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  • Joffrey's Character Development from a Royal Brat to a Jerk with a Heart of Gold to a Wise Prince.
  • Joffrey conquering the Summit of the Mountains of the Moon. And before that killing the Shadowcat with nothing but a broken spear and a dagger.
  • Joffrey shooting not one, not two, not even three but five arrows at in less than three seconds after training as an archer in the Dawn Legion. Then he does this again in front of Theon and Robb, culminating in a target dummy being peppered with twenty arrows all converging near its head.
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  • In one cycle, Sansa manages to kill two men, before being killed herself during an escape from the Red Keep.
  • The Red Wolf - or why The North is not someone Joffrey wishes to ever mess with.
  • In a cycle where Stannis wins Blackwater Bay, Tyrion, of all people, rallies the Goldcloaks and Joffrey, who was still a coward at the time, to make a Last Stand.note 
  • Another for Tyrion: in another loop, he challenges Greatjon Umber to a drinking contest and wins.
  • The first duel between Joffrey and Jon Snow. The author does well in writing fighting scene and it shows.
  • When he's captured by Renly's troops, Joffrey calls out not only Renly, but Margaery and Olenna at the same time for their manipulations, proving that he's no longer the cruel, selfish idiot who would have succumbed to their lies in earlier cycles.
  • In chapter 24 Joffrey discovers the truth about the white walkers and not only that, but he kills one with an- although primitive- a freaking rocket launcher at the cost of his right eye and arm. He does this again in Chapter 26b. After being surrounded by the White Walkers and is in the process of being stabbed in the heart, he pulls a Taking You with Me with a primitive bomb. It works. True he died later, but he did not go down quietly.
    • In regards to the first instance: after that particular encounter, the injured and almost delirious Joffrey is told by the medics that they must amputate his right arm, or he will succumb to infection. Joffrey wonders for a moment just how easy it would be for him to just give up and die, to wake up back in his bed in King's Landing, with none of his responsibilities as an officer of the Dawn Legion... then unhesitatingly tells the medics to do it.
  • Also in chapter 24, Joffrey slowly evolving into the Ideal Officer and gaining the "Aura of Serene Command" and is able to inspire morale 'just by standing up'.
  • The entirety of chapters 25 to 26 a.k.a Humanity's Last Stand against the White Walkers. True they all died, but they died being 'masters of their own fate' and faced them with zero fear. 'WE WILL STAND!' indeed.
    • Inspired by the sight of a silver lion roaring defiantly at the army of the undead, the remaining garrison of the Dawn Fortress, knowing they will not last the week, clamor to sally forth in a suicidal attack so that they may die on their own terms. Joffrey orders the men to assemble for this purpose. The troops, their armor, and their equipment are all battered to hell, and Joffrey thinks that the sight would make a Reacher knight snicker, yet he would still rather command the battered garrison than any group of knights. He then gives a speech proclaiming his troops as a Band of Brothers, not ashamed to let them see him shed tears.
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  • The Skirmish at the Riverlands in the chapter 31 and 32; with Joffrey Curbstomping not only the riverland armies but also Break the Haughty of everyone who kept seeing him as a young boy. This ends with him eliminating House Darry after calling Lord Darry for all the soldiers who died under him which could have been avoided if only Darry wasn't so blinded by vengeance.
  • In Chapter 34, Joffrey becomes the Westerosi equivalent of the Shadow as he steadily begins exterminating Baelish's criminal empire. Also, he begins training for the Hand of the King's tourney, once again earning Sandor's respect as he learns to joust.
  • In Chapter 35, Baelish, left a Nervous Wreck, is desperately making plans to kill Joffrey while fleeing in his ship. Feeling thirsty, he calls for some wine, only for no one to attend to him. Cue Littlefinger discovering his entire crew slaughtered without a single alarm raised and a very pissed Joffrey ready and raring to Kick the Son of a Bitch.
  • The entirety of Chapter 36. Prince Joffrey Baratheon, Dragonslayer, Wielder of Brightroar!
  • Chapter 40. Sansa joins Joffrey. Also a Tear Jerker.
