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  • How do you know a story is going to have a massive HSQ? When it opens with Percy stabbing the Titan of Time threw the chest and then carving his eye out with Annabeth's dagger.

  • Remember way back, when Percy nearly died fighting the Minotaur when he was twelve? Here he fights an entire pack of Minotaurs and nearly kills all of them singlehandedly.

  • In the interest of saving time, we could very well put "whenever Percy gets pissed", but that would defeat the purpose of this page. So instead I give you the moment when Percy tanks not one, but two Magic Swords, the Orario equivalent of a Fantastic Nuke.
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  • In Burnt Part 2, Percy's method of Throwing Down the Gauntlet is to throw a carriage into Apollo's mansion and then rip the pipes out of the wall at the end to be petty.
    Percy: “Make no mistakes—I’m letting you walk away from this on your actual legs only because Hestia said she wanted a show. If you flee the city before then, you might save yourselves some embarrassment, but I’m honestly too busy to bother with you right now.”
  • In Drowned, when Percy loses Riptide and Revus ignores his demands to know what happened to her, he decides to make her talk.

    “Fine,” I said, sounding too calm even for my own ears. My hands trembled, knuckled clenched too tight, blood running too hot in my veins. “Then we can continue this conversation when you get tired of drowning.”

    And then half of the island fell down into the water.

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