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Website: Giant Bomb
...charmingly garrulous...

On his blog on March 5, 2008, and again on a broadcast of X-Play, Jeff Gerstmann, best known for his role in the Kane and Lynch debacle at Gamespot in 2007 (long story short — he was fired, essentially for giving an overly negative review to a game heavily featured in Gamespot advertising), revealed that he and Ryan Davis, an editor who had resigned in the aftermath of the review debacle, had joined forces to create a new gaming Web site called Giant Bomb. Vinny Caravella and Brad Shoemaker, two other resigning Gamespot editors, joined them soon afterward, with Alex Navarro (again, of Gamespot) and Patrick Klepek (not of Gamespot) having joined since, Alex as a general editor and Patrick as news editor. The site started as a simple blog while the actual layout was being constructed. It is now, in addition to featuring reviews and industry news, a wiki for anything related to gaming.

Giant Bomb had several sister sites that serve similar purposes including Screened for movies, Anime Vice for anime and manga, and Comic vine for comic books. As well as Tested which is not a media site but rather a foundry for technology inclined news. These websites, including Giant Bomb, were collected under the Whiskey Media banner. In March 2012, the Whiskey Media sites were sold to various companies, with Giant Bomb and Comic Vine being sold to CBS Interactive. The staff and site stayed the same, only the ownership changed.

The website can be found here.

Not related to Big Bulky Bomb.

Now has a character page.

This website provides examples of:

