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Characters: Giant Bomb
Character page for the video game website Giant Bomb.

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Jeff Gerstmann

The co-founder of the site alongside Ryan and Giant Bomb's head dude. He reviews games, is a weekly guest on the Giant Bombcast, the site's weekly podcast, and co-hosts the Powerbombcast, the site's professional wrestling podcast, with Alex, Dan, and Giancarlo Varanini.

Brad Shoemaker

A reviewer who joined the site in June 2008. He is the current host of the Giant Bombcast.

Alex Navarro

A reviewer who worked for a movie site called Screened and also contributed to Giant Bomb part-time. After Giant Bomb's acquisition by CBS Interactive, he joined the site as a full-time employee. As of 2012, he lives in New York City and serves as one half of "Giant Bomb East", working with Vinny separate from the site's main office in California. He reviews many games, writes his own column on the site called The Guns of Navarro, and also writes some news. Alex was an infrequent guest on the Giant Bombcast before moving, and currently co-hosts Bombin' the AM with Scoops and the Wolf, a bi-weekly morning show, with Patrick, the Powerbombcast with Jeff, Dan, and Giancarlo Varanini, and Box Office Bomb, the site's movie podcast, with Rorie.

  • Deadpan Snarker
  • In-Series Nickname: When deciding on a name for Patrick and Alex's two-man video feature, Jeff insisted on ending every suggestion with "with Scoops and the Wolf". Alex does not fully understand why he is "The Wolf".
  • Took A Level In Cheerfulness: Very apparent when looking at his Game Spot days, especially after taking on a more prominent role at Giant Bomb after Vinny moved to New York.

Patrick Klepek

The main news editor who joined in April 2011. Patrick writes many news and opinion columns for the site and also reviews games. Like Alex, he does not work in the same office as the main team, having moved back to his hometown of Chicago in the summer of 2013. He was a weekly guest on the Giant Bombcast during his time in California, and currently co-hosts Bombin' the AM with Scoops and the Wolf with Alex.

Dan Ryckert

Formerly of Game Informer, Dan joined Giant Bomb as a Senior Editor in mid 2014. He is a weekly guest on the Giant Bombcast, and co-hosts the Powerbombcast with Jeff, Alex, and Giancarlo Varanini.

    Video Producers 

Vincent "Vinny" Caravella

The lead video producer who is as prominent a personality as the editors. Vinny wrote a few reviews in the early days, but producing and managing video seems to eat up most of his time now. Moved back to his home state of New York in mid-2014 to join Alex in establishing a Giant Bomb office on the east coast. He was a weekly guest on the Giant Bombcast until his relocation.

Drew Scanlon

Another video producer who shows up often in video features and live shows. Drew is a weekly guest on the Giant Bombcast as of 2013, and co-hosts Alt+F1, a podcast about Formula-1 racing, with Danny O'Dwyer.

  • Ascended Extra: Unlike much of the Giant Bomb staff, he was not a former GameSpot editor but was originally hired as an intern. After being hired full time, he occasionally made guest appearances in Quick Looks and on the Bombcast when there was an empty seat. In the summer of 2013 he became a permanent member of the Bombcast and was included in the Game of the Year deliberations for the first time later that year.
  • Author Appeal: Extremely realistic and realistically complicated military/vehicle simulators. He's a bit of a military/outdoors nut in general. Also loves world travelling, which is probably half the reason he's the one who tends to go on the crew's crazy adventures (like to Iceland for Eve Online's Fanfest)
  • Celebrity Resemblance: Commonly compared with Michael C. Hall.
  • Even the Guys Want Him
  • Formerly Fat: Once mentioned that he was "kind of a fat kid" in high school.
  • The Quiet One
  • Those Two Guys: Hosts Alt+F1, an F1 podcast, with Danny O'Dwyer.
  • Up Through the Ranks

Jason Oestreicher

Formerly of Game Informer, Jason joined as the site's new video guy alongside Dan in July 2014.

     Other Employees 

Matt Rorie

A site engineer and community manager, usually the one who monitors the chat during livestreams. Co-hosts Box Office Bomb with Alex.

     Former Employees 

Ryan Davis

The other co-founder of the site alongside Jeff. He was the former host of the Giant Bombcast, as well as live shows. In addition, he reviewed games infrequently. Ryan passed away on July 3, 2013, at the age of 34.

  • Ac CENT Uponthe Wrong Syl LA Ble: Liked to mispronounce words, but also liked to get overly angry at Will Smith for mispronouncing words...
  • Big Fun
  • Catchphrase: "Hey everybody, it's Tuesday [[insert date]] and you're listening to the Giant Bombcast!"
  • Happily Married: Unfortunately, Ryan passed only a few days after the ceremony.
  • In-Series Nickname: 'Taswell', which he used for his online aliases and in games. It was his great-grandfather's middle name that was also meant to be his, though Ryan's father mistakenly believed it to be 'Thomas', which Ryan's middle name ended up being.
  • Lame Pun Reaction: The sound of a fist pounding the table, then "God-DAMNIT!"
  • The Lancer

Dave Snider

The former lead site engineer who often appeared in video features and left the site in 2013 to spend time with his family. Dave was an infrequent guest on the Giant Bombcast and wrote a few reviews. He still makes an occasional appearance on the Bombcast and Premium videos.

Ian Kelly

Behind-the-scenes tech guy who was sometimes heard in the background, and almost never seen. The guy that the Bomb Crew were talking to when they say "Can we get a little more game audio out here, Ian?"

Alexis Gallisá

Another site engineer who sometimes appeared in video features. Alexis left the site in October 2014 for a position at Twitch.

     Friends of the Site 

Ed Boon

Co-creator of the Mortal Kombat series, and the Creative Director of Nether Realm Studios.

Norman Chan

Of, previously part of Whiskey Media.

John Drake

Now working at PlayStation, former employee at Harmonix.

Cara Ellison

Freelance writer.

Rich Gallup

Producer at Disruptor Beam. Used to work at Game Spot.

Jeff Green

A consultant for Hit Detection.

Samantha Kalman

Game developer.

Greg Kasavin

Formerly a game journalist at Game Spot. Now the Creative Director of Supergiant Games.

Matt Kessler

A former Giant Bomb intern, Matt Kessler is currently employed at Sony.

Mary Kish

A video producer for Game Spot.

Dave Lang

CEO of Iron Galaxy Studios. History’s greatest monster.

Brad Muir

A designer at Double Fine Productions.

Danny O’Dwyer

A host and producer at GameSpot.

Will Smith

Of, previously part of Whiskey Media.

John Vignocchi

The executive producer of Disney Infinity.

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