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  • In Mafalda, an angry mother is so angry that she starts dropping vowels and entire words, and as such starts yelling only isolated words. The quote below does not mean anything: she's dropped so many vowels that it's been rendered complete nonsense. In parentheses is the intended meaning as translated by Mafalda.
    Raquel: ¡Sunescán! ¡Dalúna buso! ("¡Es un escándalo, un abuso!" meaning "It's a scandal, an abuse!" uttered by an angry mother coming back from market).
    • The quote above can be rendered intelligible if read with typical Argentinian intonation.
      • And even more so if you go to the market in Argentina when the prices are rising.
  • Captain Haddock in the Tintin books often unleashes a tirade of disjointed insults and random words at the subject of his anger. In Tintin: The Castafiore Emerald, when Captain Haddock receives a phone call from Thompson and Thomson congratulating him over his Tabloid Melodrama reported engagement to Castafiore, he lets out a series of inarticulate angry syllables before slamming the receiver down, while the loss of his whisky in Tintin in Tibet resulted in an enraged snarl of "RKRPXZKRMTFRZ!" In Flight 714, Rastapopolous does the same thing ("MDJRK!") when he boasts about stamping on a spider... and it keeps evading him.
  • In one The Simpsons comic book, Homer is seen slamming into Skinner's office when Bart's in trouble, saying "Too angry to finish sentence I-!"
    • In another story, he tries to put up wallpaper. Hilarity Ensues, of course, and each Epic Fail has Homer cursing more and more, until he runs out of English swear words until he's forced to swear in Chinese.
  • A darker version occurs in the post-One Year Later Superman story arc, "Up, Up and Away". Big Blue has just destroyed Lex Luthor's latest scheme and, powerless, miles above Metropolis, the two are sent plummeting to the ground. Despite giving an impressive speech moments beforehand, as they fall Luthor can only stare at Supes and growl:
    Lex: I hate you. God I hate you.
  • The DM in Knights of the Dinner Table will, when exasperated at the unorthodox behavior of his players, frequently be reduced to shouting "FIRK DING BLAST!"
  • Incredible Hulk would seem to be the living distillation of this trope. Whenever Bruce Banner gets angry enough, he manifests as the incarnation of Angrish. "RRAAAAARRGH! HULK SMASH! AAAARRRGH!"
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  • In issue seven of The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, Phineas is pursued by the Overprotective Dad of a girl he slept with, and notes "He appears to be too enraged to speak articulately."
  • One issue of Marvel's What The?! Self-Deprecation comic had "The Mighty Sore, God of Blunder" receive a bad haircut and butchere Ye Olde Englishe even worse than usual:
    Sore: Ye hath madeth a mockeryth of the goldenth tressth of Soreth!
    Footnote: Editor's note: Sore's speech impediment worsens as he gets angry.
  • PS238 has a character implanted with a chip which replaces any profanities he voices with random other words. If he tries to launch into a Cluster F-Bomb, he instead starts singing showtunes.
  • In Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life, Knives' first appearance sees her getting harangued by her mom for not having a boyfriend; in her annoyance she accidentally drops her books, prompting a muttered string of this as she picks them up.


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