  • American Accents: The Bombcast notably contains a strong variety of US accents: Ryan and Jeff sport Northern California accents, Brad's legendary smooth voice is of an Appalachian accent, and Vinny carries a Long Island/New Yorker accent.
    • Patrick later joined in with his Chicago accent.
  • Awesome Mccoolname: Massimiliano Rex and Roxie Caravella, the Caravella's know how to name kids.
  • Badass Boast: The beautiful lengthy boast of Jeff Gerstmann made at the 2014 Giantbomb Panel promoting his "client" (read: alter ego) Dr. Tracksuit and the badassitude he will bring to the Royal Rumble.
  • Berserk Button:
    • Jeff went on an especially enraged rant during the Quick Look of Broken Steel, specifically about the ending of Fallout 3.
    • Net-speak used in games or real life tend to set them off. For the win indeed.
    • Exhibiting characteristics of The Stoner is a surefire way to get on their bad side.
  • Book Ends: Their Forza Horizon quick look has them beginning and ending their look performing continuous donuts with their car.
  • Buffy Speak: In the titles of a few of their features, most notably "The We Just Thought To Do This Live Show" and "Video Thing".
  • Butt Monkey: Brad Shoemaker, especially in the video for the NintendoDSi XL.
    *Shoemaker takes off his blindfold and sees that Jeff and Ryan have made off with all of his things, including his wallet and the keys to his car.*
    Shoemaker: "Awwwww, not again..."
    • Matt Kessler, because he was the intern. The fact his internship is over has not changed this.
  • Cluster F-Bomb: The Rogue Warrior Quick Look.
  • Country Matters: Infamously averted by Caravella, who can Never Live It Down.
  • Crate Expectations: Jeff Gerstmann shows us how it's done.
    *Jeff axe-kicks a shipping crate and smashes the top in*
    Jeff: I... well...
    Ryan: And that didn't really help our cause any!
    Jeff: This is their fault for sending us a f-f-FUCKING CRATE! *Jeff smashes it again*
    • The best part? The crate's top wasn't nailed on, so they could have lifted it off at anytime.
  • Department of Redundancy Department: The annual Big Live Live Show Live. It's LIVE!
  • Determinator: In the Game Room Quick Look for the week of 10/27/10, Jeff endures a glitchy server and the stench of sewage to buy and play three games.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: If you're used to how the staff looks now, it can be quite shocking to see how they looked in old Gamespot reviews. Ryan with no beard and bleached blonde hair, anyone? Or how about Brad with a full beard and shaggy hair?
    • The first few months of Bombcasts are this, too. They're much shorter than they are now; it's just Ryan and Jeff; the pace of conversation is slower, being filled with pauses and awkward silences; the recording equipment is so poor there's an audible hiss behind each spoken word; and there's little to no profanity. It isn't until Brad and Vinny show up that the Bombcast begins to take its recognizable form.
  • 8.8: Jeff note  caused a stir again when he gave Super Smash Bros. Brawl 4 stars instead of a perfect 5. invoked He also did it again when he gave The Conduit a 2/5, where most review sites were giving around 7.5/10 or 8/10.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: invoked While playing Persona 4, Jeff and Vinny became extremely attached to Chie Satonaka, as well as the Fox and "Funky Student". Likewise, Kanji Tatsumi and Nanako became their Butt Monkeys (though still beloved in their own way).
    • As for the site itself, engineers Dave Snider and Drew Scanlon.
    • Since its origins in early 2012, the Giant Bomb Flight Club has been one, with the aforementioned Dave and Drew joining up with Vinny to mess with Track IR, joysticks, and all manner of strange Flight Simulators.
  • Finger Gun: Has been discussed on the Bombcast, pointing out how holding the index and middle finger out symbolizes a serious gun while the single index finger or "business guns" is more jovial.
  • Flipping the Bird: Jeff raises two middle fingers in the Motion Sports Quick Look. Ryan does the same in the QL of Wipeout 2.
  • Four-Temperament Ensemble: The original Bombcast crew: Vinny is sanguine, Ryan is choleric, Jeff is melancholic, and Brad is phlegmatic.
  • Fun with Acronyms: TANG (This Ain't No Game), WU TANG (Wonderful Universe of TANG), and TNT (Thursday Night Throwdown).
  • Gaming Clan: The Space Neon Lobsters in Star Trek Online.
  • Gretzky Has the Ball: The guys readily admit they know little about sports, and it shows when they review sports games. In a Quick Look for NHL '12, they spent a bit of time trying to select the Hartford Whalers to play as. The Whalers moved to North Carolina in 1997 (they are now the Carolina Hurricanes).
  • Groin Attack: "That was an excellent kick to the genital region."
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: Most of the crew, but Drew and Alexis are taking it to new levels. They even golf together.
  • Hidden Depths: Anything of their lives outside video games has this vibe. Specifically the vast array of Drew's activities, whatever Vinny has gotten into for the month, and at a minimum it's been hinted that they all really know their Star Trek.
  • Hurricane of Puns: Ryan and Vinny fly to Liverpool. Hilarity Ensues.
  • In-Series Nickname: Patrick "Trick, Tricky, Scoops" Klepek
  • I Read That As: On his Twitter, Vinny commented that he misread Legend of Grimrock as Legend of Grimlock. It saddened him that this was not the case.
  • I Want You to Meet an Old Friend of Mine: Rich Gallup and Alex Navarro have both been on the Bombcast multiple times. And good old Bob turns up while the crew are playing StarCraft 2 live. The latter eventually became a reviewer in the site.
