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This is something new in the world of fanfic: repeated Groundhog Day events that slowly develop Joffrey from immature, bloodthirsty, stupid psychopath to a humble, compassionate, learned, and wise young man. Needless to say, there are MANY heartwarming moments throughout Joffrey's journey.

  • Joffrey's bonding with Ned, after suffering from a Villainous BSoD. It sparked his Heel–Face Turn and eventual growth to a kind and wise Prince.
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  • The Eastern Wind loop, where Joffrey joins a shipping crew to prove that he could stand on his own. It was the first time Joffrey made true friends.
  • In the Lemon loop, Joffrey hides from an irate, overprotective Cersei in Winterfell's kitchen, where he finds Robert ambling, hoping to find Ned's ale stash. 'Father' and son sit and talk about Joffrey's sparring session with Jon and how he's cultivating friendships with the other Stark children. Robert feels alive for the first time in years, and more importantly, begins feeling proud of Joff as his father.
  • The Broken Knights Arc: Joffrey takes Sandor, Jon and Tyrion on a road trip, where they bonded over the fact that they are rejects of society. It showed just how far Joffrey had come from the Spoiled Brat at the beginning of the story.
  • During one of Robert's deaths, Joffrey comforted his 'father' by saying that he would soon be free from the role that Robert did not want, understanding just how horrible being a King was for him.
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  • In an early life, Joffrey forced Tyrion to drink from the poisoned cup under the false belief that his uncle plotted the whole thing. When he realised that his uncle was a 'scapegoat', Joffrey was the only person in the crowd who screamed for help. He grew quite fond of Tyrion afterwards and has since looked up to him, even making it his goal to become half as intelligent as his uncle.
  • In the Yi-Ti loop, literally the longest one either the readers or Joffrey have been through, he leaves everything behind in search of more knowledge and ends up in Yi-Ti. There, he joins the Legion of the Dawn, the Yi-Tish equivalent of the Night's Watch, only VASTLY more (as in 'not even close to describing the disparity between the two orders') competent, numerous, well-equipped, and trained, with a very impressive support system to boot. There he makes many friends throughout his adventures, most notably Captain Shah and Colonel Jin (the man who inspired him to join the archers), and they're better felt read than listed.
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  • During the Siege, Joffrey goes around visiting the remnants of the Dawn Legion at their hospital. A young recruit there confessed that the recuperation was worse than being out in the field as they were left with nothing to do but reflect on their (horrific) memories. Joffrey suggests that they all do a game session to alleviate the mood. It shows that Joffrey had become more than just a Four-Star Badass Hope Spot, but a Father to His Men.
  • After the Yi-Ti Arc, Joffrey is reborn again and this time suffers another BSOD. While trying to get used to being in Westeros and a Prince again, he accidentally confessed his whole reincarnation-loop to Myrcella. To his surprise, his younger sister believed him and it went on to re-forge the bond between the two siblings. Even if it does freak Tommen out as he's kept out of the loop.
  • Joffrey finally losing his virginity while at the same time learning to let go of his fear of ever returning to the canon!Joffrey in the books and series. He bonds with Nalia, a Hooker with a Heart of Gold and slowly begins to trust her with his secrets, especially the part about him being in a "Groundhog Day" Loop. Which makes it all the more crushing when he finds out that she's actually a Honey Trap working for Baelish. Her betrayal ultimately breaks him again and this time, we're reminded that despite his Character Development, Joffrey was born with a sadistic streak and it won't go away simply because he Took a Level in Kindness
  • Joffrey comforting the in-universe Butt-Monkey Lord Willard Mooton, who surrendered after the 'Skirmish at the Riverlands.' The young lord confesses that his father had been a Dirty Coward, who became a mockery among the nobility. This made Willard to near reckless to overcompensate for his father's failings. Joffrey then admits that he also was scared witless during his first battle and comforted the young man saying that being afraid is 'okay'. A small sweet heartwarming moment.
  • In chapter 36 Joffrey tries to abandon both Tyrion and Sandor to go off to the Valyrian ruins. Instead of taking the money he left, Sandor went into a roaring rampage of fury and demanded that Joffrey stop his plans. Sandor basically yelled, "I am not going to allow to you die for some sword!". What follows is a dirty melee where Sandor used every trick imaginable to keep Joffrey from going. It didn't work as the three of them ended up going anyway but it shows just how much Sandor and Tyrion cares about Joffrey.
  • Tyrion trying to cheer up a morose Joffrey in the Ser Bucketman interlude. Even adrift in memories and despair as he is, Joffrey can't stop smiling at his uncle's antics, and confesses how relieved he is that the end of his journey is finally within sight.
  • Joffrey entertaining both Tommen and Myrcella by singing and making his horse dance in front of them. A rather sweet moment considering that in that loop, our protagonist is caught in another round of depression after discovering that Sansa has to join the Purple, in order for them to defeat the Others once and for all and thus stop the loop, permamently. It's sweet to see even amidst what his gloom, he still tries to be a good brother for them.
  • Sansa, after joining Joffrey, actually stops the prince from immediately heading back to the hell that is King's Landing and instead convinces him to head to Braavos, easing his PTSD and gently reminding him he's not alone and doesn't have to be again.
  • A frightened Joffrey gathers his courage to admit he's indeed a bastard born of incest to Sansa... who accepts him without reservation, telling him he's been dropping enough hints that she managed to work it out herself earlier.
  • Joffrey selected a group of minor and neglected noblemen (and bastard) to become Officers of his newly created Royal Guardsmen. He took a group of men who would otherwise be forgotten and dismissed in their society and saw something great in them. Taking a leaf from Sansa (who gave him the idea), he imbued them with a purpose, to become something greater than a knight, someone who can lead and destroy armies and become a paragon of justice. And not just the nobility as well, Joffrey also managed to do the same of the Small Folk and finally broke the barriers that denied them upwards mobility and created something he had learned in the Yi-Ti Arc.
