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Sure, Player Characters are bound to cause a Moment of Awesome by default. However, even in Golarion canon, many truly awesome things happen. We're going to cover both.

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     On Golarion 

     On the Tabletop 

     Pathfinder: Kingmaker Video Game 
  • Attaining the secret ending. It's a massive Guide Dang It!, but damn is it satisfying. To summarize, after informing Nyrissa about what you've learned regarding how curses in the Stolen Lands work, she concocts a plan. You first gain the aid of the other three Eldest - the Lost Prince gives you advice, Magdh the Three gives you a mask the Lantern King had discarded when he was far younger, and Shyka the Many tells you that it must be done after he's been defeated and his confidence broken. Upon defeating him, Nyrissa informs him that she rejects his curse, turning the anguish of a thousand fallen kingdoms back upon him, rendering him mortal, and awaiting your own contribution.
    This is all the Lantern King is able to say. You feel a heavy burden, invisible and ominous, lift from your shoulders and dash towards your enemy. An enemy who is now, after Nyrissa's words, mortal and vulnerable.
    Your curse falls upon the Eldest like a gravestone. The power that was tearing your soul apart, along with the kingdom, now devours him — and faster than one could imagine. The light flashes out. The power fades. A moment later, all you see is a fiery crown, tumbling to the ground and shattering with a piercing clink.
    • There's something to be said for defeating him outside this ending, too. In that case, you don't have advice from the Eldest, you don't have the tools to for his downfall—you just have yourself, your True Companions, and sheer grit. And you still beat him. You can't kill him, but you beat him, and he's so genuinely surprised and impressed that he offers you a deal on the spot.
  • In Pitax, with high enough Persuasion and some good evidence, you can extract promises from almost all of Irovetti's advisors (Stefano requires a Chaotic alignment) to help you when negotiations inevitably fall through. In this case, when he gives the order for his men to attack you, you are treated to the sight of every single one of them turning on him. Now that's a revolution.

     Pathfinder: Wrath Of The Righteous Video Game 

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