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  • Shizuo from Durarara!! ranges from "Kill'emkill'emkill'em" to "GRAH!!" to "IIIIIZAAAAYAAAAAAAAAAA!!!"
  • Monta from Eyeshield 21 occasionally grunts incoherently when he gets mad enough, which doesn't help his case when he's mad about people pointing out his resemblance to a monkey.
  • In Katekyō Hitman Reborn!, Xanxus tends to do this when he reaches the apex of his fury (along with breaking out with his old scars). To quote just one instance:
    Xanxus: Shit... shit... piece of shit... you trash!
    • Well, what else would you expect from the Sin of Wrath?
  • In one chapter of Sgt. Frog, Keroro gets sick, and Tamama tries to visit him with gifts, hoping that by this point he's getting sick of "that dumb broad" (Angol Moa, whom he regards as a rival for the Sergeant's attention) trying to minister to him. Instead, he finds Moa is merely sitting quietly with Keroro at his bedside, upon which Moa politely asks Tamama to be quiet so Keroro can sleep. The flabbergasted Tamama simply babbles "My electrolytic quotient has been reduced to the laxity of damaged hair..."
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  • Koizumi of Lovely Complex descends into this occasionally.
  • In one episode of And You Thought There is Never a Girl Online?, Ako thinks Hideki is cheating on her and, after a few moments of Dissonant Serenity/Tranquil Fury, loses both her temper and her ability to form coherent sentences.
    Ako: You just don't know... when you're beaten! My anger is euphoric right now, even for me!
  • Sanji from One Piece was so enraged at his wanted poster, which suffered a bad case of Facial Composite Failure, that he lost the capacity for human speech.
    • Secondary character Duval also tends to slip into a country accent which worsens the more he's worked up.
    • When Luffy reveals that he spent almost all of the Straw Hats' treasury on a victory party, Nami loses all composure and resorts to violence and a series of high-pitched yips.
  • Popotan's Mai in episode 5, where she goes ballistic on a sentient dandelion.
  • Kyon, from Haruhi Suzumiya, reveals himself to be quite Angrish when being awakened during his slumber during one of the Endless Eight episodes, to the point of only creating random noises.
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  • Kina from Wife and Wife doesn't take it very well when her big sister tries to hit on her wife. Frenzied flailing and Angrish ensue.
  • Rurouni Kenshin: While looking for Kenshin, Kaoru happens to go to the restaurant owned by Misao's grandfather (and he's staying with them). Hilarity Ensues as she realizes that Misao knows Kenshin: they crash their foreheads into one another (twice!) during their conversation, causing both of them to exclaim wordless pain. (The word bubbles are just in wingdings.)
  • In Aggressive Retsuko, Retsuko vents about her annoying coworkers and bosses by hitting up the karaoke club and singing screamo Death Metal. Her singing is so incoherent that it barely sounds like any intelligible language and is more like incoherent screaming, such that lyrics appear on-screen relaying what she's singing.
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  • A majority of Dragon Ball villains end up suffering breakdowns so big, they cannot make proper sentences. Just look what happened to King Piccolo, Frieza, Cell and Zamasu.
  • In My Hero Academia, Hound Dog, a teacher at UA High School, tends to devolve into barking whenever he gets upset, such as informing the student body that two students(Bakugo and Midoriya) got into a fight the previous night.


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