  • Robert's conversation with Ned where they talk about their children and the special bond they seem to have. Robert is clearly proud of the man that Joffrey has become as he tells Ned a story of the Royal Guardsmen he found training with him, smiling the whole time, and he tells Ned that the bond between their Houses was always meant to be. In the end, he gives a toast to Joffrey and Sansa, describing himself as just feeling good in the midst of all his apathy.
    Robert: For our children, may they prosper beyond our shadows and our regrets.
  • Chapter 45. All of it. Sansa comforting Joffrey after the previous chapter's brutal scene. The two of them hosting a party littered with small moments of these. From a friend of Sansa asking a man to dance, to Robert and Tyrion crashing their party that led to Joffrey and Robert dueling each other. Robert's monologue of just how proud he is of Joffrey. It ends with the Tear Jerker of Robert passing away, although utterly content that his son is more than capable of handling the task of ruling. And after so much politicking and actions for the past few arcs, chapter 45 stands out as one of the most heartwarming moments in Purple Days.
  • Apparently, between learning the performance of aeromancy with monks and Sansa training to use Blood Magic, Joffrey found time to write an opera adaptation of their adventures called "A Speck of Purple".
  • Chapter 59. Joff's reaction to the canon incident in which a peasant (implied to be Pocket, who served in the Royal Legion in the Blackworks loop) tossed some dung at him. Joff simply talks to him and hears him out, gives him a small coin and promises to arrange for the distribution of some of the Red Keep's stores (guilting the High Septon so the Great Sept does likewise), walking away having gained some measure of respect from the smallfolk.
  • Chapter 62. The Summer Isles chapters were a nice reprieve from the ominous Asshai training loop and scary and depressing mini arc where in Joffrey damages the Purple and sends him and Sansa to the middle of the canon timeline. Joffrey and Sansa go to the Summer Isles to get some much needed time and relax, reconnect, and consider their moves for the future. They have some good times together, make new friends, and even meet Joffrey's long lost great-uncle Gerion and his native family, but the highlight was most definitely the end of Chapter 62, wherein Joffrey takes Sansa on a boat ride on the Summer Sea for a night of thrills, marveling at dolphins and tropical birds, and lovemaking. Its a hopelessly romantic and heartening scene that serves as the perfect transition for what looks to be the last loop of the story.
  • Chapter 63, Cold Wind. Sansa speaks to Will the Night's Watch deserter and lets him tell her all of what he saw, how many wights and where. This brings Will peace as someone who believed him took his message seriously, and he dies happy he may have been able to warn everyone after all.
  • Chapter 65, Hearth. Knowing it's the last loop, Sansa talks to her parents, showing them what's to come and confiding on them about the lives she's lived and the role she and Joffrey play into the battle for every living soul in Planetos. Terrified as she is when Sansa displays sorcery, Catelyn holds to her and comforts her until she stabilizes. Ned and Cat are shown that the future King knows of the danger and has begun preparations for the darkness ahead, giving them hope that the horror of the White Walkers and the Long Night can be defeated.
  • Chapter 66. Joffrey finally works up the courage to admit the truth about himself to Ned, and it ends with Joffrey tearfully thanking him for all he did for him over the many loops, declaring to Ned that no matter what anyone else says Ned is his real father, and Ned taking it as well as he can considering he has no idea what he's done to deserve this.
  • Chapter 67. Joffrey and Sansa host a massive community banquet with many of the Capital's nobles and smallfolk Blackworks employees attending. Several of the smallfolk praise and commend the crown prince and his betrothed for opening so many opportunities for better work, more income, better living conditions, and in general making it seem as though even the lowest of people in the realm matter. One old baker in particular who survived the Sack of King's Landing during Robert's Rebellion says that he doesn't follow Joffrey and Sansa for the promise of coin or social status, but because they've given him something infinitely more valuable... hope. Joffrey capitalizes on this sentiment by giving a grand speech on how he wishes for all people, high and lowborn, to put aside their differences and help him lead Westeros into a golden age of unity, prosperity, and peace.
    • Ser Loras also personally thanks Joffrey for saving him from being killed by an enraged Gregor Clegane during the tourney. Renly is also thankful to his nephew despite being suspicious of his sudden change in personality.
  • Chapter 68. Joffrey says farewell to his supposed father King Robert one last time. Robert yet again was gutted by a pig but this time not because of Cersei's poisoned wine. The two are able to have an earnest conversation about Joffrey's change in character, all the good work he is doing to lead Westeros into a better future, and how proud Robert is of Joffrey despite not putting in the work to raise him and how confident he is in him, Sansa, and all the others in leading the Seven Kingdoms well. Joffrey even works up the courage to tell Robert the truth about his illegitimacy, but Robert passes away before he can hear the rest. When Joffrey walks out to tell Ser Barristan the news, the old knight simply says, "Long Live the King."
  • Chapter 74. With his trial with Daenerys looming, Joffrey has taken after Sansa and told Tyrion, Sandor, and Jon the truth about the Purple and the Cycle. His three friends have only grown more attached to him as a result and beg him to reconsider his insane plan to challenge Daenerys in Trial-By-Combat for the right to the Iron Throne, but Joffrey rebuffs them, insisting that he has to ensure that no one else suffers as a result of what he has done to Daenerys. Joffrey boldly fights Drogon one-on-one to ensure that his subjects aren't harmed by Daenerys, despite Edmure Tully and several others begging him to allow them to fight at his side.

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