Trivia / Bully

The Game

  • Based on a True Story: The side mission "Character Sheets" was inspired by a real life event of head Bully producer Jeronimo Barerra, in which a bully stole some gaming books from a paraplegic friend of his and Barerra tried to retrieve the stolen good back.
  • Cowboy BeBop at His Computer: Bully? That's the Columbine game, right?
  • Name's the Same: Three examples:
    • Bo Jackson shares the name of a multi-sport athlete. Since Bully's Bo Jackson is also a football player, this was probably deliberate.
    • Christy Martin is also the name of a fairly famous female boxer.
    • Trevor Moore is also the name of an actor.
  • Shrug of God: Regarding the character Clint (aka Henry). Apparently, he managed to have two different names far enough into development that by the time the developers realized their error, it was easier to just credit him as "Clint (aka Henry)" than try to dummy out mentions of one of the names.
  • Unintentional Period Piece: In the Geography class, borders and flags (Eastern Europe has post-Cold War borders, there's no South Sudan, Afghanistan has the post-Taliban flag, Lybia has the plain green flag) explicitly shows that the game was developed in the mid 2000s.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The Punks clique in general. They were introduced early on, changed a few times and ended up as the Townies.
    • Several characters were in different cliques at some point in development.
    • There was going to be an actual Grottoes and Gremlins minigame based on Gauntlet that was cut due to time constraints.
    • Dr. Crabblesnitch was originally going to have been the Big Bad of the game.
    • An unused beta model of Beatrice was found in 2016. It is unknown when or where the model would have featured.
    • As concept art and early models showed, Bullworth's primary color would have been red instead of blue, several characters had different names (Algie being "Angus" and Beatrice being "Amy" for example), there was an Asian and Nerdy member of the Nerd clique named "Mole," and Zoe had a Mohawk.
  • The Wiki Rule: Here.