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Awesome: Bully
  • During the last part of the game, Russell is a walking Crowning Moment Of Awesome. First, he takes off on a stolen police motorcycle and drives it straight through a barrier into the Townie hideout. A bit later, he says "Russell... likes to HURT people... for PEACE." He then rams the gates to the school campus open with his head (commenting that it "kinda hurt") and he finishes it up by scaring the hell out of the Prefects and chasing them away.
    [after being asked for help] Only if Russel gets to destroy.
  • Jimmy and Zoe trapping Mr. Burton in a port-a-potty and pushing it down the hill with a riding mower.
    • Considering that Mr. Burton has made Jimmy steal panties from the underage girls in the dorms, got Zoe kicked out of school when she tried to report him for sexual harassment, and generally is a dick it's so fitting. At the very end, Jimmy tells Principal Crabblesnitch about Mr. Burton's sexual harassment of Zoe, getting him fired as well.
  • Chapter 3 had this awesome Gang War between the Greasers and Preppies, on bicycles, with fire crackers.
  • Jimmy vs. Gary on the roof. It has to be played to be truly savored.
  • Jimmy getting Mr Hattrick fired for selling tests to students.
  • Hell, just kick back and watch a random fight happen sometime. If one of the opponents are bigger than Jimmy, they can usually pull off incredible moves that Jimmy could never hope to do in this game.
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