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YMMV: Bully
  • Alternate Character Interpretation:
    • Derby Harrington and Bif Taylor are regularly considered to be a homosexual couple. While it's easy to see why Derby/Bif is a popular slash pairing (Bodyguard Crush), it doesn't explain why this caught on with the Bully fanbase at large.
      • This was born from a random line that Dan Wilson, one of the Jocks, says. "Word is Bif and Derby are made for each other." or something very similar to that.
    • Gary Smith: Just a jerk, or Jerk Ass Woobie?
      • Jerk Ass interpretation - Just a smug narcissistic jackass who isn't as smart as he thinks he is, who's primary motivation is that he loves manipulating people.
      • Jerkass Woobie interpretation - He hints that he has a horrible homelife, a host of medical problems for which he has to take pills that make him feel horrible, a personality and attitude that prevents him from having friends.
    • Pete Kowalski: Nervous Sideline Woobie, or a superior, more patient manipulator?
      • Woobie: It's how he's propped up to be seen throughout the whole game. Gary humiliates and beats him regularly, in Halloween, he's dressed up as a giant bunny, and is seen to be incredibly nervous at even the slightest rule-breaking.
      • Manipulator: That being said, though, he seems to guide Jimmy through the perfect path to topple leader after leader. He got close to Gary, so that Gary would rule him out as a threat-free woobie. And, eventually, Jimmy would do the same. It seems Petey's waiting for the perfect moment to seize control, himself, which Jimmy may have absolutely aided by making him head boy out of feeling sorry for him.
      • A third theory is a mix of the two, with Petey having to put up with everybody's abuse until Jimmy comes around, and then becomes a Well-Intentioned Extremist inspired by Jimmy enforcing his own "peace" upon the school, hoping this would put an end to the constant clique-based violence that had victimized him and other students, and put a stop to Gary's Evil Plan to put every person in the school against each others' throats. This is supported by Petey giving Jimmy genuine support throughout his quests to bring down most of the cliques (unlike Gary, who was setting Jimmy for a fall right from the start), and desperately tries to warn Jimmy that Gary still had a bigger scheme in the wings once Jimmy became complacent as "King of the School"... and even AFTER Jimmy had gotten himself expelled from Bullworth, and made a mortal enemy of virtually every clique he once led, Petey tells a depressed Jimmy that he shouldn't give up so easily, and that he needed to stop Gary's scheme.
  • Awesome Music: Almost the entire score is an Earworm and everything is beautifully composed, taking in a wide variety of styles which fit moods and places very well.
  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment:
    • What happens when you find all the transistors for The Hobo. He gets sucked into the sky by a tractor beam while a maniacal laugh echoes.
    • Walking into the Freak Show and seeing a real live mermaid.
    • Also destroying all the gnomes for Brandi in the Scholarship Edition.
  • Breather Boss: The final boss fight against Gary on the school roof. Despite truly epic final battle music, he's no tougher than the standard enemy Mooks you've been beating up throughout the game, and may even be weaker, considering he spends most of the fight blocking your punches with his face.
  • Draco in Leather Pants: Gary Smith.
    • The Greasers (excluding Lola) in general get this. It probably has something to do with the Greasers being the only clique that isn't inherently unsympathetic and the aforementioned All Girls Want Bad Boys.
    • Parker Ogilvie also gets it, mainly because he's basically a repressed nice guy by nature. Fanfic, however, forgets about the "repressed" part a lot, as well as the not understanding why he can't buy friends and love thing.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Some of the minor characters have big followings among the fan community.
  • Fanon: With only slight amounts of time for characters to develop, a number of characterizations in fanfic have stuck and been repeated in other stories. A couple popular ones...
    • Trent Northwick is a serial molester of new girls, and he has horrible tobacco mouth from smoking
    • Derby Harrington is a foppish ponce who can easily be taken out with a right hook by any Author Avatar Mary Sue, and needs Bif to do everything for him.
      • Especially ironic considering that during Complete Mayhem, he's probably the toughest of the four faction leaders to take down.
    • The Greasers, and especially Johnny Vincent, are essentially nice guys.
  • Guide Dang It: What constitutes a "good" snapshot in the photography missions isn't always obvious, which leads to some "WTF?!" moments as you take the same picture over and over from slightly different angles and distances until you finally find one the game will accept.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: One of the missions added in the Scholarship Edition, "Discreet Deliveries", ended up being remarkably similar to Breaking Bad, (namely, a chemistry teacher using his own chemicals to brew products for customers ( only it's a miracle hair-growth tonic for Dr. Watts, in spite of the setup implying they were hallucinogens) to the point that it could have been interpreted as a Shout-Out if the game had been released later than three months after the series began.
  • Idiot Plot: Jimmy could have ended this in chapter 2 if he just went to hunt down Gary down. At least during Chapter 1, Gary was giving Jimmy a good reason to trust him until the end.
