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  • Nobilis is prone to many Awesome moments, considering the nature of the game involves gods of all sorts, and their conflicts, physical or otherwise.
  • As has already been noted on the main page, Nobles, Imperators and Excrucians are really really hard to kill, even by others of their kind. So whenever this happens, it's usually pretty awesome.
  • One story from second edition tells of the fate of what really happened to Troy: an Imperator of the Dark, Jehannum, summoned the city to the spirit world to be used against the Excrucians. This is a particularly smart thing for the Imperator to do, because (besides using the city and its inhabitants as soldiers) Troy was one of the greatest cities in human existence, and the Dark's purpose in existence is to try and make humanity destroy itself. HOWEVER - 20 years after being dragged to the spirit world, the city revolted, led by none other than Helen of Troy.
    • Jehannum himself went to crush the rebellion. Under normal circumstances, the warriors of Troy would be less than bugs to Jehannum. But Helen had the Gift Glorious (which inspires a single emotion unto whoever looks upon the Power who has it) - and she was explicitly the most beautiful woman in the history of humanity, and Troy was, as already noted, the most glorious culture ever in humanity. There was something divine in nature when Helen inspired those who defended her. Jehannum came, and he was taken down by mortals, marking it as one of only three times in all history that an Imperator was killed by mortals.

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