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Characters / Chronicles of the Kencyrath - Central Lands

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This is listing of things relating to the Central Lands in the series Chronicles of the Kencyrath.

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Bashti & Hathir

    Bashti & Hathir 
Once great rival empires, Bashti & Hathir have since dissolved into seven smaller empires, who constantly squabble with each other using Kencyr mercenaries.

    Bashtiri Shadow Guild 

the Bashtiri Shadow Guild

  • Murder, Inc.
  • Ninjas: The Shadow Guild assassins are definitely not Highly Visible Ninja, literally; they tattoo their bodies including their eyeballs with the juice of the invisible mere plant, which makes them invisible themselves once it is completed. Initiates wear clothing made from the fibers of the same plant.
  • Invisibility Cloak: The beginners wear them. But the but the Bashtiri Shadow Guild is hard-core, so when they level up, they tattoo themselves with invisible ink so they're invisible naked too.

the Weald


  • Our Werewolves Are Different: The Wolvers are not humans that take wolf form, but wolves that take human form. They are born in the form of a wolf and develop the ability to take human form later in childhood.

Grimly Holt Wolvers

  • Noble Savage: The Wolvers of Grimly Holt are this. Their cousins… not so much.
    Torisen: Grimly's people live according to their own system of ethics, and on the whole are less prone to violence than the average human.
  • Noble Wolf: In contrast to the Savage Wolves of the Deep Weald

Deep Weald Wolvers

  • Asskicking Equals Authority
    Grimly: We of the Holt pick our leaders for their singing. Our wild cousins trust only strength.
  • Evil Counterpart: Played with. The audience meets the Grimly Holt wolvers first, so the Deep Weald wolvers are their Evil Counterparts. In-universe it's inverted—most people have heard of the Deep Weald wolvers first, and it's the good Grimly Holt wolves that are the surprise.
  • Savage Wolves: In contrast to the Noble Wolves of Grimly Holt



  • Old Friend: Of Torisen
  • Eloquent in My Native Tongue: He went south, and studied Rendish poetry, then took it back and started writing it in his own language. His Rendish work still sucks though.
    Torisen: The work he does in his own language is quite good—the pack is performing some of it now—but when he recites his poetry in rendish, it's the audience that usually howls.



  • Foil: For Jame, through Torisen's eyes. They're both young, wild, and they challenge him, and he can't control them as much as he wants to. Yce is younger than Jame, but she also ages faster, and seeing Yce grow up somewhat helps Torisen deal with Jame suddenly appearing as a young women, after he last saw her when she was seven.
    More than ever, she reminded him of his sister. Both seemed to be challenging him in ways he couldn't understand, or perhaps didn't want to.
  • Humanity Ensues: We first meet Yce as a child, who's too little to take human form, and a Deep Weald wolver besides. As she gets older, she matures, becomes able to take human form.
  • Little "No": When she comes across her father. It the first time she ever speaks.
    Torisen: Grimly, take her away.
    Yce: No.
    They all look at Yce.
    Yce: My father. My fight.
  • Non-Human Sidekick: To Torisen. She's a wolver, so she's sort of human, but in the first few books of sidekicking, she is still too young to take human form, and thus fills this trope fairly closely.
  • Precocious Crush: Grimly warns Torisen that she has one on him because Deep Weald wolvers are attracted to strength.
    Grimly: [D]id you see those hands? She's starting to change. With adolescence she’ll be able to shift more and more into human form. Given her attraction to you, Tori, I'd watch out.
  • The Thing That Would Not Leave: When the wolvers leave Gothregor, Yce sticks around, acting like she got adopted, and Torisen, after a while, gives in.
    Torisen: We thought at first that she'd been left behind by accident, but now I think that she decided, ancestors know why, to stay.


the Gnasher


  • City of Canals: Hurlen is built on a collection of islands, where the Silver meets the Tardy.



Prince of Karkinor

  • Capture and Replicate: Though he dies anyways, poor guy
  • Fan Boy: Of the Kencyrath. He marries a Highborn lady, and Torisen thinks he would become Kencyr himself if he could.
  • Sexless Marriage/Chastity Couple: With Lyra. They were married, but Lyra is known to be a virgin after that. Children weren't included in Lyra and Odalian's contract, so that may be why. Highborn women can control contraception at will with other Highborn, but matches with Rathillien natives are almost unheard of, so it might be that no one knows how concentration with that combo works—and to play it safe, they might have said no sex.
  • Voluntary Vassal: When Tirandys is impersonating Odalian, he claims to want to make Karkinor this to the Kencyrath.
    Tirandys!Odalian: [shyly] Well, my lord, I was rather thinking of subject ally status for my country.
    Torisen: [surprised] But that would make you practically our vassal.

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