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    Avistan in General 



Brevoy was once two separate nations: Issia and Rostland. The two countries quarreled often until they were both taken over by Chroral the Conqueror, with the help of his Red Dragons. Choral and his descendants disappeared, leaving a unhappy Rostland and Issian noble families constantly posturing for the Dragonscale Throne.


This prosperous nation is primarily run by the ascetically materialistic Prophets of Kallistrade.


This island city-state in the Steaming Sea is an attempt by a Gold Dragon to make an ideal society.


This Cheliaxian vassal state struggled with a devastating war against Goblinkind.


The homeland of the Elves. After they returned from Castrovel, they battled the demon Treerazer to reclaim as much of their land as possible.


The ambitious nation broke away from Cheliax, only to have the same thing happen to them when Nirmathas rebelled.
  • Proud Warrior Race: Of the Proud Soldier Race variant - Molthune is decidedly militaristic, but these guys are Prussians, not Klingons.


This small forested nation was a part of Molthune until they chafed too much under their law.



The sorcerer Ramzir took over this country, claiming to have ascended to Godhood via the Starstone.
  • Scam Religion: Razmir is not, in fact, a god — his religion is a cult of personality, and his "priests" are wizards in on the scam using artifacts and arcane magic to pretend they receive divine magic.

Five Kings Mountains

    In General 
This mountain range holds several Sky Citadels still under control of the dwarves, making this their de facto homeland on the surface.

    King Daralathyxl 
CE male red dragon

One of the most powerful and feared red dragons in Golarion.

  • Asskicking Equals Authority: He's often called the Sixth King of the Five King Mountains. Has at least a dozen other powerful chromatic dragons under his control.
  • Awesome Ego: As mentioned below, anyone meeting him is advised to address him as "King", though he prefers "Emperor" or "God".
  • Berserk Button: Not showing proper deference- anyone meeting him is advised to address him at least as "King". Also, rumors that he's dead or infirm enrage him to no end.
  • The Dreaded: When dragons get together to discuss potential threats, he's a popular topic.
  • Famed In-Story: He's one of the most well known dragons in the world, to the point of being acknowledged as the defacto ruler of the Five Kings Mountains.
  • Red Baron: He's often referred to as the Sixth King of Five Kings Mountains.
  • Reports of My Death Were Greatly Exaggerated: He likes to slumber for long periods of time. When rumors of his death reach him, he goes on a rampage, letting the world know he is still very much alive.
  • The Spymaster: Because he always shows up when rumors of his death start circulating, it's speculated he controls a large spy network in the Darkmoon Vale.

Chaotic Neutral male ancient magma dragon, CR 17

A magma dragon who claimed Jernashall as his territory after a volcanic eruption drove the dwarves out.


The Vale of Shadows

N female fetchling summoner 12

A shadow caller who tends to a pair of monstrous worms and uses arcane energy from the region to breed increasingly dangerous gloomwings.


Like Andoran, this nation broke off from Cheliax when House Thrune took over. Unlike Andoran, however, the transition has not gone well.

    Lady Ninahu's Doll 
N doll
A living doll that seeks to protect children above all else.

CN male half-elf fighter 8/rogue 2

A Grey Gardener who seeks Lady Ninahu's Doll for the destruction of one of the Final Blades.


The Hold of Belkzen

    In General 
When the Orcs were driven to the surface by the questing Dwarves, they came up in this barren valley. They have since made it their home.
  • Expy: Of Mordor from The Lord Of the Rings, with all the orcs and little vegetation.

CE gargantuan magical beast, CR 16

The offspring of Lamashtu's herald and a bulette, this titanic creature is a living legend.

  • Abstract Eater: Physical matter is actually completely unharmed by its stomach. Instead it feeds on life energy, which is separate from souls in case you were wondering.
  • Antagonistic Offspring: Averted. While it doesn't control the bodaks it makes, they don't attack it and it is immune to their powers.
  • In a Single Bound: It can leap long distances, landing hard enough to knock down anything around it.
  • Mook Maker: Those it swallows become bodaks with its stomach as it leeches the life from their bodies, regardless of what the creature originally was. Mechanically they function just like any bodak but they're noted to look bestial and warped even beyond typical bodaks.
  • Spell My Name with a "The": Sometimes called the Juggerloathe.
  • Super Spit: It can disgorge the contents of its stomach, spewing both acid and any victims or undead it currently holds within it.

    The Burning Child 
CN small undead, CR 10

A spirit of fire and ash formed from the soul of a child with sorcerous powers after his traumatic death.

  • Ghostly Goals: Despite everything, he's just a child who wants to be comforted. Putting him to rest for good requires someone to embrace and calm him while he's in physical form.
  • Our Ghosts Are Different: Most of the time he's invisible and intangible, detectable only by the scent of burning flesh and faint sobbing. Encountering combat, however, sets off his fear and grief, causing him to manifest in a physical form formed from fire and ash.
  • Playing with Fire: A fire sorcerer bloodline in life and a being of fie in death.
  • Power Incontinence: He has no control over the fiery energy that makes up his form. When incited to physical manifestation, it spills out of him in uncontrolled torrents of destruction.
  • Tragic Monster: In life he was a child whose magical powers caught the attention of orcs who abducted and experimented on him in hopes of turning him into a weapon. When they eventually pushed to far and killed him, his tormented and terrified spirit couldn't pass on and forced him to continue a solitary existence as he wanders in search of his parents in a desperate hope that they will save him. He's been this way for centuries.
  • Walking Wasteland: When physical, he trails fire with every footstep and scorches all around him.