  • Lame Pun Reaction: Jeff has a pretty big one during the Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Quick Look — he just walks out of the Quick Look.
  • Let's Play:
    • The Endurance Runs:
    • There are also the group's playthroughs of the final hours of The Matrix Online ("Not Like This") and Star Wars: Galaxies ("There is Another"), and the Star Trek Online Open Beta.
    • Quick Looks are pretty much mini-LPs.
    • Greg Kasavin also marathoned Skyrim for 12 hours, like he did for Oblivion back in their Gamespot days.
  • Limited Wardrobe: Vinny is almost always wearing a black shirt and jeans when he's on video.
  • Mood Whiplash: During the 2011 Game of the Year Deliberations;
    Ryan: I'm gonna put [my hands] in glue then put broken glass on the tops of my hands so that we can fight about Giantbomb's—
    Patrick: Game of the Year: Catherine!
    Jeff: "Fuck, *incoherent yelling*, goddamnit."
    Ryan: "—Top 10 Games of 2011. It's gonna be something fierce."
    Brad: "Not game of the year: Trackmania."
    Jeff: "Uhhh."
    Vinny: "Wearin' my Dark Souls shirt."
    Ryan: "We'll see you guys soon."
    Jeff: "Burn in your Dark Souls shirt."
  • One Steve Limit: Two of the guys on staff have the name Alexis- a site engineer who appears on video occasionally, and Navarro, who goes by Alex.
  • Ooh, Me Accent's Slipping: Whenever Jeff attempts an accent it will inevitably transform the longer he uses it. Most notable during a DSI Ware reading where he goes from French to Spanish.
  • Overly Long Gag: While Game Room in and of itself could be a considered an Overly Long Gag orchestrated by Microsoft to rob Jeff Gerstmann of all his money, the Game Room Quick Look for the week of 12/22/10 ends with a series of elaborate jokes about the game Venetian Blinds.
  • Overly Narrow Superlative: The "Northies", the retired as of 2012, yearly award for best use of/performance by Nolan North in a video game.
  • Pretentious Latin Motto: "Colluctatio Cervus Reperio Excellantia" for the 2010 Game of the Year stuff. It means something like "Find the Excellence in the Wrestling Deer" (in reference to Luchadeer).
  • Running Gag:
    • Starting from the Persona 4 Endurance Run, all protagonists in Quick Looks of Shin Megami Tensei games are named variations of "Charlie Tunoku" (Charie Tuna, Chuck Tuna and Charlene, to name a few).
    • Brad's tendency to die whenever he's on camera.
    • Jeff searching for "broken avatars" in Game Room. One time, there were even two at once!
    • For the Chrono Trigger Endurance Run, when given the chance to rename characters, Ryan simply changes the first letter of the name to B. This leads to names like Brono, Bobo and Brog.
    • Due to an incident while playing Daggerfall in which nearly a half-hour spent in the character creator was lost due to them forgetting that autosave hadn't been invented yet, Vinny constantly implores Dave to save the game whenever they are recording a Quick Look or a Random PC Game video.
    • Driving in circles when in a vehicle; Jeff does this the most, and he likes to do a mock howl while doing it.
    • Ever since the ill-fated Sleeping Dogs: Nightmare at North Point quick look, any time Vinny runs into a part of a game where he's stuck, the chat will inevitably advise him to "pick up the purse."
    • The 2013 GOTY videos add "P.S. Brad sucks at games."
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!:
    • While doing a Quick Look for Jurassic: The Hunted, Ryan got so disgusted with the line "What the Foxtrot is going on here?" that he left in the middle of it all and had Brad take his place.
    • In the second episode of the NintenDownload X-press, Jeff tricks Vinny and Brad into guesting by making them think they were recording a Bombcast. When they realize they've been duped, they angrily storm out of the podcast room, leaving Jeff sad and alone.
    • Ryan does the in-the-middle-ditching again in the quick look of the Star Trek video game, after seeing a late title card. This time, Vinny stepped out of the control room to fill in the missing spot.
  • Spin-Off: All aboard the NintenDownload X-press! Created when the Nintendo downloads section of the Bombcast was canceled, the NDX is the underground podcast that sticks it to the man as Jeff Gerstmann brings the thunder as he reads the descriptions of Nintendo's download only titles!
  • A Taste of Power: Dubbed the "Abilitease" by the site.
  • Theme Naming: Patrick named all of his Etrian Odyssey and Dragon's Dogma characters after characters from Stephen King's The Dark Tower series.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Brad's reputation soared tremendously after accomplishing the Mile High Club achievement in Call Of Duty 4. #teambrad
  • Video Game Movies Suck: Ryan Davis' This Ain't No Game segment explores many of the most terrible video game to film adaptations. invoked
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: The Quick Look of New Super Mario Bros. Wii by Jeff, Ryan, Vinny, and Brad is spent by them raging at each other for getting each other killed.
  • Vocal Dissonance: Jeff and Ryan, in particular, sound much different than they look.
  • Vocal Evolution: Ryan's voice deepened continually from his Gamespot days until his death in 2013. Compare one of his old Gamespot reviews to one of his last podcasts, and it's hard to believe it's the same guy talking.
  • Wham Episode: Ryan suddenly passed away on July 3rd, 2013, while on his honeymoon. He was 34.

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