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We can't emphasize this enough: Jake Kaufman (also known as "Virt") has a composing style that is unlike any other. He manages to blend chiptune-style synthesizers with modern instruments to make pieces that have unique sounds and infectuously memorable melodies.

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    Not WayForward 
  • He did the work for Yacht Club Games' smash hit Shovel Knight—no surprise considering Yacht Club Games comprises many previous WayForward Technologies employees.
    • The appropriately epic and nuanced Main Theme is a good start.
    • The electric guitar heavy trailer theme gives you a good idea of what you're in for.
    • The game proper starts you with Strike the Earth!, an energetic and determined tune that nicely conveys Shovel Knight's revitalized spirit for adventure and justice.
    • Pridemoor Keep gives you fittingly medieval sounds for the equally medieval King Knight.
    • Flying Machine is in the running for one of the best themes in the game.
    • The Defender, Black Knight's third battle theme, is quite fitting given the height of the stakes at hand.
    • Fighting With All Our Might is the theme for the various Bonus Boss battles and is suitably intense and fast-paced.
    • Backed Into A Corner mixes hardcore thrash metal with an element of eerieness to go with the atmosphere of the haunted Hall of Champions.
    • La Danse Macabre is Specter Knight's stage theme, and manages to give off both a Mega Man and Castlevania feel.
    • All of the Battletoads themes, exclusive to the Xbox One version, stay true to the original versions while giving the guitars a heavier sound and mixing Shovel Knight music into them to spice them up.
    • Really, just give the OST a listen, it's well worth the time.

    Remixes, Arrangements, & Collaborations 
Jake got his start in the video game remix community, and many of these early pieces are available online through sites like Overclocked Remix and VG Remix. While professional composition gigs have mostly supplanted his remix work, he still contributes to OC Remix projects from time to time - that is, when he's not rearranging his own tracks.


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