evidenced in How Gilda Got Her Shine Back.
  • The Quiet One
  • Took a Level in Kindness

Stinger Actress: Unknown

"Trees are very special to me. I can feel their pain..."

"Florta is the WeatherGen of Autumn and Light Breezes. A special tree grows on her head, which sheds its leaver every autumn. Dreamy and creative, Florta is like a lead carried in the breeze, and she is in touch with nature. She has a special ability to control trees, making them grow rapidly with a click of her fingers."

  • The Eeyore: Subverted. Despite what she represents, she's generally an upbeat person. If she is depressed, she evidently hides it a lot better than Nimbella.
  • Hidden Depths: She's apparently a very good leader in Gilda's absence, though this took place outside of the books.

Stinger Actor: Anton Blake

"I’m not as cold-hearted as they say..."

"Frice is the WeatherGen of Frost. Although he looks a bit scary, Frice isn't as cold-hearted as everyone assumes. He just wishes that more people would like his frost, as he works very hard to make it. Frice is extremely powerful and it is said that he has the power to start a new ice age on Earth. Oh, and he's also secretly in love with Crystella."

Stinger Actor: Rodney Charles

"Covering things in a thin shroud of mist tones down those jagged edges. It's ethereal, man. Far out. Chilled out. That's why I do it."

"Helios is the WeatherGen of Morning Mist. He likes to be up at dawn, bringing mist to woodlands and hillsides. Helios is very laid-back and never worries about anything."

Stinger Actress: Unknown

"I’m not a morning person myself. The darker the better!"

"Mirka is the Weathergen of Fog. She loves nothing better than conjuring up thick fog to confuse travellers and make them lose their way. Her fog is feared by sailors and pilots. Mirka never gets lost in her own fog as she has two powerful foglight laser beam eyes which allow her to see through the thickest clouds."


Stinger Actress: Angela Dunn

"Nobody is allowed to be as depressed as me!"

"Nimbella is the WeatherGen of Drizzle and Overcast Skies. If she seems under the weather - don't worry, she's actually very happy. In fact, Nimbella is happiest when creating big, miserable rainclouds that block out the sun. Her hair is a massive grey raincloud and she is never seen without her glasses."

Stinger Actor: Unknown

"A maniac am I? Perhaps you'd like to see just how manic I can be?"

"Norwin is the WeatherGen of Wind. Loud and a bit of a showoff, Norwin is always boasting of how powerful and good looking he is - a bit of a windbag, you could say. When angry he can create fearsome hurricanes and tornadoes."

Stinger Actor: Jason Wong

"I’m always shivering, even in summer!"

"Shivera is the WeatherGen Cold. He is always shivering, even in summer. Shivera is a bit of a worrier, always fretting about this and that, and tends to be afraid of everything."

  • The Aloner: Unlike the other WeatherGens, he does not generate a type of weather. Instead, he's the physical representation of feeling cold, and acts as a messanger for the creatures of Earth.
  • Butt-Monkey: While not outright mistreated, he's easily intimidated and mocked by some of his fellow Gens, mainly Frice and Norwin.
  • Meaningful Name: Considerably more obvious than the other Gen's names.
  • Older Than They Look: While this trope applies to all WeatherGens, Shivera stands out for his resemblance to a young boy. note 
  • The Quiet One

Supporting Characters

     Professor Robert Eon 

  • Cloudcuckoolander: What people believe he is, when he talks of the 'Gens.
  • Meaningful Name: Meta-example. The WeatherGens were mascots for the energy company, Powergen, now E.ON U.K.

     Jenny Beaufort 

  • Meaningful Name: She is a descendant of Sir Francis Beaufort, who devised the Beaufort wind force scale, hence Norwin taking a shine to her.
  • Nice Girl
  • Odd Friendship: With Norwin, though the others often question whether it's more than a "friendship".



"I fear my horrible sulphur-spewing powers would pollute the atmosphere of your beautiful planet."

Cytherean is the sole WeatherGen of Venus. There used to be four, but the other three left due Cytherean's desire attempted to usurp the leader and assume control of the planet. Over the years, he's come to regret his actions.


     Vernon Karmer 
"Nobody will stand in the way of the NewCloud project..."

The head of MetroTech, a company which conducts experiments on artificial weather.

"There’s a whole planet’s climate out there with my name on it..."

The main antagonist of the original book, he is the product of MetroTech attempts to create artificial weather. Once free from MetroTech's computers, he sets out to kill the existing WeatherGens and control the planet's climate on his own.


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