    • However, since it's literally impossible to encounter Gary in free-roam, Gary must've found one heck of a rock to crawl under to plot his Evil Plan. Even the few times he shows back up in the story, he only does so while having several clique members that he manipulated close by, and uses them to keep Jimmy busy while putting as much distance between him and Jimmy as possible.
    • Not to mention, in a Chapter 4 level, you have to take pictures of a cheerleader in a risque pose. Later on, when they're plastered around town, you have to spray them with paint. Apparently; Jimmy didn't think of just tearing them down, which wouldn't have gotten the police and adults coming after him.
      • To be fair, Jimmy mentions he planned to tear them down when talking to the cheerleader, and only would've covered them up if he couldn't. Since these posters were being plastered by the Nerds, they could've potentially gotten the posters to stick with some Applied Phlebotinium superglue that would've made tearing them down impossible.
  • Jerk Ass Woobie: Jimmy sometimes, depending on the situation.
  • Launcher of a Thousand Ships: Any of the main characters, any of the bisexual boys. But especially Gord Vendome.
  • Magnificent Bastard: This is clearly what the game designers were gunning for with Gary. Fans of the character see him as this, and most fanfiction portrays him as one of these.
  • Marty Stu: Arguably, Jimmy himself, since he can take down legions of people twice his weight and size, without so much as missing a beat, single-handedly (besides some basic advisory) becoming the king of the school and making everyone submit to him. Furthermore, he aces every class with very little effort.
    • Well, that last one qualifies more as pragmatism. The faster you ace the classes, the sooner you don't have to get nailed with truancy everytime you try to do a mission during school hours.
  • Misaimed Fandom: No, you are not supposed to sympathize with or root for Mr. Hattrick during the Hattrick vs Galloway mission series - the game carefully makes Hattrick the single most despicable character in the game. But then, see Strawman Has a Point below.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Anything that has to do with the asylum.
    • Also some of the freaks in the carnival Freakshow are rather creepy.
  • No Such Thing as Bad Publicity: As with Rockstar's other games, the Moral Guardians and their protests and attempts to ban the games only ensured that it sold well.
  • Polished Port: The Wii version is a pretty straightforward example of this — and probably the best version of the game — including extra content, having somewhat improved graphics, and making solid use of the Wii's motion controls. The 360 and PC versions are theoretically this, as they also have the extra content along with much-improved graphics compared to the PS2 and Wii versions, but...
  • Porting Disaster: In the 360 version, the music minigame becomes a Luck-Based Mission because of a bug in registering both bumpers at the same time. Moreover, the release version of the game suffered some pretty nasty glitches and performance problems, which weren't fixed for some time afterwards. Most noticeably there is one errand(find Algie's jacket) which will NEVER appear no matter what you do.
    • The music minigame isn't perfect in the PC version either. Music class REQUIRES you to use left alt and right alt, sometimes at the same time, inability of some (most?) keyboards to register that input be damned.
    • A Christmas mission, exclusive to Scholarship Edition is a nightmare on the PC. The idea is to have Jimmy snipe a few people in order to complete the mission. However, the game has an odd tendency to simply not spawn the very last target at all.
  • Ron the Death Eater: Gary fangirls semi-frequently demonize Jimmy, either to make Gary the good guy or just to get him out of the way of the Gary/Petey slash. And Lola's pretty nasty and immoral, but she's not the force of pure evil that Johnny fangirls turn her into to justify Johnny/Peanut and Johnny/Mary Sue fanfics.
  • Squick: Everything involving Edna the cafeteria lady. If she's not trying to date rape old men, she's intentionally hacking phlegm into the food.
    • And Mr. Burton asking Jimmy to fetch used panties from the girls' dorm.
    • Plus there is the mission where Burton gets tumbled around in a portable toilet and is smothered in feces.
    • You can also make out with one of the old women in town.
  • Strawman Has a Point: There are a series of missions where you defend an alcoholic teacher (Mr. Galloway) from getting fired by another teacher (Mr. Hattrick). Granted, Galloway is pretty much the most popular and well liked teacher in the school and Hattrick is a Rich Bastard. But when Hattrick calls Galloway out on drinking in front of students, he's... kinda right about that actually. Of course, it's stated that years of bullying from Hattrick drove Galloway to the liquor in the first place.
    • Of course, the game is from Jimmy's perspective, and Hattrick is just another bully - if you're getting savaged by teachers, then of course the drunk is preferable to the vicious jerk.
  • Suspiciously Similar Song: Compare the electronica hook from the Nerds' Vendetta Theme to the one from Trio's "Da Da Da."
  • Villain Sue: Everything goes perfect for Gary Smith right up til his downfall, regardless of how many IQ points the supporting cast has to drop to make it go perfectly for him.
  • The Woobie: Petey.
    • Constantinos is also very Woobie-ish. Several of his lines indicate that he has some sort of depression, and two of his defeat quotes point to him possibly being suicidal as well.

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