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  • Some of the sidebars are gems. Perhaps my favorite:
    The stone was as heavy as my sins. That's not a metaphor, not exactly. That's how heavy my mistress had made it. [...]
  • Third edition is far more whimsical than the previous two editions and is just loaded with throwaway jokes in examples and footnotes:
    • "Bond: Flowers are awesome enough when they don't explode — but when half of them are antimatter? O.M.G."
    • "For instance, in your game, fire might have the Property Fire burns, and it doesn't care."
      • "ProTip: In the real world, fire totally does care."
    • From the Edge chart:
      • "+1. Your tennis racket and shoes are awesome, and theirs are falling apart."
      • "Also, you are playing tennis."
      • "+5. Your opponent has mistakenly brought a knife to a global thermonuclear annihilation fight."
    • "Difficulty 9 Domain miracles allow you to perform large-scale miracles of movement and dharma — you could ... transplant rabbits from their peaceful undersea homes to the world of land... Even at this scale, movement and dharma miracles are pretty subtle: people will know something's wrong..."
      • "Like how conspiracy theorists are always picking at that rabbit thing."
    • "There are relatively few fights in which a 25 trillion ton snake wouldn't come in handy."
  • The example of play in second edition had the Power of Treachery convince a missile to switch sides in flight, and the Power of Eternity attempted to freeze an explosion in place so she could land safely on it.
    • Earlier on, just as the fight breaks out, the Power of Treachery's first act? "Hostess! More wine!"
  • From out of context quotes on on a game of this.
    "I grab the Victorian Era by the hair and punch her in her face!"
  • Antithesis 1i, the Deceiver book, has a few classic footnotes of its own.
    • "a) Genseric Dace is never here when having him here would be profoundly relevant anyway, b) Coriander Hasp is basically never here at all, and c) if he was here he would shoot you in the head with flaming bullets, and nobody wants that. Also, then he would send you home and everyone would laugh at you and your fiery bullet head hair. You will think it might be fashionable but it is actually not fashionable in the least!"
    • As part of an anti-smoking warning: "In fact if you have the young pink lungs of a child go breathe some fresh air and then tell your parents, 'I started breathing fresh air thanks to Jenna Moran! Her games are so vitalizing, I bet I'll live to be one hundred and two!'"
  • Dark though some of them are, there's Antithesis's procession of Parables - the Parable of the Asylum, the Parable of the Spouse, the Parable of the Firenote , and the Parable of the Traveling Circus Mashed into a Twisted Ball of Metal by Some Passing Giant Metal-Mangling Insects and Dangled over the Conveyor Belt Leading into A Meat-Grinder, While We In The Audience All Pass Our Time Taunting the Clowns and Throwing Popcorn at the Admittedly Inefficient Ringmaster and His Conceits. Yes, that's the subheading.
  • Antithesis again: "[Jasmine Apocynum] points at an NPC with no real connection to her story and her life, blesses them with her power, and bam, they're a person! Part of her story! ...regrettably for her story and her legend, this is also known as 'talking to people'."
  • The free "The Story Of Treasure" release has an extended digression on how it's really hard to fly a snack package to the moon, complete with an apology to all the nation's hopeful snackstronauts. Shortly afterwards, it has a desperate fellow named Mercutio attempting to weaponize an Anchor with the "Sleeping-Beauty-A-Pult".
  • "The Story of Treasure" includes an example about your enemy stabbing you with a seal-sword, a sword forged from the heart of a baby seal.
  • An example of Heart Is an Awesome Power, one of the most feared nobles in the setting possesses control over blankets. This is because he can spy on others though any blanket in the world, and control any blanket in the world, up to the point that he can strangle people in their sleep.