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Characters / Pokémon Stadium

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Original characters that appear in Pokémon Stadium games and Pokémon Battle Revolution. For characters from the main series, see their respective pages.

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"Player Character"

An unnamed trainer. They're the character you play as in the Stadium games. There is one male option and one female option that was introduced in Stadium 2.
  • Expy:
    • The male protagonist is based on Red from Pokémon Red and Blue but has brown hair in a different style. He also has a green "P" symbol on his hat that makes him similar to Ash from the anime.
    • The female protagonist is based on Kris from Pokémon Stadium but has brown hair and slightly different pigtails. She also has a green "P" symbol on her hat that makes her similar to Ash from the anime.
  • Eye-Obscuring Hat: Their hats shadow out their eyes.
  • Girlish Pigtails: The female protagonist wears her hair in pigtails.
  • Kid Hero: They're young trainers who are presumably around the same age as Red (eleven-or-so).
  • Nice Hat: They both wear a red-and-white hat similar to Red's but with a "P" on it. It covers up their eyes.
  • No Name Given: They have no Canon Name.


     Battle Revolution 


The receptionist at Pokétopia


The Colosseum Leader of Sunset Colosseum.


The Colosseum Leader of Gateway Colosseum. He is the only Colosseum Master in the game.


The Colosseum Leader of Courtyard Colosseom. He is the only Master Senior in the game.


The Colosseum Leader of Waterfall Colosseum.


The head of both Stargazer Colosseum and Pokétopia as a whole, Mysterial is known as both the "Master of Masters" and "Pokémon Master".


The Colosseum Leader of Neon Colosseum.


The Colosseum Leader of Sunny Park Colosseum. She is sometimes referred to as "Ms. Sashay" by others and has a lot of fans. Sashay is both referred to with the "Little Queen" and "Master Middle" trainer class.


The Colosseum Leader of Main Street.


The Colosseum Leader of the Magma Colosseum.


The Colosseum Leader of Crystal Colosseum.

Alternative Title(s): Pokemon Battle Revolution


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