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YMMV: Giant Bomb
  • Awesome Music: Found Me the Bomb by Buckner and Garcia.
    • Somewhere between Tear Jerker, Awesome, and Heartwarming when you realize this actually turned out to be Gary Garcia's last composition.
    • "Lockdown" the song used in the GotY cop parody, and now used as pre-streaming music.
  • Base Breaker: Patrick Klepek, Dan Ryckert, new hires in general it seems.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Vinny, Dave, Drew, and Coonse before he left. In general the production department is more popular than the journalists.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: In the Bombcast just before setting out for E3 2013, the crew joked about what would happen if somebody stole all of their equipment from the truck on the way there. Turns out the thieves waited until they got it into the studio instead.
  • Growing the Beard: Lampshaded down to referencing TNG in the 4/2/2013 Bombcast by an email concerning Patrick's beard growth and the start of the Interview Dump Truck. Brad then name drops the trope by looking up the TV Tropes page on his phone and reading its opening paragraph.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Davis' hatred of the NDX-press is funnier when you realize he brought it on himself. Originally the Nintendo downloads were read on the Giant Bombcast by Ryan with no backing music, eventually they started having the marketplace music, and Ryan got tired of reading the releases and passed the job onto Jeff. In the end the Nintendo downloads were cut to save precious time, leading to Jeff singlehandedly creating the NDX-press and Ryan's anger.
    • When they suggested that Sega stop trying to appeal to mainstream American audiences with the Yakuza series and just bring the series over in the original Japanese with subtitles, with all the niche-y Japanese quirks intact. Guess what Sega ended up doing?
    • During the Far Cry 3 QL, they joke that Ubisoft should start integrating their franchises into a single universe and Vinnie remarks that the Abstergo logo should be somewhere in the game. In one of the special pre-order missions, you DO find a folder with the Abstergo logo. There's also this.
    • During one of the very first Bombcasts, when it was just Jeff and Ryan, Jeff expressed his anger over an article discussing the possibility of marketing teams coming up with new achievements for games. The author of that article? Future Giant Bomb employee Patrick Klepek.
    • When Vinny's son Max was born, the GB crew commented on the podcast that "When you have a boy, you have to worry about one penis, when you have a girl, you have to worry about ALL of the penises." His second child was a girl. Explanation 
  • Ho Yay: There is a high contingency of this during the Whiskey Media Happy Hours, especially when's Matt Rorie is involved.
    Vinny: Brad, do those look like the eyes of a killer?
    Brad: They look sexy.
    Vinny: Look at those deep blues.
    Brad: You can get lost in 'em.
    Brad: He actually has ripped fuckin' abs in this.
    Vinny: Does he take his shirt off?
    • Brought up again in reference to Sleeping Dogs and the protagonist's skintight Game of Death/Kill Bill -esque skintight yellow and black suit, which clings to his "package" and butt.
  • Memetic Mutation: Brad's "Space Neon Lobsters, who have to work cooperatively" line during one of the Bombcasts. One of the others comments that it would make a great T-Shirt.
  • Never Live It Down: Jeff's hatred of Yoshi. In reality, he doesn't hate Yoshi, he just thinks Yoshi should remain a background character/powerup.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Luchadeer is watching you while you sleep.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks:
    • Many sitegoers were less than ecstatic when the crew decided to include intern Matt Kessler in on some of the Quick Looks. It got to the point where he seemed to have gathered quite a hatedom. It's calmed down, but there will always be the one or two people complaining about Kessler's inclusion in just about any video he's featured.
    • A similar case has been made as Patrick Klepek increased in prominence.
    • The site was purchased by CBS Interactive and put under the same leadership as the Gamespot site most of these guys got away from. Naturally, this trope is making the rounds.
    • The news that Vinny will be moving back to New York, and will only be regularly working with Alex now instead of the SF crew, had some worrying for the future.

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