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Sure, Player Characters are bound to cause a Moment of Awesome by default. However, even in Golarion canon, many truly awesome things happen. We're going to cover both.

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     On Golarion 

     On the Tabletop 
  • This post comes from a Rise of the Runelords player who, in an act of desperation, tried to push a giant angel statue onto the Lamia Matriarch boss. While she was flying. And the attack had the chance of bringing down the belltower the players were in. And the attack has a -12 to hit. Not only does he actually hit her, he CRITICALS and kills the lamia matriarch in ONE BLOW.
    Dementrius to his GM: Aha! This can truly be described as a monumental blow, as I've hit her with a fucking monument!
  • This thread was created PRECISELY to add to this very page.
  • Ladies, Gentlemen, and Others, That Guy (Who) Destroys Psionics. Nothing says overpowered like eliminating psionic powers from the multiverse.
  • Double duty of a Funny moment: MagusJanus accidentally summons the Tarrasque four times in one campaign. And lives.
  • The Tale of an Industrious Rogue starts out with one group finding a portal to the quasielemental plane of salt. The titular rogue, Hassan, decides to capitalize on this infinite amount of salt by starting a salt trade. From that point, the story evolves from Hassan gaining a monopoly on the salt trade to beginning a multiplanar cartel involving Dao, Night Hags and Denizens of Leng. Hassan and his group later succeed in driving an aboleth insane, bankrupting and overrunning the city of Katapesh, creating a gigantic war between devils and angels that were purified and corrupted respectively by their hand and ultimately engineering an Orbital Bombardment system involving iron golems to wipe out every capital city in Golarion. Eventually, they test this system on Mechitar, opening a fantastic black hole that begins to eat all of Golarion. In a last ditch effort as the world begins to collapse around them, the group rushes to the starstone in order to become gods and survive the impending apocalypse. Only Hassan succeeds, turning into a new god of greed. A story of audacious depravity and utter ingenuity if there ever was one.

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