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Heartwarming / Magi-Nation

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  • Finding out that Gorgor actually made a Heroic Sacrifice for the villagers in the Underneath, when the audience thought he was an utter doof.
  • At the end of "Viva La Resistance," the Dark Twins have been driven out of Naroom, and Yaki, though still tinged with the energies of the Core, is reunited with Pruitt. He's ready to set off to keep hunting them down, assisted by some Magi from Nar, but Pruitt insists on joining, leading to this touching way to wrap up the arc:
    (Yaki cocked his head to gaze over at Pruitt) "You sure, babe? Could get rough."
    (In the most gravelly Yaki-voice she could muster, Pruitt’s answer was certain):
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  • Chiroptera restoring Strom's memories and the subsequent father/son hug. Also Edyn shedding a tear in the background.
  • Similarly Tony getting Spencer and Edyn getting Orwin back after the old dudes had been turned to shadow magi. There are so many hugs in this show.
  • Chur's sacrifice
    Tony: Chur we can't do this!
    Chur: Why not? Don't you want your grandfather back?
    Tony: More than anything, but I can't let you become a shadow magi again. You're a good person inside.
    Chur: *looks away* I'm the one who turned Spencer evil in the first place, remember? What I want for myself doesn't matter now Tony. I have to do this!

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