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Despite being Darker and Edgier than Dungeons & Dragons has EVER been, there are still some moments in Pathfinder lore that will fill you with joy.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Inheritance. A lesbian couple that isn't played for fanservice, a final (and heartbreaking) reunion with a long-lost sibling, and an implied marriage proposal. Keren and Zae will definitely warm your heart.
  • Anevia and Irabeth Tirablade; a couple who got together despite the burdens of race (Irabeth is a half-orc, a race despised for its near-universal Child by Rape origins and perception as violent and savage brutes barely better than their full-blooded orc kin) and Anevia's discomfort with her male birth-body. Irabeth gladly sold her enchanted sword and used the money to buy Anevia a potion to become the woman she should have been born as, and then married her.
    • The players can make it that little bit sweeter by recovering her sword and giving it back to her.
    • Irabeth's backstory: remember how we said half-orcs in Golarion are near-universally born of rape? Irabeth's father, a full-blooded orc, chose to leave his people because he fell in actual love with Irabeth's human mother, courting her and officially marrying her before they had their daughter. In the video game adaptation, Irabeth even describes him as, quote, "the kindest, most patient soul you'd ever met", and makes it extra clear that the elder Tirabades lived a happy life up to their end.
    • Both of them are important NPCs in the "Wrath of the Righteous" Adventure Path, which also contains another aww-worthy character: Arueshalae, a risen succubus. As a normal succubus, she had seduced and almost drained a priestess of Desna to death when she felt curious about what the priestess dreamt with and got in, only for her to find herself in front of Desna. Rather than being angry at the fact she had killed the priestess, Desna gave Arueshalae the chance to redeem herself - and she did: depending on the campaign feat you grab, her first act of redemption was to save your PC from a bunch of cultists. And when you meet her, she's just a few steps away from becoming Chaotic Good - one of which may be falling in love with one of the PCs and that feeling being reciprocated.
  • In a similar vein to Anevia's story, Shardra Geltl the iconic Shaman is a trans woman who was not only completely accepted by her family and their society, but transitioned via alchemical means similar to the Hormone Replacement Therapies that trans people are given in the real world (and only after her gender was validated by her powers, making it clear she was always a woman before then). A rare example of a transgender person being portrayed realistically, treated like any other character of the same gender and not being used for fanservice or cheap laughs or horror. Her description in the game book even follows the proper practice of using she/her to describe her even when talking about events from before coming out and never revealing her birth name (something that a lot of newspapers fail to do with real people).
  • Reign of Winter has the couple of Jadrenka and Marislova. Born a male half-elf named Maroslan, Marislova fell in love with Jadrenka, despite the latter being a changeling note . He managed to get Jadrenka to reciprocate his feelings, despite the fact she had been raised in an isolated dungeon by her hag mother and thusly was Oblivious to Love; even when moving into the dungeon of Artrosa caused him to discover he was more comfortable as a woman and voluntarily transform himself into Marislova didn't hinder the love.
    • Subverted in that, when you meet the two, Jadrenka has gone Psycho Lesbian on Marislova and locked her up, refusing to believe that Marislova has not been cheating on her with the demon-corrupted nymph Kyrisjana.
  • Reign of Winter also includes the potential for this with Greta, a female winter wolf who can fall in love with a player character. Although she does so under the mistaken belief that they are a winter wolf themselves, she doesn't care that they're not when the truth comes out, and will even become a better person for their sake, abandoning her original Neutral Evil ways.
  • A canonical blog post gives a glimpse of Kyra and Merisiel's wedding.
  • Champions of Purity has a chapter dedicated to Redemption. On the first page of that chapter is a Tiefling wearing a holy symbol of Iomedae. The heartwarming part is that this same Tiefling was first seen battling Seelah earlier on the cover of Blood of Fiends.