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07:50:01 PM Mar 16th 2013
edited by Blackie62
Alright tropers, as of the end of 2012 Giantbomb has been throwing around the close but not too close to The Hero's Journey concept of the "all-story" in reference to stories with a powerful precursing civilization of some sort, a chosen one imbued with technology of this civilization and said protagonist saving the day with it. See the Mass Effect trilogy, the Assassin's Creed trilogy, and Halo4 for examples.

Giantbomb has possibly created a new trope. How are we going to handle it?
03:39:02 PM Oct 29th 2013
Take it to YKTTW.
09:18:43 PM Dec 15th 2010
Just a suggestion, but how about we change this page into "Whiskey Media" and have it encompass all of the WM sites? They're too intertwined to ignore, I feel.
07:15:52 PM Apr 7th 2012
That wouldn't be appropriate now that they've been broken up! I do think Comic Vine needs a page though.
02:18:57 PM Dec 9th 2010
Added a few lines introducing Giant Bomb's sister sites, which clearly need a bit more love.
09:09:25 AM Apr 28th 2010
The lead is a little too "Gamespot SUXX" for my tastes, though I do realise that his firing was a reason for this site starting in the first place.

Also, wasn't the reason the details weren't disclosed for legal reasons between CNET and Gerstmann, or did I mishear?
03:49:06 PM Apr 28th 2010
I'm inclined to agree. That's an incredibly inappropriate lead-in considering how little it actually has to do with the site. A few parenthesis explaining who these people are and why we should care about them is more than adequate.
07:11:31 AM Mar 25th 2010
edited by AlchemistiD
Sorry Corahs Uncle, didn't think anyone would be editing this yet, so I was going full steam on it >_<

Imma restore your edits.
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