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Ferry Girl
"Now get on board, we're setting sail for hell. Literally."

A ferry girl who greets you upon exiting a maze after Floor 2. She escorts the MC across the waters with her boat, named the Row Row. She works for Jeruth, and often is seen nervous around him. She's known to be fairly talkative and friendly.


Shop Keeper
"Hey there, sparkly eyes!"

A ghost who resided in Floor 3, but seems to be able to travel across floors with his brother, Sixtol. Half of his body is badly decayed, and he is noted to be smaller than five feet. He is friendly towards the MC and even has a shop to sell and buy things to the MC.


Save Point
"Hey there, MC! My name is Mechafer. Mechafer Hints."

A mysterious computer who appears on every Floor, to be a save point to record the player's place. Mechafer also serves the purpose of healing the player's entire party, including themselves. It is suggested in-game to talk a lot to Mechafer.

  • Save Point: Serves as a save point in the game and slight conversation.


Mermaid Sister
"You better get going... I heard it's suppose to rain soon."

Zura's older sister, who watches over Zura. She is first found in Level 5 when Kayrie and the MC are allowed to stay for a short time in her home. She was previously in Session Gold as Floor 5's previous boss, she was killed by Maeryn. Then, brought back to life by Zerrin.


Shop Keeper
"...Have a good day miss."

A ghost who resided in Floor 3, but seems to be able to travel floors with his brother, Lazarus. His body is note to be in a decaying state, which is why he wears the sheet. He expresses his emotions through flipping through masks. He takes care of his brother, Lazarus.



Floor 1 Boss
Click here to see her battle sprite.
"Well, welcome to my humble home, MC! It's not that big, but feel free to look around."

A sweet girl who lives alone on Floor 1. She likes to read books, thus having a mass library in her home. Although not willingly, she is the first boss the MC has to defeat.

  • Last Request: "MC... please... no matter what you do... You're not.. a bad person. I hope... you could believe... the same of me."
  • Good Morning, Crono: Leaves a note for the player when they wake up, and wakes them up later from their nap.


Floor 2 Boss
Click here to see his battle sprite.
"Casiel. Boss of Floor 2. Your adventure stops here, murderer."

A bird hybrid boy who resides in Floor 2, and is said good friends with Chia. He fights you without warning as the second boss the MC has to face. He calls her a murderer for what she did, and wishes to take revenge for Chia.


Floor 3 Boss
Click here to see his battle sprite.
"I would've expected a hero fighting a dragon to look braver than that."

The ruler of Floor 3, which is home for the recently dead. He is a dragon, sea serpent, skeleton and demon. It is said he has been around for a couple dozen Sessions, which makes him old. The third boss, who expected the MC to come to kill him.


Floor 4 Boss
Click here to see her battle sprite.
"My name is Madia. I'm a single mother of two, and used to be a part time teacher. It's nice to meet you."

A single mother of two, and a retired school teacher. She informs the MC of the previous session, Session Gold. The Boss of Floor 4, who fulfilled her purpose before fighting the MC.

  • Famous Last Words: After killing Madia, the MC asks for one last question before she fades away. If it's possible to spare the bosses, and Madia responds with: "Jeruth always pondered the same thing... And I pray that someday... you will find a way."


The Mermaid/ Floor 5 Boss
Click here to see her battle sprite.
"My people are all that matters to me. I refuse to sit by and have their name tarnished."

A wise mermaid of few words who does everything she can to preserve and protect her species. The Boss of Floor 5, initially was going to escort the MC and Kayrie until she regained her memories when her core was returned to her.

  • Final Speech: "Sivvia... I hope she knows... that I did this for her..."
  • Guest-Star Party Member: Joins the main party for a brief amount of time before she fights the MC as the Boss of the Fifth floor.
  • Rapunzel Hair
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: With her lost memories, she is sweeter than a plum. Once regained, it is revealed she revived her sister through Zerrin by vowing to serve him as long as he is alive. She recalls her previous vengeance towards the MC, Maeryn and fights the current MC because of this.


