Awesome / Giant Bomb

See also: Endurance Run: Persona 4

  • Brad owning during a live stream of the StarCraft II multiplayer beta. And then Bob Colayco shows up...
  • During their StarCraft II TNT there was a particularly tense fight against a Zerg player who used lots of distraction tactics. The match itself may have been fairly typical but the commentary from the rest of the crew made every move seem awesome, because none of them knew what was going on and started borrowing terms from other competitive video games.
  • After more than twenty minutes of fumbling, the guys finally manage to get airborne in Il 2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover with all realism options enabled, just barely missing several buildings and trees in the process.
  • Playing a few rounds of Team Fortress 2 during the Happy Hour one week with Robin, aka Robin Walker, who created the damn game. Even better, one of the guys was playing Medic on BLU and proceeded to heal Robin (who was playing Soldier) during the setup period, and Robin saluted him and said thanks.
  • Brad finally earning the Mile High Club achievement in Call of Duty 4 during the Big Live Live Show, after over 5 hours of failed attempts between Breaking Brad and this, he finally did it.
  • In his personal Dark Souls livestream, Patrick beat the Capra Demon on his first try with relatively little trouble.
  • Alex Navarro won the Pax East 2014 ROYAL RUMBLE ON THE N64 against 29 other competitors.
  • The promo for said event during the Giantbomb Panel combined with Funny Moments with Jeff's amazing Badass Boast, John Drake hitting Dave Lang with a beer bottle, and a shirtless masked Jeff Green being a real American.
  • Dan Ryckert finally beats Mike Tyson in Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! by KO after trying and failing for the last twenty-five years. What makes it even more awesome/hilarious is that this was the first video of a planned series where he'd try for half an hour every day until he succeeded.
  • The staff ripping up Tim Allen's sexist book during PAX East 2015 and throwing the pages into the Money Booth from a previous segment.
  • After several episodes of... inconsistent play, Drew completely runs a clinic on The End in Part 7 of Metal Gear Scanlon 3, taking him out on his first attempt, in less than an hour, while only getting shot once.
    • MASSIVE MGS V SPOILERS: Drew casually figuring out the infamous MGS V end twist in the first episode of Metal Gear Scanlon V.
  • Jeff Gerstmann casually landing the plane in Top Gun on NES.
  • On the first installment of Us vs. Them: Rocket League, the Giant Bomb East team gets absolutely schooled by GB West, losing 11 straight games before finally crying uncle. During the rematch, however, it becomes immediately obvious that the GBeast folks have been practicing, and with good communication between the team and great defensive tactics, they end up winning 10 to 4.
  • Back when Shadow Complex was coming out, the developer came over to the office to show the game and record a Quick Look EX. Unfortunately, the video ended up dropping half the frames and couldn't be uploaded as a result. The nature of the embargo was such that the video recorded by the developer was the only one that they could upload. Brad ended up solving re-recording the entire video shot by shot, performing every action the developer did, making sure it was in sync with the commentary, (and the dev had a tendency to say what was happening on screen) and piecing it together over multiple takes into what Brad calls a "Frankenstein's Monster of a Quick Look." Nobody noticed until Brad revealed it on the Bombcast over 6 years later.
  • After botching numerous Elusive Targets in Hitman, Brad manages to take Gary Busey out in a relatively clean manner.