  • The Braavos Arc A.K.A Sansa learns how to manipulate a bunch of Magnificent Bastards with courtesies and smiles. While she admits that physically she will never reach Joffrey's skills, she had proven herself to be a player with the social skills she have. Although she did hit a few stumbling blocks (those Magnificent Bastard title the Braavosis got are completely earned), she still manages to come back, re-plan and then successfully to overthrow one of the richest and most ruthless man in the Shivering Seas. This with the Braavosi upper-class treating them like a couple of upstart Westerosi Barbarians. This also proves why she's considered as the other half of the Purple; while Joffrey would have simply murdered the man thus starting a Cycle of Vengeance with the man's son and family, Sansa pulled it in such a way that the man's family would become so ruined that they become too afraid to even dare seek vengeance. Her cunning is as such, both she and Joffrey earned the respect and gratitude of the Sealord himself.
  • Chapter 46. Just after Robert's death, Renly declares himself king as usual. Joff knows his best shot at unifying the Kingdoms under his banner is to become a symbol himself, so he goes after Renly with only a tiny Raider force to march upon the colossal Reach army, and with supreme skill, successfully leads a brutal night raid in which the Reach army's left running around like a headless chicken. Joff's so successful at the initial raid that, if not for Brienne's determination and skill, he would have killed Renly then and there. The second raid is even more damaging.
    • And to cap it off, he keeps taunting Renly as he makes short work of most of his Rainbow Guard.
  • Chapter 47. Joff swoops into the disintegrating army and secures the loyalty of the rebelling Stormlords. To end Renly's army, he finishes off his Rainbow Guard in a brutal Battle in the Rain, first engaging the Red Knight unarmed and weighted down with several smallfolk desperately trying to keep him pinned, and then killing him anyway with the ornamental antlers of his helmet. Then, he takes on Brienne and Loras - none of which manage to last against him. Then, he publically humiliates Renly and receives a new sobriquet - Stormking.
  • Chapter 49. Mixes in with Tear Jerker, but Sansa earns her Action Girl status in this chapter. First she arrests Cersei for poisoning Tyrion. Then she organizes the defenses of King's Landing in preparation for Stannis' invasion. After Ned is assassinated by Melisandre's shadow demon, an enraged Sansa rallies the panicking soldiers with a series of Rousing Speeches, leading the charge on horseback with her direwolf Lady by her side. She does quite well for herself fighting at the Mud Gate, killing several foot soldiers and knights herself with help from her friends and bodyguards. Despite suffering several wounds and losing several allies, she personally kills Stannis as the battle draws to an end, slumping against the wall with Meera Reed and watching the sun rise over the bloodied city.
  • Chapter 50. As irritating as it might be for Joffrey, credit where credit's due: Varys dying to his tortures without breaking earns him more than a few badass points.
  • Chapter 52. Joff takes down both Rhaegal and Drogon, the latter by himself. He only succumbs because Daenerys' warriors keep him unable to focus on Viserion. It's implied that had it been a fight between Joff and the dragon alone, he would have butchered the big lizard just as well.
  • In Chapter 55, Joff confronts something in Stygai, the leftovers of the horror of life at being overwhelmed in the last Long Night... and manages to outrun it.
    • Meanwhile, Sansa deals with a demon that's far stronger and wilder than the one she was ready for, and she manages to bring it to heel anyway.
  • Chapter 64. For the first trial of the nascent Royal Legion, Olyvar Frey leads a group of Guardsmen, screaming at, threatening, inspiring, pulling and dragging them through harsh terrain, with the task of outrunning Cersei's wheelhouse, and in doing so, gets the first glimpse of what the Legions are going to become.
  • Chapter 67. Even if it's only recounted and not seen first-hand, the story of Joff killing a berserk Gregor Clegane is the stuff of legends. As is his incredible speech to his amassed troops. A smallfolk baker stops him at one point, and tells him it's not work or coin that's the most valuable thing he's given the people of Westeros, but hope, the hope of truly forging a new era of wonders and wisdom and awaking the potential of a united Seven Kingdoms and making them truly One.
  • Chapter 71. Aegon's preparing to march upon Westeros with his armada and the support of the Golden Company. And then it turns out Joff and Sansa subverted Varys' communication network, and what the Blackfyre pretender thought was a massive rally point to smash the Baratheons was an equally massive trap as the Royal Fleet crashes into his forces and Joffrey himself confronts him. Even with Blackfyre, he's terribly unexperienced and gets gutted with no effort from Joff, who to cap the night, denounces the Targaryen dynasty and shows their last and most terrible defeat by tossing the family's sword, representing their hold of Westeros, into the murky waters of the bay.

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