    Ungukk Fleshdredge 
LE male orc oracle 14/hierophant 3

The shaman of the Defiled Corpse tribe.

    The Carcass Man 

The Carcass Man of Belkzen

A powerful and unique flesh golem created by Ungukk Fleshdredge.


    In General 
This embattled country is just south of Belkizen, and struggles with Orcish invasions frequently.

LE male great wyrm green dragon, CR 20

A master chemist and botanist who lairs in Fangwood.


    In General 
Just as Lastwall guards against the Orcs of Belkzen, Mendev is the last line of defense against the demons of the Worldwound.

Lawful Good female silver dragon

A silver dragon residing in the border city of Kenabres, aiding the crusaders in holding off the demons of the Worldwound.

  • Dracolich: In Wrath of the Righteous, the demons reanimate her corpse as a ravener, adding insult to injury by keeping her soul from moving on to Heaven, preventing her from being resurrected and netting themselves a powerful undead minion in one swoop.
  • Off with His Head!: In Wrath of the Righteous, Khorramzadeh kills her by beheading her with a stroke of his blade once he manages to strike her from the air.
  • Sacrificial Lion: In Wrath of the Righteous, she's defeated and slain by the balor Khorramzadeh in the first act of the adventure, setting the stage for the scale of the foes that the PCs will have to face.


    In General 
This shadowy state is nominally a vassal of Cheliax, but in truth is firmly and openly controlled by the dark god Zon-Kuthon.

    Mother Ravel 
LE female human alchemist [vivisectionist] 14/trickster 7
One of the guardians of the Tower of Slant Shadows, one of the Star Towers that maintains the security of Rovagug's prison.

Realm of the Mammoth Lords

    In General 
A savage land full of megafauna.

Tusk Mountains

     Jarl Gnargorak 
CE male frost giant ranger 12/marshal 8, CR 25/MR 8

The self-proclaimed ruler of all frost giants, and a living legend among the giants of northern Avistan.

  • Braids of Barbarism: How he wears his hair.
  • The Conqueror: Gnargorak is doing his best to conquer as much land as he can. The problem is, he really just likes the conquering part, not so much the ruling of what he has.
  • Harem Seeker: He keeps a harem of cloud giants.
  • Horns of Villainy: His armor has several.
  • Weapon of Choice: He wields Winter's Heart almost exclusively and rarely lets it out of his sight.

    Winter's Heart 
CN +5 icy burst quenching bastard sword

A sentient sword hewn from the heart of a glacier, its ingrained purpose is to unite the lands of the north under one rule. It is currently wielded by Jarl Gnargorak.

  • An Ice Person: Winter's Heart deals extra cold damage, creates a blast of ice on critical hits, and extinguishes non-magical fires it touches.
  • Empathic Weapon: It's a sentient sword with its own plans.
  • Size Shifter: Winter's Heart is always the perfect size for its wielder.
  • The Starscream: It tires of Gnargorak's lack of interest in actually ruling what he conquers, so it's plotting to find a new wielder that will fulfil its goals.

    Gnargorak's Vassal Jarls 


CE male frost giant cavalier 10


CE female frost giant sorcerer 14


NE male frost giant ranger 8

    Murrog One-Ear 
CE female orc cleric of Gorum 14/hierophant 7

A cleric of Gorum who wants to unseal a passageway to the depths of Orv and unleash its monsters on the world.

LN male pod-spawned human druid 10/hierophant 5

The leader of the town of Haven and first victim of the body snatcher that truly rules it.

  • The Dragon: To the cold-tolerant body snatcher that rules Haven.
  • Kill and Replace: This Lenas is a copy of the original, who fed himself to the body snatcher.
  • The Quisling: He found the body snatcher nearly dead and chose to nurse it back to health and sacrifice himself to it.

    The Mammoth Graveyard 
Once a resting place for mammoths, the Worldwound corrupted the collective spirits from a guardian into a predator.
  • Genius Loci: The graveyard has a collective spirit. Originally it guarded itself from outsiders to ensure the peaceful rest of the mammoths who died in it, it now prefers to lure in outsiders to kill.
  • The Undead: Centuries of mammoth corpses makes for a lot of raw materials. The entire region is filled with boen golems and other undead created from their remains.

CE female tiefling sorcerer 12/ archmage 4

Larissa seeks to twist an outer tendril of the Worldwound to her will, siphoning energy from it to transform into a true demon.

    The Fate Watcher 
A mythic norn who rules the mountain pass known as Thremyr’s Steps.

The River Kingdoms

    In General 
A loose collection of independent kingdoms on the Sellen river delta.
  • Everyone Has Standards: The River Kingdoms may be lawless and amoral on the whole, but they don't tolerate slavery.
  • Wretched Hive: The entire region, to one degree or another.

CG female fey creature adult silver dragon, CR 16

Daughter of the legendary dragon Silverstep and his fey lover.

LE male variant contract devil
A contract devil who appears in the graveyard of the ruined town Nystra every year.
  • Deal with the Devil: As a contract devil, it's his whole shtick. Specifically he made one with a druid for revenge on the merchants of Nystra after they killed his family, granting the grieving man the power to imbue his natural allies with infernal power. The deal also stipulated that Darukarex would return every year on the midnight of the vernal equinox, where the druid hoped to renegotiate their terms. While he didn't live long enough to do so, others heard the stories and flock to the site every year in hopes of making a deal of their own.

World's Edge Mountains

     The Qiaishan 
An order of monks made up entirely of yetis who guard against the creatures that slip through from Leng.


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