Website: Indie Game Magazine

Indie Game Magazine is an online publication dedicated to reviewing and promoting indie games and their developers. Originally launched in 2008, it has gone through a number of changes in the past several years. A formal relaunch into its current format was engineered on April 1, 2014.

IGM (not to be confused with IGN 64) presents industry news, hosts a forum for gamers and developers to interact, and has a special section where gamers can try independent games at no charge. Developers are encouraged to send in demo videos, trailers, and information regarding their upcoming games. IGM also displays game trailers on their YouTube channel.

A digital publication, the official magazine is viewable to buyers and subscribers via a special section of the website. Daily website updates include game reviews, previews, and links to fundraisers. The monthly magazine includes developer interviewers, special news, lengthy reviews and various exclusive content; readers may subscribe to the publication in digital format, but print copies of each issue are also available for purchase.

On weekends, the site features "Screenshot Weekly," showcasing screenshots of up-and-coming indie games. Throughout the week, developers and gamers alike are encouraged to chat in the site's social lounge, including discussion of the 'Question of the Day.' In addition to regular news and reviews, IGM offers a special crowdfunding program for indie developers looking to get some financial support for their projects.

Late in 2014, the owner of IGM left the team, with editor-in-chief Vinny Parisi stepping up to take the reins. Since then a number of additional changes have been implemented. The magazine has recently signed on with Patreon in the hopes of being able to expand its vision; details can be found here.

The site includes examples of:

  • Exactly What It Says on the Tin: The title makes it fairly clear what the site covers.
  • Indie Game: The bread and butter of the magazine.
  • Most Gamers Are Male/Most Writers Are Male: The demographic of the writing staff reflects this, for better or worse; there are roughly a dozen staff writers, only two of whom are women.
  • Multi-Platform: Most of the games promoted fall into this, with a particular emphasis on mobile games.
  • Review: Originally, IGM game reviews focused on four particular points - graphics, gameplay, sound, and replayability. However, in late 2014 the writers stopped including scores in their reviews.
  • Video Game Culture: The staff members are well versed in different aspects of this, which shows in their individual work.