     Mini bosses 


Floor 2 Mini-boss
Click here to see their true form.
"...Tomorrow... will be the day..."

An unexpected mini-boss on Floor 2. Selas is repeated- in name, again on Floor 5. They used to be the fourth member of Team RPGS and affiliated with the Mustangs before their death in the Rebellion. Their sudden appearance in Floor 2 is unknown.


Floor 2 Mini-boss
Click here to see her battle sprite.
"A... Are you... going... to hurt me...?"

A girl residing in the greenhouse of Floor 2. It is optional to fight her, as she tells you to leave her alone. She gives out no EXP after defeating her.


Floor 4 Mini-boss

A required mini-boss on Floor 4, in order to enter Madia's schoolhouse, the player needs her key. It is speculated she is dead, or has been missing for decades. Her sudden appearance is a mystery in-game.


Floor 5 Mini-boss
Click here to see their battle sprite.
"This place is disgustingly humid, and water conducts electricity, after all."

A hacker who shows up in a wheelchair. They have electrical based attacks. They're apart of Team RPGS, who appears in Floor 5 with the rest of their team to find the owner of the core they found, which belongs to Zura. They are the one of the mini-bosses who do not die with their defeat.


Floor 5 Mini-boss
Click here to see his battle sprite.
"Hault, strangers of the night! What brings your ill will upon me?"

An odd, absent minded fighter who has attack based type with heavy hits. He's apart of Team RPGS, who appears on the fifth floor after Pollmos. They fight the MC's party after being told Zura is the boss of the floor.


Floor 5 Mini-boss
Click here to see her battle sprite.
"My name is Ghaund, leader of Team RPGS, and taking the world by storm!"

The leader of Team RPGS, a team of rebels who left their homes to explore the Session. Though it is told they have accomplished nothing by doing this. Ghaund is a little slow, and makes ice puns when unnecessary.

     Main Party 

The MC

The MC
"Is there a way I could save... everyone?"

A girl who wakes up in a fountain on Floor 1, she retains no memories of the previous sessions nor why she is here. She wields a sword, and serves as the main character, though MC doesn't stand for those words. She is meant to save the session from soon peril, and in order to do so, she must reach Floor 10 and bypass any boss that stands in her way.


The Tourist
"My, uh, my name's Kayrie! I'm a traveler! I've been to every Floor across the Session."

An optimistic, sociable girl who is known as a tourist, travelling to every floor in Session Violet. She seems to know everybody, but her memory fails her at times. She saves the MC from drowning when she enters Floor 4, and befriends her instantly, the first person to join the MC's party. She wields a fan, and has wind based powers as well as healing.

     Session Gold 


The Previous MC
"They were a baggageless warrior."

The Previous MC of Session Gold. Described by Madia as a selfless hero, who abstained from gender or romance. It turns out they were murdered by Zerrin once they got to the tenth floor.

Rhi & Jen

Maeryn's previous team members
"And the whereabouts of Jen, along to Rhi, are both shrouded in mystery."

Jen is described as a shy girl with no home, and one of the first to join Maeryn's team. Rhi was a punkish biker, but her fate remains unknown. It is said Jen trained for nine months to beat Zerrin, and to become strong enough to kill a God. Whether she did so or not remains unknown.

  • Best Served Cold: Jen trained for nine months to kill Zerrin, after he became a God.


Previous gang leader and Maeryn's friend
"He resided on Floor 7, a place known for its high crime rates. That alone should tell the type of person he was."

A previous gangster leader who lived on Floor 7, Zerrin was apart of Maeryn's party and was told to be close friends with them. When they reach floor 10, he betrays and kills them, taking god-like powers for himself.

  • Hero Killer: He murders Maeryn and becomes a God. It is said the MC must kill him, as he still lingers in the Session.
  • Beneath Notice: Zerrin is alive in Session Violet and undercover, according to Zura.

The Mustangs

Floor 7 Gang
"He was the leader of a gang called The Mustangs."

A gang called the Mustangs, known for their matchless powers, body counts and for overall, being awful people. They lived on Floor 7, and Zerrin was the leader of them. The rest of the members are unknown by name.


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